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A Test of Trust (Pt. 4)

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More about that initiation of a new boy at Scout camp


'Go.' I wanted to use the same strategy on Ike I had on Allen-slow at first, to work up lots of slippery precum before I worked seriously on the head. Actually, from the last round there was plenty of precum glistening on the tips of all our penises.

My strategy was working for a while, but Ike had moved his right hand into my crack and was trying a clumsy version of what I had done to Leo. I squeezed my butt cheeks together to make it even harder on Ike, but my hope was that Rusty's lefty stroking would bring Allen to the edge way before our awkward left-handed work. I knew Allen well enough that I could see he was near-the head of his penis was a bright red and he had stopped stroking my penis. I looked at Rusty's face and he was smiling. He knew he had Allen almost there. My inept stroking of Ike wasn't doing much, and Ike seemed to be having trouble with Rusty's small penis. Left handed and only four inches to work with, Ike wasn't getting anywhere.

Looking back at Rusty his smile was even broader. He was holding Allen's penis as straight out as its erection allowed, and clearly he was aiming it at Leo.

Finally Allen threw his head back and made some grunting sounds, as his penis shot cum directly in Leo's direction. Leo had been sitting facing roughly in my direction, but when Allen grunted he looked to his left just as Allen's first wad hit him in the face. He flinched and put his hand up to his face, wiping the cum from his eye socket and cheek.

'Man,' he said, 'where did you get that load so soon?' And then I remembered this was only the second orgasm that night for Allen. We all laughed as Leo did his best to wipe off Allen's load. Again, we dropped our hands to our sides to watch the spectacle.

'Into the center, Allen,' I said. Allen sat cross-legged with his back against Leo's. We three remaining players were now in a tight circle around Leo and Allen, our feet and shins unavoidably touching their criss-crossed legs. We were all so close that whoever came next was likely to hit both boys in the center and maybe even a player or two.

'Which hand now?' asked Rusty, hoping he could continue with his left. A much as I wanted Rusty to be handling my package, I didn't want him to have the lefty advantage again.

'Back to the right,' I said. And Ike murmured 'Chicken' again to me, only loud enough for everyone to hear.

'Assume your positions,' I said, ignoring Ike. Once I grasped Rusty's penis I realized that maybe I should have let him use his left hand. I could see now the problem of holding a small, smooth penis from above. Really I could use only my thumb and two fingers. I thought that I might have made a big mistake. Besides, I realized that I had not thought through who I wanted to go against in the final round. Rusty, probably, but I had to count on his getting Ike off quickly.

We three worked at it, having to stretch our arms more than ever to complete the circle of contact.

'Can we help stroke?' asked Leo. 'These cocks are almost in our faces.'

'No,' I said. 'Only the guy to the left can touch a penis. But you and Allen can stroke your own, if you want,' and that last part was probably unnecessary because Leo was pumping away toward his fourth orgasm of the night, if he got there. I was amazed at his sexual stamina.

I turned my attention back to Rusty's penis. I soon realized that I shouldn't look at Rusty's penis, that the sight aroused me too much, so I closed my eyes and started doing times tables in my head. Rusty's penis had finally swollen to its full four inches, so I changed strategy and made a ring with my thumb and forefinger. Rusty's penis was not very thick, but I could get good pressure. Besides, Ike was pretty awkward working on my penis, and he would stop and start, trying to find new ways to hold it. I wasn't building to a climax. But lefty or not, Rusty was using his right hand pretty effectively, swirling Ike's precum around and around the head of his penis, using his thumb to dip into the tip for more, and Ike's face told me that he would not be able to take much more. I knew from before that having Rusty's small hand on you was a new, odd, exciting sensation, and I was counting on Ike's feeling that.

I was pretty sure that Ike would come before Rusty, but I needed to keep behind both of them. I remembered a technique that I had discovered on myself. I put my thumb on the top of Rusty's penis, right where the head meets the root, and I put my forefinger right on the most sensitive place on the underside. No more stroking, no more rings. I held my thumb still, gave it some pressure, and made small circles with my finger, pulling the sensitive skin around and around. The effect on Rusty was immediate. He looked at me puzzled, like he couldn't believe that this new technique felt as good as I knew it did. Squeezing his soft head, I could also feel the rest of his penis harden even more.

I thought he was close when my concentration was broken by Ike's sputtering. I looked down at his penis and watched Ike shoot, hitting Allen in the side of his head. Some splashed on me. I immediately let go of Rusty, as Ike had let go of me and continued milking his penis.

'Wow,' said Ike. 'That felt great. Rusty, I'll take a handjob from you any day.'

Ike panted as Leo asked his question, still stroking his now fully erect penis. 'So what now? You and Rusty can't circle us.'

'Right.' I had already thought this through. 'Rusty and I will face each other. You three will lie down with your heads below our dicks.'

'What, one more cum shower?'

'Yeah, I said, 'pretty much.' I smiled. 'You all agreed to the game.'

'I'm in,' said Ike, who had not been spewed on yet. 'Okay,' agreed Leo and Allen.

Rusty and I faced each other as the other three-Leo from one side and Ike and Allen from the other, lay down on the sand and scrunched their bodies toward the space below us. So their three heads made a triangle just below our drooping penises.

'Besides,' I said, 'Rusty and I are more likely to hit each other shooting. You'll just get some dribble.'

'Get on with it,' said Leo, not much comforted.

'What hand?' asked Rusty, hoping we would switch again.

'You know, there is enough of a difference in our height that I think each of us can use his dominant hand. Let's see.' I reached out for his limp penis with my right hand, and he grasped mine in his left.

'Yeah, I guess this will work,' he said, not so sure. I knew he wanted the lefty advantage in the final round.

'Ready, set, go.'

I tugged at Rusty's penis to get it engorged again, but I felt at an extreme disadvantage. This whole thing had begun with my wanting to see Rusty naked, and here we were stroking each other's penises. Plus, mine had never fully deflated, so he had less work to do to get me hard.

I didn't have to pull at him long before he got hard again. And then I began the finger-thumb technique I had tried on him earlier. He had that puzzled look on his face again, trying to figure out why I wasn't stroking the length of his penis or, at least, making that ring and sliding it the length of his penis. I could also see that he was surprised how good this little movement felt.

Soon Rusty stopped stroking me and he grabbed the head of my penis between his thumb and forefinger, a mirror image of my own. He was a fast learner. It was my turn to feel the special tingle and itch created by this technique, one I had used on myself several times.

I could see on the other three faces the puzzlement I saw on Rusty's the first time I tried this on him. They expected us to be furiously stroking away at each other. Instead, our arms were motionless, the only movement the subtle swirling of the skin beneath the head of the penis we held by its end.

I knew they were in for a surprise. I had told them that Rusty and I were more likely to shoot on each other than on them, that they would only get some dribbles. But this technique doesn't produce a squirting orgasm. The orgasm is more intense, and it builds in slow motion. I had figured out through experimenting that you shouldn't stroke at all with this technique. Keep up the thumb pressure and slow circling of the finger tip, and you'll have a terrific orgasm. The point of no return seems to last, and in past experiments with this technique I could feel my penis get very hard and actually feel the semen move through my penis. The semen oozes out, never squirts, with this technique, though I would go back to stroking to finish off the orgasm once most of the semen had come out.

So I knew that the faces below us would get dribbles of someone's oozing climax.

Rusty and I stared into each other's eyes as we twirled our fingers. I was getting close but didn't abandon the technique on Rusty. I hoped he would follow my lead and not go back to stroking me. I saw something happening to Rusty that I had not noticed before. The very white skin on his chest and cheeks was flushing red, clear to me now in the moonlight. I did not know what the flushing meant, but maybe he was close to coming. Each time I had seen him cum earlier in the evening I wasn't looking at his chest or cheeks. The first time I was focusing on the handjob I was giving him, and the second time I was focusing on the orgasm he was having with my finger up his butt. I liked the flushing.

I was close. I tried to think of something else, when suddenly I felt his penis harden against my thumb and saw him rise up on his toes. The look on his face and the 'ungh' sound he made told me that the orgasm was moving through his body. That sent me over the top, and I let body relax as my own orgasm took over my body. Both of us were oozing cum out of the ends of our penises and the cum was dripping on the faces below. Leo, Ike, and Allen had scrunched up their faces.

Rusty and I let go of each other and just stood there, panting.

'Oh, man, that was amazing,' said Rusty between pants.

'I'm glad you figured out you should keep up the finger circles and not go back to stroking me,' I said, smiling. 'You're a fast learner.'

'So who won?' asked Ike, looking up at us. All three were still lying on their backs, their faces glistening with drops of cum. Leo was still stroking his hard meat. That Leo.

Rusty and I looked at each other. I knew he began oozing first, but I was very close behind. 'It was a tie,' I said. 'We both came at the same time.'

Rusty smiled. 'That's the best way,' he said. I extended my hand and we shook.

'Wait,' grunted Leo, 'I have one more in me,' and I could see him twisting and grinding, thrusting up into his hand. His body stiffened and I could see the end of his penis pulsating in orgasm, though only a very thin bit of semen seeped from the tip.

Four orgasms in about an hour. Wow, I was impressed. 'Leo,' I said, 'you are a sex machine.' He let go of his penis and let it keep throbbing and bobbling up and down on his stomach, finally resting there and deflating as we spoke.

Allen and Ike had sat up to watch Leo. When he was finished, Ike said, 'Man, that's three . . no, four for you, three, I think for Jake and Rusty, but Allen and I have only had two.' Ike and Allen were both pulling at their penises, but nothing was happening. Still, I suspected that the evening was not over.

(to be continued)



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