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A Test of Trust (Pt. 3)

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A continuation of the story of the initiation of a boy into a Scout troop


I had forgotten completely about Allen and Ike, so I looked over at them. I could not tell if they had brought themselves to orgasm during the mini-orgy Rusty, Leo, and I had been having for the past ten minutes, but now they were seated on the sand not far from us, looking in our direction, with their legs stretched out in front of them. Ike had put his right leg over Allen's left. Each rested back on one arm while stroking the penis of the other with his free hand.

'Thanks for the show,' said Ike, smiling. I could see that I had shortchanged Ike. While his flaccid penis was nothing remarkable, the erect version was pretty impressive. Allen was concentrating on stroking Ike.

'Did you guys cum already?' I asked. Absentmindedly I was pulling on my sagging penis, wondering if I had a third orgasm in me in so short a time.

'No,' said Ike. 'When you guys were going at it we forgot our own jerkoff and just watched. It was amazing. When Rusty began playing with you two we sat down and started playing with each other. Man, I have blue balls.' He turned to Allen, as if to ask Allen to speed up the pace and put him out of his misery.

'Wait,' I said. I looked over at Rusty and Leo, who were standing together, absentmindedly tugging slowly on their own penises, just as I was. 'You two got one more shoot in you?'

'More than one,' said Leo, smiling. Rusty smiled, too, so I guess he thought he might also have one more.

'Get up,' I said to Allen and Ike, and they stood, brushing the sand off their butts. 'Let's form a close circle. Rusty, you stand between Ike and Allen. You never got to guess who was who when you were blindfolded, and you also didn't get to touch Ike at all. You were right that the second naked person you groped was also the first one-Allen. You probably recognize that thin penis. But you need to get acquainted with Ike's stuff.'

Clockwise from Rusty we were Allen, me, Leo, and Ike. That way, Ike was to Rusty's right.

'Okay,' I said, 'close up the circle a bit. Yeah, good.' I paused to take in the mental picture of the four other teen bodies glowing in the moonlight.

'Now, with each of your right hands take hold of the penis nearest that hand and start stroking.' I gently grabbed Allen to my right and felt Leo grab me. I would have liked to have had a go at Ike, the only guy in the group I had not fondled at that point (Allen and I had played with each other the night before), but I wanted Rusty to have that opportunity first.

'Take your left hand and put it on the butt of the guy to your left.' Allen cupped my right buttocks, while I felt Leo's muscled butt.

'Go slowly at first. Everyone needs to get hard. Then go as fast as you want. The first guy to cum is 'out' and has to kneel in the middle of the circle. Then we keep going until there are only two left. The last one to cum wins.'

'That's not fair,' complained Ike. 'Allen and I haven't cum yet and we're ready to pop. We won't last two minutes.'

I thought about that. 'You're right. Okay, how long do you need before you can have a second orgasm?'

Ike thought. 'A few minutes. Maybe five, not more than ten. When I beat off at home I sometimes pull off another one right after the first one, even before it gets soft.'

'And you, Allen?' I asked.

'About the same . . . well, maybe not right after. But five or ten minutes would be no problem.'

'Good,' I said. 'Then we'll solve this.' I stepped behind Ike and then stepped right up to his back. I pressed my genitals against his butt and reached around with both hands, under his arms, to rub his pubis just above his penis. 'Don't do anything, just let me do it.' I began pumping his penis with my right hand as I buried my face in his right shoulder. I was holding my left hand against his lower stomach. Before long Ike's penis began to swell. I was thrusting my pelvis against his butt in rhythm with my strokes, and my penis was getting hard as it rubbed and slipped along the crack of his butt.

'Ngh, ngh, ngh,' Ike was making grunting sounds I had never heard before. I looked up across the circle and saw Allen furiously beating his meat. I intended to take care of him after I finished with Ike, but I doubted that he would last that long. Sure enough, Allen let out a yelp and a long string of semen shot out in front of him, landing near Leo's feet. Ike must have been looking at Allen, because Allen's shooting set off Ike, whose whole body stiffened in my grip and he spewed his semen on the sand, though I could not see it, only feel its warmth on my hand, still having my face buried in the back of his shoulder. I continued milking his softening penis. Finally I let go of him and stepped back.

'There,' I said. 'That should make us even.'

Allen and Ike were still shaking and milking their soft penises, enjoying the last pleasures of their orgasms. The other three of us were sporting semi-erections again, so we were ready for the circle jerk competition.

'Let's form up the circle again,' I said, as we found our original positions. 'We'll just stand here for a few minutes. That gives Allen and Ike some time to recover and gives the rest of us some time to calm down so we're all starting from the same level of excitement. Let go of your penises. Good. So, what should we talk about for five minutes?'

'I know,' said Ike, 'I want to hear from Rusty. How were you doing with your naked identification? Did you know Allen from Leo from Jake? You never did get to me, but how would you have known who was who?'

Rusty smiled. 'Well, I thought that it was the same person the first time and then the redo. The pubic hair was in a pretty narrow strip and not very bushy, and I figured that two of you wouldn't have the same pubic hair. Also, the cock felt the same-thin and long. Or long, I guess, compared to my cock. So I was pretty sure I was feeling the same person the second time. But I did not know if he was Allen or Ike or Jake. I was pretty sure he wasn't Leo, because Leo's shorts and bathing suits can't hide his humongous penis.' We all laughed. 'So as soon as I touched his penis I figured that was Leo. That didn't help me figure out whether the first penis belonged to Allen or Ike. Jake had spoken to me before you moved around, so I knew that first person wasn't Jake.'

'What about when you got to me, the third person?' I said.

'Well, Jake, your pubic hair is a lot less curly than Allen's, and that's when I realized how curly the first pubic hair was. Allen has curly hair on his head, but so does Ike, so that still did not help me tell whether the first person was Allen or Ike. But I knew that the third person had to have straight hair, and that left Jake.'

'Good deduction,' I said. 'And at that point everything started falling apart, thanks to me.' They all laughed. 'I just couldn't wait. I was much too excited at that point and needed to move things to the next level.'

'I'm glad you did,' said Rusty, smirking.

'And I guess I was beginning to feel sorry for you. You had proved you trusted us, and I didn't want you to be left out of the fun.' And I wanted to jerk you off, I thought to myself.

'How long do you think it's been now,' said Leo, clearly impatient.

I shrugged. 'I don't know. Maybe three minutes, four. Let's ask the latest shooters.' I looked back and forth between Allen and Ike.

'I don't know,' said Allen tentatively. 'Maybe I'm ready.'

'I probably am,' said Ike, 'but let's see.' He began pulling on the end of his penis and shaking it up and down, like he was trying to shake off the last drops of urine. It wasn't getting hard yet. 'Maybe not,' he said.

'That's okay,' I assured him. 'We can be patient.' I looked at Rusty. 'Rusty, I thought you would be a lot harder to get you to go along with this. You really trusted us. I'm impressed.'

Rusty smiled shyly. 'I have to admit I was kinda excited. I just have sisters, so I've never seen other guys naked. Up close, that is. I've seen other guys in the showers after gym at school. But, you know, you can't stare at another kid's dick and balls in the shower. I've been rubbing my penis at home in the shower for the past few months, and I really liked the tingly feeling I was getting. But I would just do it for a few minutes and then stop. I never got to the point where I shot cum. What was it you called it? An oxygen-something?'

'An orgasm.'

'Oh, yeah. I never had an orgasm. That's why I thought I was going to pee when I got so excited. It felt just like that. I was afraid I was going to pee on you. Anyway, I really liked the orgasm. The first one scared me a little, seeing the clear stuff come out of the end of my penis. If that had happened to me when I was alone I think it would have scared me. So I was glad you said that was normal. But I loved the feeling. And I'm glad I was finally able to make some cum that looks like yours. I feel like a little kid when I see your huge penises. Mine is so small.'

'Don't worry, Rusty,' assured Leo. 'In a few months your penis will get bigger and your balls will get bigger and hang lower. Anyway, you can't really tell how big a penis will be when it's soft. Look at Ike's penis. Who knew it would get bigger?'

Everyone laughed, even Ike.

All the while we were talking, Ike was playing with his penis, and it was showing signs of life. 'I think maybe I'm ready to go again,' he said. I looked over at Allen.

Allen started pulling on his penis and shaking it, and it began to swell. 'Yeah, I guess I am, too.'

'Okay,' I said, let's get in that circle again. Remember your places? Rusty is between Ike and Allen, I'm next, then Leo.' We all moved into our places. 'Right hand on the penis to your right, left hand on the butt to your left.' We all reached for the penis we were to stroke. We stood there for a moment, adjusting our stances so we were all comfortable. I looked across at Rusty, grasping Ike's penis.

'Remember,' I said, 'when I say 'go,' you start stroking the penis in your right hand. You can do it as fast or as slow as you like, but you want to make the guy you're stroking cum before you do. It's good to last in this game. When someone cums, we'll stop and put him in the middle. Everybody understand?'

'Yeah,' they all murmured.

'Wait,' said Ike. 'What do we do with our left hand, just hold the butt?'

'Well, remember that the guy whose penis you're stroking will want you to cum before he does, so he might play with your butt. I'm just saying maybe.'

I could feel Allen squeeze my right butt cheek.

'Okay, start.'

I started slowly on Allen's penis. My strategy was to go slow at first and let him start seeping precum. I figured that I could hold out long enough for someone else in the circle to cum, and that once I had some slippery precum to work with on the head of Allen's penis, I could bring him to orgasm pretty quickly.

The moon had moved some across the sky since we began, but it was as bright as ever, and I admired the circle jerk I had created, watching the four smooth, muscled bodies stroking each other's penises.

I was following my strategy with Allen's stuff, but Leo, to my left, was pulling hard on my penis, so hard that it wasn't that sexy. He was too rough. Ike was doing his best, working on Leo's penis, but even though Ike's hand was larger than Rusty's, he had more than a handful trying to stroke Leo. Ike seemed to have settled on playing with the head of Leo's monster, which was starting to drip precum.

'Good idea,' I thought, cheering on Ike in my mind. I had to help get Leo out of the game. I was so fixed on watching Ike stroke Leo that I wasn't watching any of the other action, though I could hear the squishing and slapping sounds across the circle.

Without losing my slow, rhythmic stroking of Allen, I started kneading Leo's right buttock, pulling it apart from the other and slowly working my fingers toward his bum hole. Leo seemed to like this, not realizing that I had more than his pleasure in mind. Finally I had the nerve to put the tip of my middle finger against his hole, poking but not really trying to enter. Leo was nowhere near relaxed enough to unpucker that hole, but my poking was having its effect. As I looked down, I could see that the head of Leo's penis had become very red, and I could feel him moving his hips, now thrusting his penis into the best semi-circle Ike could make with his hand.

Suddenly Leo stopped moving and almost shouted 'Oh, no, no, not yet,' and his huge organ began spewing cum. Ike had kept his hand on the end of Leo's penis and the cum covered his hand, but Leo quickly pushed Ike's hand away and took long strokes on his impressive penis until it began deflating.

We had all stopped what we were doing to watch the spectacle of Leo's third climax.

'Hands down to your sides, guys,' I instructed. 'Okay, Leo, you know what this means.'

'Yeah, yeah,' he said, good-naturedly. For all I knew, he wanted to spew first so he could get in the middle.

'Okay, tighten up the circle.' Now Ike was to my left and Leo was sitting, cross-legged, in the center. His penis had deflated, but even soft it was an eyeful. We were crowded around him closely enough that the next guy to cum would probably squirt on Leo.

I looked around the circle to make sure everyone had calmed down a bit. Sure enough, the penises were all at half staff, most sticking out in Leo's direction, some drooping more.

'Okay, resume your positions.' Right hands went on to the next door penis again, left hands on the butts. The minute Ike grabbed my penis I realized that this was a mistake. His hand was still covered with Leo's cum, and that slipperiness, along with the knowledge that he was jerking me off with Leo's cum, would make me more excited faster.

'Wait,' I said. 'Drop your hands.' Ike smirked at me. He knew what I was thinking. 'For this round, we'll change hands. Put your left hand on the penis to your left and your right hand on the butt to your right. This will be a bit more awkward, and maybe that will slow things down.' The hands move to their new positions.

'Chicken,' Ike murmured, only loud enough for me to hear.

I looked over at Rusty. I was sorry to end his exploration of Ike's penis, but I had to protect myself in this game. Rusty would be working on Allen, the guy he started with.

And that's when I remembered that Rusty is left-handed.



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