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A Test of Trust (Pt. 2)

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A continuation of the story of the initiation of a boy into a Scout troop


Rusty stood there, a few feet back from Leo, while both penises subsided, and then the blindfolded Rusty turned to his left and began his groping stagger in my direction, hitting me square in the chest with his left hand. As with the others, he side-stepped in front of me and put his hands on my hips. But by now, watching Rusty grope Allen and Leo, and watching Rusty's own erection rise and subside, my penis was fully erect, standing up at about a ninety degree angle from my belly. My penis isn't as large as Leo's, and Allen's is a bit longer than mine, but my cock is fatter than Allen's (though not as thick as Leo's). When Rusty slid his hand over to touch what he thought would be a soft penis, he was surprised to bump into a hard one.

'Okay,' he said. 'I guess I'm not the only one with a boner.' Everyone laughed. Rusty began stroking the underside of my penis, just as he had Leo's, and I reached down with my left hand to grasp his penis, with my thumb and two fingers, just as Leo had. Occasionally Rusty would do that light playing with his fingers on the head of my penis. We tugged at each other for a while and then he dropped my penis and began to kneel to inspect my feet and legs, as he had the others. I stopped him by putting my hands on his upper arms and pulled him up to a standing position. 'Did I do something wrong?' he asked.

I didn't answer. My left hand still holding his right elbow, I began lightly trailing my right hand back-and-forth across his chest for a few strokes, then trailing down his chest and stomach to his genitals.

Rusty's extremely white skin and the moonlight, both from above and reflected brightly from the white sand, gave Rusty the look of a Greek marble statue of a young boy, bare of hair and with genitals just emerging into adolescence. I could see some blond wisps of hair on his pubis, but against his white skin they were almost invisible. I wondered again if he was old enough yet to ejaculate. His erection and precum suggested he was getting there, and he was old enough, but there was only one way to tell for sure.

I wanted to gaze at Rusty's classic body forever, but I kneeled in front of him, paused for a moment cupping his small penis and balls in my left hand, while I spit into the palm of my right. I began a slow stroking of Rusty's hard dick. I began playing with his testicles with my left hand-stroking his scrotum, really, because his testicles didn't really hang much away from his body. By then his penis had swollen to about four inches and about as big around as my thumb, which was much larger than it had been all night. Then I began dipping into the precum seeping from the end of his penis and I swirled my slippery thumb around the small head.

After a minute or so of this gentle jacking, I leaned back away from Rusty's genitals. He and I were both breathing heavily, and as I looked at the other boys they were all stroking their erect cocks. I learned later that Leo had begun stroking his meat as soon as I began pumping Rusty, and the more shy Allen and Ike had waited a while but finally had to attend to their insistent erections.

Meanwhile, Rusty had grabbed his penis and was tugging away at it, mainly using the notch created by his right thumb and forefinger and sliding his hand from pubis to tip. As white as Rusty's skin was, the head of his penis was getting extremely, alarmingly red. And very wet and shiny with precum. I leaned forward again and grasped his penis, pushing away his hand. I began pumping.

'Come on, Rusty. Come on, ' I urged. 'Do you shoot, Rusty? Do you shoot?'

'I . . . don't . . . know,' he gasped. 'What . . do . . . you . . .oh, wait, oh, oh, I'm going to pee! Stop! Stop! I'm going to pee!'

I ignored him and on the next stroke his little penis got very hard between my fingers and then began pulsating. He had risen up on his toes and was arching his back. On the first contraction nothing came out, but on the next few pulses a mainly clear, slighty milky fluid shot out, hitting my shoulder and neck. Rusty pushed away my hand and pulled on his penis with his right hand, while tearing away the blindfold with his left. He continued milking his penis, as an impressive amount of cum continued to ooze out.

'That's not pee,' told him, stroking my own hard penis as I continued kneeling in front of him. 'That's semen.' I took a dab of the cum on my neck and tasted it. 'Not piss. Semen. Salty. It's sorta clear because you're not making much sperm yet.'

I leaned back on my hauches and continued stroking myself. 'Want to see what your cum will look like when you get a little older?' Rusty nodded that he did. I could see that his smooth, very white chest was still expanding and contracting. He had not yet gotten his breath back.

I looked around. The scene around me was crazy. The other three boys were now all stroking madly, making grunting sounds of pleasure as they pumped their meat. Suddenly Leo took two steps toward Rusty and put both hand on his pubis, sticking his humungous member out. 'Here, play with this,' he said to Rusty, and Rusty kneeled again on both knees in front of Leo and held the monster in both hands. Rusty spat on his right palm and began swirling his palm around on the head of Leo's cock.

Rusty's cock was getting hard again as he played with Leo, using his left hand to pump the body of Leo's penis as best he could while he worked on the head with his right.

The sight of Rusty playing with the head of Leo's penis and of Rusty's own semi-erect little penis bobbing up and down as Rusty worked on Leo was working on me. My penis felt harder and bigger than I had ever experienced it.

I must have been making strange sounds, because Rusty looked over at me and paused in his working on Leo. 'Wait,' he told Leo, 'I'll be right back.' He began to crawl over to me.

'Can't wait,' gasped Leo, as he began his two-handed fisting and let loose an awesome spray of cum, just missing Rusty, who had crawled out of his way.

Rusty crawled the few steps over to where I was pounding away. He put his hand on mine and pulled it away. It was good he had stopped me, because I was about to blow, and I breathlessly asked him to wait until I could calm down a bit. He held the base of my penis, looking into my eyes for about a half minute, waiting for pounding blood to slow down, then he looked down at my penis and, after a brief pause during which I thought he would back off, he bent over and dribbled some spit on the head of my penis. He began swirling his thumb over the head of my penis, paying special attention to my slit. I couldn't take it anymore.

'I'm gonna cum! Here it is! Here it is.' I had passed the point of no return. My back arched, I could feel my toes curl, and I exploded, spraying a fountain of cum into the air, hitting Rusty's face and chest.

'Omigod, omigod,' I gasped. I was still leaning backwards on my haunches, and I brought my legs out from under me and collapsed on my back. Rusty didn't let go of my penis during this movement, and he kneeled between my legs and leaned over to milk my penis until it was completely soft. He rolled over to my left, on his back, panting as much as I was. He was still hard, having not yet come the second time, and while I lifted myself onto my left elbow and rubbed his smooth belly, I could not see any of my cum, so white was his skin that the white cum seemed to disappear. I lifted a blob of cum between my right thumb and finger, playing with it and holding it up for Rusty to see.

'See,' I said, 'this is what your cum will look like when you're a little older.'

'Yeah,' he smiled. 'I think I saw your cum as it flew onto my face.' We both laughed.

'Hey, Rusty.' It was Leo, who had watched us while slowly stroking his huge member, which did not seem to subside much after his huge orgasm. 'Remember me? You promised to come back.'

'Oh, yeah,' said Rusty, and he sat up.

Leo had cum just a few minutes ago, and I could not believe he was ready to go again with Rusty. 'No, wait,' said Leo. ' How about I just do something for you.'

Leo knelt beside Rusty, gently pushing him back onto his back. 'Just enjoy this,' said Leo, and he took his thumb and two fingers to stroke Rusty's small, but very hard, penis. Rusty began squirming around, and I reached over to gently rub his chest. I realized that this time he wouldn't think that his impending orgasm was impending loss of bladder control, and that now that he knew what was coming he could enjoy it more. Rusty squirmed, Leo pumped, and I rubbed. My own penis was getting hard again.

Suddenly I had an idea. Rusty was going to learn a lot this campout. I stopped rubbing his chest, sat up, and scooted down past his hips. I lifted his right knee, which gave me access to his balls. I used my fingers to stroke Rusty's scrotum briefly, and then I did what I moved down there to do. I put the middle finger on my right hand into my mouth to get it wet with saliva, and then I let the wet pad of my finger rest on Rusty's small, puckered anus. He made some different noises at that move, but he didn't protest, and Leo could see enough to guess what was happening. He didn't say anything either. He must have approved of my upping the ante. I let my finger tip rest briefly on the pucker, and then I rubbed circles around the opening. Rusty's sphincter contracted and relaxed as I circled his anus, and when it seemed to relax, I paused at the opening and then began slowly pushing it in. I was moving my finger slowly, almost imperceptibly, until it was in to the first joint. I didn't want to push it in any further because I wasn't sure how Rusty would respond, But I did push the tip of my finger in-and-out in time with Leo's strokes. Rusty couldn't take it long.

'Oh, oh, oh,' he exclaimed, 'It's happening, it's happening.' Leo quickened his pace on Rusty's bright red penis just as I felt Rusty's sphincter tighten around my finger. To my surprise, a milky fluid spurted a bit from the end of Rusty's penis. He didn't shoot semen a long distance, as we did, but it was more than an ooze or dribble. It was a respectable series of shots pulsing from his penis. I pulled out my finger felt the blob of cum on his stomach.

'Well,' I said, showing him its stickiness, 'your semen is milky white now. I guess you're a man.' Rusty smiled.

I looked across at Leo. We both had hard penises. Leo had not yet cum again, generously letting Rusty have his second, and I was ready for my second. Leo and I stood up and pressed our genitals together. We did not kiss-we weren't gay, we knew (or thought), but we did hug, our chins on each others' shoulders, as we ground our genitals together.

We heard a voice behind us. 'Move apart and let me do you both.' It was Rusty, who had recovered from his near-swoon at that second, very intense orgasm. He walked on his knees to move between us and he took each of us in a hand. He played with us both, sometimes rubbing the tips of our penises together, and our precum made the slippery rubbing exquisite. Leo's giant cock made mine seem small, but I was enjoying this too much to worry about it. Rusty pumped some more and then held our penises tip-to-tip. The precum freely flowing from our penises made the tips very slippery, and Rusty used that slipperiness to circle the heads around each other. That sent Leo over the top. The force of the first contraction shot a large glob of semen into the pubes above the base of my penis and I could feel the hard, hot sensation, as if I had been shot by a BB gun. More semen gushed in pulses from Leo's penis, and the warm, slippery sensation took me over the edge. This, my second orgasm in about ten minutes, was more intense than my first, though the volume of semen was less. Rusty, with our semen mixed and splashed all over his face and upper body, continued holding them tip-to-tip. Finally Leo and I stepped apart.

(to be continued)



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