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A Terrific Visit To the (Female) Dr

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Two weeks ago I had to go for an annual check-up with my usual doctor. Unfortunately, he was no longer in the practice and the girl asked me if I would like to see a Dr. D. I said Ok, not realy caring who I saw as long as I got a passing medical.

When the doctor came into the room where they told me to wait I was very suprised to see that this 'Doctor D' was a woman! She looked like she was in her middle forties and was not wearing a ring but she was very official-like. She had a nice figure with beautifully shaped legs and strong looking arms with a lot of blond hair, which got me very excited, but I tried not to think so much about that. I was thinking that maybe she would embarrass me as I had never been checked over by a woman doctor.

Anyhow, after doing usual stuff with my ears and throat and blood pressure, she told me to take off my clothes and get on the scale. When I stripped down to my underwear she looked at me with a kind of smile and said, 'You might as well take your underpants off too.' I must have turned lobster-red and as I took off my briefs she said 'Don't be embarrassed, I do this all the time. It's my job you know.'

With my back to the scale which had a height-scale attachment, she began touching my body (not my crotch area), positioning me and eventually as you could imagine I got pretty aroused and developed a very strong erection. She didn't say a whole lot but just looked at it and smiled as she weighed me. She must have seen my embarrassment and said 'Don't be upset. This happnes all the time with my younger patients.'

Of course, this made me even MORE embarrassed and I got as hard as a rock! Finally she said, 'You're going to be uncomfortable like if you stay that way for the rest of the exam. Would you feel better if I relaxed you? (I quickly figured out what she meant!) I sometimes do this to relax my patients who have this problem.' I couldn't believe this but I said, 'Ok, if you think that's the best thing.' She said, 'Well, let me feel it.' She put her right hand very gently around my penis and began lightly squeezing it. Then, with her left hand, she cupped my balls. They seem very full,' she said, 'let's see what we can do.' Using both hands, she began massaging my balls and stroking my cock until I couldn't take it any more and shot a huge wad of cum into her hand. She took it and smeared it all over my cock and then kept playing with me by stroking me until I felt like I was going to come, then stopping, then stroking again faster until finally she made me come again. Then, with her left hand, just after I came a second time, she squeezed my balls very hard so that it felt like she was going to crush them and she looked me right in the face and said, 'I don't think you're going to be hard again for a little while. Now let's finish the exam.'

She was right, but I have to tell you that night I couldn't stop jerking off, thinking about what had happened in her office.



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