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With My Former, Swedish Nanny

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This happened last summer


When I was 10, both of my parents worked long hours, so they hired a nanny to take care of my younger sister and I during the summer holidays. The nanny they hired was named Anika and she was from Sweden. She was 21 at that time and was coming here to learn English and see some of the world now that she was done school. Anika was gorgeous, tall, blond, with incredibly perky breasts. She was very much the stereotypical hot Swede. Right away I developed a huge crush on her. I was very sad when she left that fall. A few years later, I was going through an old photo album and came across a photo of her in a bathing suit from a trip to the cottage. I had discovered masturbation by now and this photo became my go to pic. Any time I was in the mood, I would look at her hot body and fantasize about fucking her while I jerked my hard teenage cock.

Last summer I got a very pleasant surprise. My mom had received an email from Anika saying she would be coming in for a conference her work was sending her to and wanted to get together with our family for dinner on the night before she left. Lucky for me, my mom offered to let her spend that night at our place as it was much closer to the airport than her hotel. I was so excited to learn she had accepted. The dinner went great and even though she was 10 years older, she still looked just as gorgeous as I remembered. She had even told me what a handsome man I had become and this made me melt. I spent the whole dinner just staring at her.

She was to sleep in our guest room in the basement. As I was getting ready for bed, I needed to get a t-shirt from the laundry room next to the guest room. As I went downstairs I saw her light on and the door still half open. I wasn't expecting to see much, but just had to peak. She was getting some stuff out of her suitcase and I saw it was her nightgown. I was in luck, soon she'd be changing. Sure enough, I got to see her take her top and pants off. She was wearing a very sexy, white bra that made her breasts look so perfectly rounded. It was amazing and right away I got a huge boner. Then she saw that the door was still partly open and I guess wanted to shut it before she got fully naked. I was busted. I couldn't get away in time and Anika saw me.

'Robert, what were you doing?' I heard her say in that sexy accent I tried to creep from the door. 'Nothing' I blurted out. 'Robert, you were watching me weren't you?' I stood frozen with my back to her, not knowing what to say. She told me to turn around and as I did, I saw she was doing nothing to cover up, but it seemed she was proudly displaying her incredible body for me. She just smiled and told me it was ok. She asked if I liked what I saw, but she only needed to look at my crotch to see that I did. I was just wearing shorts and my bulge was very evident.

She invited me into the room and said she wanted to talk and catch up. We both sat on the bed a few feet a part, me with my bulging shorts and her just in her undies and bra. She kept telling me again how handsome I had become, and this just made my cock harder and she knew it. She was being a tease. She told me how she knew I had been staring at her all night and that she was turning me on so much. I thought my cock would rip through my pants it was so hard. Then she started to ask me about my sex life, how many women I had been with, when did I lose my virginity etc. I was a little shy at first but soon opened up. I even told her that I thought she was so sexy and confessed to what I did with the photo of her.

I thought that may have been too much and she'd be offended, but instead she was very flattered. I'll never forget what she then said. 'You know Robert, masturbating to pictures can be fun, but the problem is they are only 2d and don't move, if you want, you can masturbate to me now, I would love to watch.' In no time I was naked in front of her with the hardest, biggest erection of my life. She gasped and told me I had become even more of a man than she had realized. I started to stroke my cock slowly while admiring her beauty. I was so horny for her I asked if she would touch it and if I could fuck her. She said no. She told me she was very, very tempted, but was in a committed relationship back home and couldn't bring herself to cheat, that she just wanted to watch. So I kept stroking.

She would encourage me and give me directions, telling me how fast or slow to go, even how to play with my balls. She saw how I couldn't take my eyes off her amazing tits and so she began to rub them, putting on a show of her own for me. She then took her bra off and I finally got to see the breasts I had so often fantasized about seeing. As she rubbed her bare breasts I could feel myself getting closer. I told her how I was going to cum soon and it was all because of her incredible breasts. She could see how desperate I was to touch them, so she took the hand I wasn't using and placed it on her breast. It was everything I had hoped it would be and it put me over the edge. As I stood there, squeezing her breasts, my cock starting to erupt, sending my hot cum flying everywhere. I got it on myself, the bed and even her shoulder.

It was the best orgasm of my life. For so long I had fantasized about Anika. So much of my cum had been spilled to thoughts of her. She was right. No matter how much I enjoyed the picture of her, seeing her naked in the flesh, moving and touching her breasts, hearing her urge me on as I jerked my cock was the best masturbation experience. Only her soft hand on my cock could top that, but I accept that likely will never happen. But who knows, I never expected this to either.



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