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A New Start To The Day

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We watch each other as the day began.

Fiction based on a true story.


It took me a moment to get my bearings as I awoke in a strange room. I remember now. I was on a whitewater rafting tour with a bunch of strangers. Across from me was a man in his mid-twenties.

We were now all bunked together in a dorm for the night, before we headed out in the morning. It was getting light as dawn approached, and getting very warm. I pushed my covers aside, trying to cool down. I was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt, but was still too hot. Laying on my back, I could feel a cool breeze finally. It felt good.

As I awoke, I could hear a rustling noise. I glanced over at the opposite bunk, and in the dim light, thought I could see slight movement. I squinted, and sure enough, his bedding was moving. Shocked, I realized he was masturbating.

I closed my eyes, but could still hear the covers rustle. It was slow and subtle, but it was all I could hear. I don’t know if it was the cool breeze, or what was happening next to me, but I could feel my nipples hardening. I have large boobs, and laying on my back like that, they tend to fall apart, and I realized now that I had quite a bit of side boob showing.

The slow, simple rustle continued. I just had to peek. It was lighter now, and as I peeked through my lashes, I could see he was staring at my boob, as he stroked. Now I was getting hot for another reason. I knew I shouldn’t but I rolled over onto my side, facing him. As I did, I managed to discreetly cup my boob and make it fall out.

He froze.

I kept up my appearance of a good sleep, while watching him through half opened eyes. Soon, he rolled over to face me, watching me closely. I could just make out movement under the covers as he looked at me. Then, slowly, the covers moved, as he pulled his back, exposing himself. No one else would be able to, but I could see his swollen member in his hand as he stimulated himself. It was quite long, but very thick. The shaft was pale, while the tip was darker and shiny.

Slowly, he stroked it. Up and down, all the time intently concentrating on my exposed breast. It was very exciting, knowing he was aroused by me. And he was arousing me! I could see it clearly now. Thick and hard, as he tugged on it.

I couldn’t take much more. My nipples were hard, and I could feel the heat between my legs. He looked down to watch himself, and as he did, I reached up to cup my breast.

Again, he froze, exposed cock in hand. He looked at me and I smiled. Holding my tit, I began playing with the hardened nipple, rolling it between my fingers. With my other hand, I pulled up my t-shirt until it was to my stomach, exposing him my pussy to him. I lifted my leg slightly, slipping my hand in between. I let out a tiny sigh and closed my eyes as I touched my clit.

With that, he started to stroke himself again.

Facing each other, we began our solitary dance.

I ran my finger across my clit and shivered. Spreading my legs, I wiggled my index and middle finger between my lips, stretching them open. Dipping inside, shallow at first, deeper each time, until both were deep inside, searching for my g-spot. All the while, caressing my breast with my other hand.

As I was parting my lips, he was pumping his shaft. I watched his hand go up and down, the head almost disappearing in his fist and then fully exposed. He never changed speed, just a consistent stroke, all the time observing me.

I squeezed my nipple between my fingers and pulled. Then cupping as much of my tit in my hand, I lifted it, offering it to him. He stuck his tongue out. I imagined him licking and sucking it.

Now he started pumping faster. Suddenly, he stopped his stroke, just holding the tip in his hand, squeezing it. He closed his eyes and didn’t move at all, not even breathing. I could see a little precum squeeze out the tip. He let out a deep breath, sliding his hand down the shaft to grip it tight there now. It pulsed in his hand. I knew he had almost cum, but had managed to stop just in time. I could tell he wanted to watch me, and I was more than willing.

I pulled my shirt open so both boobs were exposed for him. The nipples were hard and my areolas dark against the pale skin. My other hand went between my legs, making deep cleavage. With my one hand I continued to fish for my g-spot, while my other fingers began to rub my button. It wasn’t long before I could feel it begin to build in my belly.

I looked at him, and he had his balls in one hand, while the other had his shaft between his fingers, lightly teasing it, just keeping it erect. I could tell it was slightly softer now. The skin wasn’t as tight.

I was almost there. I rolled onto my back, so I could have better stimulation on my clitoris. My tits fell to each side, bouncing off my arms as I rubbed. I slid my fingers into my vagina to get lubrication. It was full, but felt fantastic. Pulling two fingers out, a string of juice came with them. I could feel it running down between my ass cheeks. I smiled as I thought of whoever was going to change the sheets! But soon, I didn’t care.

Two fingers probing, my other hand rubbed my nub furiously. I spread my legs wide to be able to reach deeper as it began. The deep twist in my belly. I clenched my pelvis and my legs went stiff, toes pointed. I was cumming, and hard. Panting, I took one last look at him and saw he was jerking hard now.

Chin on my chest, belly tight, I resisted the coming onslaught as long as I could. But no longer. Deep inside the contractions started until I came. I arched my back, pushing hard against my fist. My legs began to quiver, and I bucked with each wave. I rolled back onto my side, squeezing my hand tight against my pussy, twitching.

As I lay there in the throes of my orgasm, I opened my eyes, to see him reach his peak. His cock was bigger and thicker than before it seemed. He pumped faster and faster, eyes closed, mouth open. He let go of his shaft and slide his hand to the tip, holding it between his fingers. Continuing his attack on his one-eyed warrior, he squeezed and it tugged simultaneously. A few more and then he thrust his hips towards me. It seemed like I could reach out and touch him! I put my hand out between our beds just as he grunted and stiffened. He pulled back tight on his penis and shot his load toward me. A rope of cum shot from the open slit, once, twice then a third time, each one a little less. Most landed on the floor, but I caught the second shot in my hand.

I rolled the sticky mess in my hand, as he continued to pump his pole. He now longer shot anything, but the cum kept oozing out of his shaft, running all over his hand.

Finally, he rolled onto his back, playing with his softening dick, milking the last of the cum from it, onto his belly.

I lay there, spent and watched him clean his belly with his sheet.



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