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A Lovely Night

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My husband was working away, and he had numerous affairs. I was ignored, and, well.....


I invited a friend from work over for dinner. He too, was alone and I swear, I had no intention of anything else other than a nice meal and some good company.

After dinner, he helped me clear away and I said 'What would you like now?' He replied, smiling, 'oh, I don't know. Soft music, slow dancing' And I thought hell, why not.

So, I put some music on and we danced in the middle of my lounge, in a classic 'Ballroom' hold. Almost at exactly the same time, though, he moved his hand away from mine and put both arms around my waist, in turn I hooked both mine around his back and over his shoulders. Suddenly, we were pressed together....and I felt instantly, like throwing a switch, aroused. As I danced with him, I felt myself getting wetter and wetter to the extent that I was certain he would be able to smell me! Even that thought only added to my excitement. I would love to say 'I felt his bulge', but honestly, I didn't. It was his warmth, his proximity to me, his arms around me that did it. But oh, my clit! It was positively throbbing and my knickers were, I knew, not merely moist, but wet...REALLY wet.

Then, I felt it. He had turned his head and placed a small kiss on my cheek. Then another. I turned my head and we were kissing full on. Tentatively at first, then with tongues entwined. Bless him, he made no move to do any more, but I had other ideas. I took his hand from around my back and placed it on my breast and for a while we kissed like that as he explored my breast first over then under my dress. He STILL didn't do anything else...oh, how I admired his restraint! So, I took the lead again and moved his hand down to my tummy and then my mound and then pressing it between my legs.

He whispered to me. 'Karen, we can't...you know... go all the way. You would regret it.' No I fucking wouldn't! I thought. But then he led me to and armchair and gently sat me in it, kneeling at my feet. He lifted my dress and parted my knees. I felt like a teenage schoolgirl again! I was right. My knickers were soaked, and I saw him smile as he looked between my legs. Then he stroked my thighs so tantalizingly, not quite touching me, or almost touching me, until when finally he leaned in and kissed me through my knickers I thought I would come instantly. He eased my knickers off and then fingered me almost to the point of orgasm...where he kept me for over an hour! Almost making me come, then stopping. Finally, when I thought I would die if I didn't come, he pressed two fingers inside me, and one, from the other hand slipped deep into my ass (my husband would never EVER touch my ass, even though I have begged him to not only touch me there but fuck me there too. I learned that my asshole is a highly erotic area when I was 18, but he won't do it because he thinks it is 'gay'). My whole world exploded. I came like I have never come in my life before, and it seemed to last forever. When I came back to earth and opened my eyes I saw that his whole shirt front was wet. He knelt there, smiling at me. I realised that I had no only 'squirted', but I had also lost control of myself and peed on the poor man. Chris was wonderful though. He made me not only not care about it, but he actually enjoyed it.

Of course, I wanted him in me. Damn, I wanted him in me!!! He could have fucked me any way he wanted, and somehow, I knew he would have done me in the ass had I asked him. But tonight, at least, that wasn't the deal. Instead, I stripped him and knelt in front of him. I jacked him off and talked dirty to him. I remember clearly what I said. 'I want your cum all over me. In my face, my hair, on my tits, my dress...everywhere and anywhere you want it to go. You can cum on me' and that was as far as I got. I have dated a 'heavy cummer' before (I always had to wash my own school skirt!) but Chris made him look pathetic. I have never had so much cum on me before. He spurted in my face, and it was lovely.

Did we? Yes, but not until several weeks later.



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