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A Long and Pleasurable Masturbation Life

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Since I first learned to masturbate, this wonderful pleasure has made my life very enjoyable


I was about eleven-years-old when I first learned to masturbate. Of course I didn't know that word for it, I called it beating my meat or fucking my fist. I knew that many of the boys did it and that it was something that felt really good. I had seen other older boys do it and one time had even played with the big, hard, wet cock of one of the boys who was a number of years older than I was. I had tried a number of times to make my hard little cock tickle before I finally succeeded. In fact, I don't even remember the first time that it felt good. I do remember doing it many, many times after that.

At first, I usually would beat my meat with my buddy but pretty soon after I discovered how to make it tickle I was doing it solo and very soon after that it was a nightly ritual. Then it became every night, every morning and usually in between. I loved to make my cock tickle and did it a lot. While solo masturbation was the most frequent experience, I enjoyed a number of experiences with other boys. One or two of them were just one time occurrences but several of my buddies and I fucked our fists together and several of them engaged in mutual masturbation with me.

By the time I was fourteen, masturbation was something I found to be wonderfully erotic and satisfying. Now I could ejaculate when I achieved orgasm. Since I beat my meat so often, the volume of cum was limited to a drop or two except on those rare occasions when I was forced to go several days with out a chance to jerk off. Then I was rewarded with a cum spewing orgasm. I loved those.

Over the course of my teen years I jerked off with a number of guys, some older than I and some younger. I taught one boy who was about three years younger than I how to do it and often brought his hard little cock to a tingling orgasm while he massaged my massive, hard, wet cock to wonderful sensations of pleasure. When I was twelve and had just 'perfected' my technique and was enjoying daily orgasms, I learned that an older buddy who was close to fifteen also liked to fuck his fist. He showed me how he did it and told me that adding lubrication, saliva, would make it feel better. He was right and after that using saliva to wet my hard cock while I fucked it made it feel much better.

When I got older, I was able to produce large amounts of thick, clear cock juice to lubricate my cock which I preferred to saliva. We enjoyed many erotic mutual masturbation sessions over a period of about two years. I also had occasional mutual jerk off sessions with other buddies. By the time I was seventeen there were no more mutual masturbation sessions but my solo sessions developed into highly erotic and prolonged occasions. Usually I would produce at least two orgasms, sometimes three before satisfying the overpowering urge to make my cock feel good.

I did have one last mutual encounter, when, at the age of 21, a boy who had just learned how to masturbate, and was very curious about other guys doing it, began to question me about the practice and begged to see my cock and proceeded to give me a very pleasurable orgasm. Unfortunately, I was unable to return the favor to him because he was never able to achieve orgasm even though I pumped his hard little cock for a long, long time. Often the memories of those erotic sessions of my youth have enhanced my masturbation sessions. Rather than giving myself a quick jerk off and get it over with, I enjoy long, erotic sessions where I become highly aroused, my cock drips cock juice which I eventually use as a wonderfully effective lubricant. Then the second and third orgasms have a large amount of semen added to the lubricant mix and the end result is pure pleasure.



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