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Dad's Help With the Unknown Relief

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I believe more parents should share their adolescence with their kids


This happened almost six years ago. I had been riding my skateboard for a couple of years already and was hanging out with friends that we were all getting into the whole skate park scene.

My Mom was a total safety freak and I swear would have had me wear one of those suits they use to train Police dogs if She could have.

Dad would take my side on occasion and kid her about wanting to make me look like the Michelin man or that they could roll me in clear bubble wrap.

Dad was cool about me not wearing gear when I was just going somewhere on my bike or skateboard, but would take Moms side when he'd catch me trying to do tricks or stunts without gear on.

Then one day their worries and my neglect to listen I learned the hard way what can happen. I was trying to grind this two foot high edge, fell just right and broke both my wrists.

So to make this long story a little shorter, the next day I was home from the hospital with casts on both arms that covered most of my hand and up to my elbows.

Now was just the beginning of total loss of all modesty or dignity I'd have for awhile. I had a hard time feeding myself the first couple of days, but cutting my food, going to the bathroom and bathing I needed help with. I felt funny having mom do anything besides cut my food for me.

Although our family are not nudists, for any of us to just see one another at any point of undress or coming out of the shower was just normal. But to have mom or dad wash or wipe me was less than comfortable.

I learned that leaning forward after going to the bathroom and just having mom help wipe wasn't too awkward, but she tried to help me shower and I was ok with her for my back, but when she had me turn around, trying to cover using my bag covered casts to cover my front just wasn't going to work. Mom just said move my hands, she needs to wash there too. Mom I think sensed my problem and said turn back around and put one foot up on the side of the tub. She took the shower sprayer and a back washer sponge with soap on it to wash me without seeing or touching me to get the job done. I have to say she was a trooper with my modesty.

I had been getting erections for sometime, Dad had talked to me about changes that would be taking place, but had left it to me to ask whatever and whenever I needed. Later that night Dad came in to talk to me and said that he heard about the shower and thought we should talk and figure out what would help.

First he said not to worry about Mom, that to consider how I feel when I help my sister (7) or brother (3) take a bath. It's no big deal. That for Mom I'd always be like that to her. But he understood where at this point it could really be uncomfortable for me. He asked if I'd feel better if he'd help with showers? I said probably and we decided next time to try.

He asked if there was anything else I had questions about and was kind of funny but direct about it, saying he was young once too, found out most things on his own and never talked to Grandpa about that kind of stuff but for me to think about it and we could talk more the next time.

That following night when dad got home he came into talk and asked how I was feeling and how my day was. I kind of snapped and said the day was fine. He said mom said I was a grump all day. I told him I had a bad day, mom and I were fighting, my brother and sister were being a pain and I wasn't sleeping because of the discomfort of everything to do with my wrists. He smiled and said 'it sounds like your pent up or frustrated. It's been almost a week since your accident and I guess it's been awhile since you've had any release'?

I was quiet, then he just said look, we can tip toe around this like pulling a band aid off slowly it's better to do this fast at this point. He flat out said how long has it been since I masturbated. I knew what it was, but hadn't done it to orgasm yet. I again was still quiet, that's when he I think sensed what I was thinking and feeling.

He then asked if I was uncomfortable talking about it, but do I want to have him explain? I just nodded my head.

He said he was 13 years old once too, he'd wake up every morning with an erection and still does. When he was young they were uncontrollable and happened all the time. He learned on his own and figured I would to, but circumstances as they were he'd explain and would help me with it for now when he helps me shower in a little bit.

I wasn't real sure what he meant, but he said that the energy you feel built up inside, makes you anxious, irritable and above all horny. You need to release that energy, my body could do it's own in the form of a wet dream. He asked if I'd ever woke up with my underwear or sheets wet? It's normal, it's ok have I ever thought I'd peed the bed? I finally was a little over the awkwardness of the conversation and said it happened a couple of times, but I hid it and changed my sheets.

Dad said you had a wet dream, and probably didn't realise that you were in a better mood and slept better for a couple of days. He said we can talk more in a little bit but let's go eat.

We had dinner and mom said she was going to go shopping at the mall and was taking my brother and sister with her. I thought she was mad at me for being a grump when she didn't ask if I wanted to come.

They left and Dad asked if I was ready to take a shower and talk some more also. I said I guess and we headed to the big bathroom and shower in my parents room. He helped me get undressed, put trash bags with rubber bands on my arms and had me get in the shower. I stepped in and he said he'd be right back. Next thing I know he steps in the shower with me but he now is now undressed and wearing swim trunks.

I asked him why the trunks and he said it would be easier to help if he was in there with me, but didn't feel comfortable being naked in this situation. He washed my back and was starting to talk about our earlier conversation, like he said earlier the body needs this release pretty regularly. When he was younger sometimes once a day was the norm and was surprised I wasn't jumping out of my skin if I wasn't already taking care of it at least twice a week.

He then started to soap between my legs while my back was still turned to him, said don't be embarrassed if I was hard, his soapy fingers touched my sack several times and I was feeling a tingling feeling all over. He'd finished my backside, had me tip my head back to wash my hair and turned me around, washed my chest and then did my legs. As he finished my legs he started talking about the release again has he began to wash my sack and penis. He then rinsed the soap off and told me not use soap or shampoo he found out that it can cause a burning when it's over, that to use lotion or conditioner. He then turned the water off, squirted lotion in his hand and starting stroking me slowly, saying chances are this will happen pretty quick, but for me to take my time when my casts are off, I then started to feel something happening, I said dad I think I really need to pee and he said no to hang on a few more seconds and the release will happen, all of a sudden I felt myself thrusting in to his hands and then it hit, rope after rope shot from me covering my dad and he started to slow his stroke finally down to a stop, I almost collapsed and he kind of set me down on the shower floor, I looked up at him and smiled and said wow, I could see he was covered from his belly to his knees in my spoosh as he called it later and I also noticed a pretty good bulge in his swim trunks.

As I caught my breath he turned on the shower sprayer, rinsed his front side off and had me stand back up, soaped and rinsed me off. He helped me get dried off and get my shorts on. He asked me to go watch tv for a little bit, that he wanted to jump in the shower real quick.

Looking back I know what dad needed to take care of along with the shower, and it was something we'd each caught the other one doing a couple of times over the last few years.

I can't believe how good I slept that night and am thankful for dads wisdom. I'll end this now because I know it's drawn out to be extremely long, but all I can say is dad thanks for the help and yes it's me if you're reading this, I found the Solo Touch bookmark on your phone and thought I'd write our story for folks to read. I'd like to write more and I don't think you'd have a problem with it. But like always, THANKS!

Ed: Post allowed, under the rule of an adult sharing something of a sexual nature with someone under age due to the non-sexual nature of Jakes release.



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