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A Joyful Visit

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It was my day off and I figured I would go visit my significant other at her work place.


To be fair this was not a "spur of the moment" thing. When I went, I had naughty intentions behind my visit. Emma works as a cashier at a little clothing store all by herself, the manager comes and goes every now and then, he never is really around so it's usually just her there all day, bored to death. So I like to to visit as much as possible to brighten up her day as best as I can!

Arriving at the store I enter through the main door that has an "open" sign. With the jingles of the bells I hear the sweet voice of Emma "Olivia! you came just in time! Gorge was going to leave me here all alone!" Gorge is the manager, and the sounds of displeasure "You know I would love to stay and chat but I got to pick up my grandson from school. You can lock up, right?" With a sarcastic tone "yeah, if I have to!" He smiles "good." and on his way out "You two stay out of trouble, okay?" I smile and wink "We'll try!"

With Gorge gone I expeditiously went straight for Emma. She stood there across the counter slightly bent forward so I could get a nice teasing view of her tits sitting in a bright blue v-neck "How are yo-" I cut her mid sentence, taking her words away and replacing them with my tongue. She pulled away in shock at first, then she leaned in and started dancing her tongue around mine. After a good 10-20 seconds I pulled away but sucked on her tongue as I left. She jumps back a little and with a pleasant sigh "What was that all about?" I smile "Just happy to see you! Hey isn't it your lunch break?" Still looking blown away "Yeah, but I brought lunch from home so I could work and eat."

Taking a look around, the place was empty. I walk over to the door, locked it, and flipped the open sign to "closed" she looks at me confused "What are you doing?" I turn around and start unbuttoning my blouse and walk towards her "I'm going to give you a special treat!" She smiles "We can't do this here!" Halfway to her I unzipped my jeans giving her a peak of my black and blue panties. She starts giggling "Stop... we can't!"

Going behind the counter I grab her and start kissing her. Starting at her lips, down to her chin, neck, then her crevice where her tits meet. She smelt and tasted like cookies! With moans of delight I start lifting her shirt. Reluctantly at first she didn't raise her arms, a couple of more well placed kisses took care of that. Flinging her shirt behind her, her lovely tits in a beautiful red bra were exposed. Kissing her, fondling one of her breasts I quickly and covertly undid her jeans, zipper, and navigated my way to her vagina over her panties.

She pulled away in bewilderment "You're sneaky!" She whispers I just smile and start kissing her again. I take my hand away from her pantie and move my way up to her bra and quickly undo the strap. The hand that was fondling her breast grabs the bra and throws it behind me, exposing her tits with her erect nipples I lick one, she gasps. I lift her onto the counter so her tits are at mouth height! Completely devouring one, pulling, pinching, and rolling the other, she was in pure delight. Moaning with each roll and suck on her tits I back away to take her jeans off and drop them to the floor, all she was left in were her panties which had a nice big dark spot!

I flirtatiously look up at her, she looks right back at me with inpatients as she was biting her bottom lip. I inch closer and closer to her panties, I can smell her arousal, I get closer to the point where all I had to do was pucker up and I would be kissing her pussy soaked panties. Looking back up to her, she is sparkling with anticipation, she lets out a little whine as to say please hurry! I start kissing her panties from the top to bottom, with each kiss getting longer, she would shake a little. I move her panties to one side exposing her beautiful pussy. Her inner lips protrude out a little and one side is larger then the other. I suck and pull on her larger labia, she shivers and moans. Licking my way up from the base of her vagina to the tip top of her clit, she got louder, her breathing faster "Yes! please don't stop!"

I bury my face in her pussy right then and there, she places on hand on the back of my head and leans back letting out a pleasurable yell! She starts shaking so bad everything on the counter is shaking! "I'm going to cum!" She starts thrusting her hips moving her pussy up and down my mouth "I'm - I'm, oh yes!" She thrusts one more time. I look up to her, she's in pure bliss! I can feel her pussy contracting and seeping pussy juices into my mouth. She has a wonderful taste! I stood up, she's breathing deeply and starts laughing "Wow..." She looks at me. We kiss once more so she could get a taste of herself "You can thank me later, but I do want your panties!"

She takes them off and hands them to me. I take my jeans and soaking wet panties off and put her panties on then my jeans on. I hand her my panties, she puts them on, then her bra "So... when do you want me to" In exhausted voice I put my cum drenched finger to her lips which she puts in her mouth "Surprise me!" She smiles. She turns around to look for her shirt I smack her ass, she jumps "I'm tender! but that felt great!"

I walk to the door, flip the sign to open, unlock the door and start to walk out "I'll see you tonight baby!" I went home and pleasured myself to many orgasms in her panties before she came home. Needless to say we were both tired and went to bed. I would like to hear what you all thought and if you would like to read more!?



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