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A Sexy Night, Spent with a Friend

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In my senior year of college I spent the night with an old friend from high school in her dorm. Talking about sex and masturbation with her led to me having one of the best nights of my life.


The semester was just barely getting into full swing and I already needed a break. I guess a long summer of nothing but fun trips and laying out by the pool can make you lazy. So, when my friend Karen called and invited me to spend the weekend at her small school, I couldn't resist. Of course that meant taking a leave from my off-campus apartment, and sleeping on the floor of her tiny dorm room, but I really didn't mind. I was just looking forward to seeing my friend.

I'll start by describing Karen. She's about 5'6" and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is pretty skinny with what I would guess are small C cup boobs. Anyway, Karen has been my best friend since we were in grade school, and all through High School we had sleepovers where we shared everything with each other. Well, I shared everything with her. Karen had never had much luck with boys (not that she wasn't beautiful, she just had unreasonable standards, and no guy ever seemed good enough for her). I, on the other hand, had much more experience. I suppose I enjoyed the adoration with which she asked about my sexual escapades, so our sleepovers usually involved me being a little over-descriptive about some of the things I'd done.

Usually Karen would start out by asking simple questions about any new boys that seemed to be always coming in and out of my life. After a few minutes, though, she would get quiet and listen to me talk. Sometimes her breathing would deepen and I thought I sensed some movements under the covers, but I was always too shy to ask what she was doing. Actually, one night during our senior year, I had just told a really hot story about giving head to a guy in the high school parking lot. Suddenly, Karen asked me point blank "Do you ever play with yourself?" Of course I did (and I was dying to at that very moment), but I suddenly got shy and answered "No." Both of us were embarrassed and we just let the topic drop. I had always wondered what would have happened if I had told her the truth though...

Anyway, back to the story... The whole week before the trip I began to get more and more excited. I hadn't seen Karen in several months and we had quite a bit of catching up to do. I really didn't think too much about our "night time stories" until I went to pack. I don't know why, but I suddenly started feeling naughty and slipped on a pair of sheer nylon panties. I always get pretty turned on telling Karen my stories and I knew sexy panties would make it all that much more fun.

The three-hour drive was pretty peaceful, as the leaves were just starting to turn colors and the cool September air felt good as I put the windows down and let the wind blow through my hair. Once I pulled onto her campus, I gave Karen a call so she could meet me in the parking lot. She squealed as I parked my car and ran over to give me a hug. The embrace was nice as I thought about how much I had missed my friend, and my mind quickly snapped to the new stories I had to tell her... My mind quickly moved on to other things, though, as she told me about all of her classes, and I told her about mine.

That night, we decided to go see a movie. I don't remember what we saw now, but I do remember that it had a particularly hot sex scene. While the stars of the movie were fucking, Karen let a muffled moan and I noticed that she had her hands pressing firmly in her lap. For the next few minutes I couldn't concentrate on anything. The sex scene had turned me on and watching my best friend touch herself had put me over the top. Finally I slipped away to the bathroom where I pulled down my jeans and panties and masturbated my swollen pussy to one of the best orgasms I'd ever had. Feeling much better, I returned to the movie and watched in a contented bliss until it was over.

After the movie we had a quick dinner and headed back to the dorm. It was getting pretty late so I started setting up my sleeping bag in the cramped dorm room. Suddenly, I saw a bug run across the floor. I squealed and Karen came running in from the bathroom. I told Karen what I'd seen and that there was no way I was going to sleep on the floor with that thing crawling around. Being the understanding friend that she was, Karen suggested we share the bed. That sounded like a great idea to me. No way was I going to wake up with a bug crawling all over me.

As I packed up my bag, it began to get a little stuffy in the cramped room. Karen apologized for the heat explaining that her tiny window unit air conditioner seemed to be on the fritz. It still blew some cold air, but not nearly enough to cool off the room.

"I usually sleep naked," Karen said matter-of-factly "but I'll leave a T-Shirt and panties on, for your sake," she laughed. I agreed that that would probably be best.

With that she dropped her blue jeans and revealed a sexy white and blue thong. It was all I could do not to let the corner of my mouth turn up into a little smile. She might have caught me looking, but I quickly darted my eyes and nothing was said. She crawled into bed as I slipped my own pants down.

"Nice. I've always wanted to try that," she said as she pointed to my clean shaven pussy clearly visible through the sheer panties. Shit, I had forgotten all about that. I just gave my friend a free show. I must have gotten red because she giggled "it's ok. I'm not exactly wearing granny panties myself." With that, all of the tension was gone and I crawled into bed. We made a little more small talk, but before long Karen reached over and turned off the light.

"We need some sleep," she said. "We'll be tailgating all day before the big game tomorrow." We laid in silence for about ten minutes, so I figured Karen wasn't up for one of our sexy chats. With that, I started to drift off to sleep.

"God that sex scene was so hot. It was all I could do not to stick my hands down my pants and start jilling off right there," Karen said out of nowhere. She then let out a little giggle to try to make it sound like she was joking.

What?! Had my goody-goody best friend really just said that? I couldn't believe it. Then, almost without thinking, I said "I did, when I went to the bathroom."

"Are you serious?" she asked, sounding a little shocked. I nodded and she said, "That's kind of hot. I usually do it before I go to sleep."

Now it was my turn to be shocked. Unsure what to say, I blurted out, "don't let me stop you." With that she started giggling and softly hit me with a pillow. "Go to sleep, horn dog," she said.

After another few minutes of silence, Karen whispered "so how often do you do it?" "What's 'it'," I asked (Though I had a pretty good idea). "You know...masturbate," she said. "Oh," I said, secretly happy that our conversation had taken an erotic turn. "It depends. Less when I'm getting some, more when I'm not," I said.

"Oh. I do it every night, whether I'm getting some or not," she confided.

"What do you mean 'getting some'?" I asked; the shock in my voice clearly apparent.

"Haha, I've been excited to tell you," Karen said. "I'm still a virgin, but I've done a lot of other stuff. A few months ago I was at a club dancing with this guy. We were getting pretty into it, grinding on each other and running our hands over each other's bodies. He reached under my skirt and I wasn't about to stop him. He fingered me to an orgasm right in the middle of the dance floor."

Wow, I thought to myself. "And then this other time..." she paused. Holy shit, there was more... "I met this really hot guy at a coffee shop. I don't know why but I went back to his place. We started making out and he ran his leg up my thigh. I was so horny I just let him keep going. Before long he bent down and started kissing up my leg. It felt sooo good..."

I had been so wrapped up in listening to Karen's story, I didn't even notice that Karen's hand was clearly stroking her pussy underneath the covers. It was all I could do not to reach out and touch her, or at least myself, but somehow I was able to maintain my composure.

"When he got to my panties, he pushed them out of the way with his nose. It felt so good. He really knew what he was doing," Karen said, now beginning to pant a bit. "He started licking my pussy lips, but after a few minutes he spread them open with his hand and started flicking his tongue against my clit. Oh God I came so hard," she panted, now vigorously rubbing herself under the covers.

It was more than I could take. Listening to my friend describe having her pussy eaten out while she was furiously masturbating was too much. Making no attempt to hide what I was doing, I slid my hand under my panties and treated myself to a little of the fun that Karen was having right next to me. She just looked at me with a knowing smile and continued with her story.

"Since he had gone down on me, I figured I should return the favor. His cock was so hard, but I was surprised at how soft the skin felt in my mouth," she said. "Listen. I'm hot, so since we're both doing 'it', do you care if we kick the covers off?" she asked, breaking up the story. I nodded my head no and with that she kicked the covers off the foot of the bed. Without embarrassment, we watched each other stroking our horny pussies while Karen continued her story.

"I didn't really know what to do, so I just bobbed my head up and down like I'd seen in pornos on the Internet," Karen said. "I didn't realize he was getting ready to cum until it was too late. I really didn't like the taste, but I was too embarrassed to spit it out, so I just swallowed it all."

That was all I could take. My hand was a blur across the front of my panties. I came with a loud moan. That was all Karen needed to see and she quickly followed suit. The room was silent as we both laid there panting, the musty smell of our sex lingering. "Wow," Karen said. "That was really hot. I need some water. Want some?" I nodded yes as Karen began to crawl out of bed.

As she climbed over me, I noticed the large wet spot on the front of Karen's panties. I then noticed the wetness on my own panties. Wet nylon panties are no fun, so I slid them down and pulled the covers up to conceal myself.

Karen came back in the room and sat on the edge of the bed as she handed me the glass of water. As I took the glass, I gave her a shy smile and quickly darted my eyes to avoid any more uncomfortable eye contact. "Why did you pull the covers up, silly?" Karen asked. Before I could give an explanation, she whipped the off revealing my bare pussy. "Oh, I see..." she said her voice trailing off. Afraid that I had made her uncomfortable, I explained that nylon panties aren't the best thing to masturbate in and that I was pretty uncomfortable. With a knowing smile, she said "yeah, mine are pretty wet too, but I was too embarrassed to change with you here." I called her a goober and told her that we had just jilled off together and there was no reason to be embarrassed now. With that, she dropped her thong (revealing her neatly trimmed blonde bush), and crawled into bed.

"Thanks," she said. "It's been a long time since I've done that."

I was a little confused. She had just confessed that she masturbated every night a few minutes before.

"What do you mean?" I asked. "I thought you did it every day?"

"Not with one of my friends," she giggled.

That peeked my curiosity and I had to know more.

"Who else have you masturbated with?" I asked.

"Oh, my roommate from my freshman year," Karen said matter-of-factly. "I used to do it quietly every night. One night out of nowhere she said, 'I know you rub off every night over there, and I feel like doing it now, so don't say anything.' It wasn't long before we lay in our beds across from each other and masturbated almost every night. We never really said anything else about it though, it was like our own secret club," she said.

That little story sent me back to my freshman year. I caught my roommate masturbating while she thought I was sleeping. I wont go into details here because I wrote a story about that on here already. Seems Karen & I had the same experience in our freshman year. I, however, did not tell her about me & my roommate and to this day I have no idea why.

"And then there was Terri," Karen said quietly. I was shocked. Terri had been our "third amigo" in high school, but we had grown apart after she won a scholarship to a college out of state.

"Really? When?" I asked. "Remember that night I asked you if you ever did it? Well, I had just done it with Terri the week before and I wanted to try it with you. Especially after your sexy stories," Karen confided.

I couldn't believe that. I had no idea. "How did that happen?" I asked. "Oh, a lot like tonight. We were telling stories. Probably mostly bullshit. Out of nowhere she said, 'I'm really horny. I've got to take care of this. Do you mind?' Without waiting for an answer, she slid her hands under her pajama pants and started at it. I was uncomfortable at first, but I got horny and joined in pretty quickly. By the end of the night, we were naked and openly masturbating- a lot like us tonight," Karen said.

As Karen told this story, I noticed that her fingers traveled back down to her pussy. She seemed to be unconsciously masturbating yet again.

"I remember that time you asked me about it," I confided to Karen. "I still get off thinking about it sometimes."

"Oh really?" Karen smiled. "I still like to think about what would have happened if you had said yes. In fact, I thought about it while I was getting off last night, but I never thought it would actually happen," Karen added.

"What would have happened?" I asked, a little shocked that we both still got off to a memory of something that never really happened. "Oh, I was going to pull up some porn on the computer and start masturbating, hoping that you would join in. I still thought I might be a lesbian back then. I think I just needed some sort of sex though. I know I'm completely straight now, but it's still hot to get off with a woman- we are just sexier than men," she said.

"Wow, I said. I had no idea that I missed all of that. It's pretty much like my fantasy," I said. Karen's story had me pretty worked up again and this time I was the one who initiated our mutual session. I watched her hand rub her naked pussy, and she watched mine. We both came at the same time. I was totally drained. It had been a long time since I had had three orgasms in one day, especially three that were this strong.

"I'm beat," Karen said. "Only because you beat yourself," I joked. We both had a laugh at Karen's unintentional joke as she reached up and turned off the light.

"I love you Nikki," Karen said just as I began to fall asleep. "I love you too," I replied and drifted into dreams of our erotic night.



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