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A Helping Hand

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It pays to help a friend out.


I have been a daily reader for several months now and this is my first contribution.

I am 25 tall/thin, blonde hair and I workout often. I am a musician and am described as having the rockstar look. This story happened about two summers ago, and I will never forget it...

A few times a year, since I was a teenager, my family would make our way to a friend's Susan and Jim's house for cookouts and parties, mostly in the summer. Susan is around 40 and very cute, and could possibly pass for early 30's. Her husband, Jim, was very introverted, although seemed to be nice, he was always in the garage with his buddies during these parties talking about cars and showing off his motorcycle. Now in my mid twenties I still make it to the ones my work schedule allows and always have fun.

Knowing them for several years it wasn't far fetched for my parents to suggest to them, at a recent cookout, that I help them one day to move some things in their house. I wasn't really aware at the time, but it turned out the husband was going to be away for a few weeks, for training with his work, and I was going to be helping Susan since she couldn't do it herself. She assured me it wasn't anything major, more along the lines of a spring cleaning and rearranging. The cookout continued and it wasn't mentioned again.

About a week later I had assumed, since I still hadn't heard much more about it, that plans had fallen through. They hadn't and my mom called and asked me if I could still help, and told me the day to be there and only said to be there around lunchtime. At the time she gave me the message I was at work and didn't think to ask exactly what time this was. I assumed a safe time to be there was 11:00. I showed up and rang the doorbell, after a minute or two the door opened and it was Susan in a bathrobe. She smiled but looked a bit surprised.

'Am I too early?' I asked.

'Of course not' she smiled and invited me in.

She told me that she had a late night out with her friends and slept in and had a lazy morning. I told her I could relate and she hospitably made me feel at home. I mentioned her as cute, although as a friend of the family I hadn't noticed her attractiveness until she stood near me in the kitchen in her bathrobe. We made general chit chat while she drank her morning coffee, as I was in no hurry to start moving furniture, and neither was she.

At some point she asked me about a recent girlfriend I had and I told her we had broken up a month or so ago. In her empathy she asked me why, and I told her that for several months we had just grown apart and there hadn't been a connection in a while. In a cute pouty way she said 'Aww, so you are lonely?' I laughed and agreed that I was, and in her reassurance told me that she could relate that when you are married things can get pretty lonely after the first few years. I asked her what she meant and she told me about how married couples get into routines and some of the spark fades away. She shocked me by saying matter of factly that they had not had sex in close to a year. Red-faced, I kept my composure by telling her that I may have that beat. I told her how my ex had wanted to wait till marriage before having sex and we had dated just about a year before breaking up.

'Oh my' she replied reaching her hand out to my shoulder.

'How can you stand it being that long?'

'Honestly, I can't' I said laughing.

'With your looks, you should be having sex more often!' she said laughing while looking me directly in the eye. '...If I was your girlfriend...' she said cutting herself off.

'What?' I asked.

She paused and said with a smile and a wink 'It would be a daily routine with us.'

Obviously I went from slowing growing to almost completely hard, as I noticed Susan leaned in giving me a hug. She felt great, and had to know I was protruding into her as she clutched me closely. 'It's a shame you aren't my girlfriend then' I said, 'I could really use a daily workout.' We both laughed lightly, and she ended the hug by saying that we should get started, and said we should go upstairs. I was hoping she was talking about sex, but assumed she was referring to the job I had come over to do.

We went upstairs and I followed her into her bedroom as she dropped her robe. I was praying she would be naked, but was not let down that she was only in her panties and a tight tank top. I could always tell she had a great ass, which is a weakness of mine, and average breasts, but overall a great body. Needless to say I was staring in awe mostly at her ass as she bent over to get some clothes out of the drawer. She turned around to notice me looking and smiled throwing the clothes down onto the bed. Among them was a tiny see through thong that really grabbed my attention. With a devilish grin she asked 'Were you looking at my ass?' I smiled back matching her grin 'Staring actually...,' as I couldn't help but turn my attention back to the thong. 'I'll bet you'd like to see me in that thong huh?' She questioned with the same devilish grin. 'I was just going to ask you.' I quipped. 'Maybe we should get some work done' she replied as she left the thong on the bed, snatching up the remaining clothes and heading into the bathroom to change.

For the next hour or two we moved and rearranged a bit around the house with very little sexual tension and almost no remarks that could be construed as playful. I assumed our flirting had gone too far and she was distancing herself as she was all business while we did the house work. I basically had been following her around the house attentive to her orders. She had begun to make comments suggestion the work was about done, and after going over the entire house it seemed we were about done.

We ended up back in her bedroom and the thong still lay on the bed gripping my attention. Susan stood looking around the room questioning herself if anything else need to be moved around the house. Although the thong had my attention I wasn't exactly staring at it. However, my noticeable distraction was not lost on her much to my surprise. Susan looked at me and smiled and said, 'I guess the work is done,' as she immediately lifted her shirt off, and started to remove her shorts.

Back to where we started Susan was now in her panties and tank top again as she picked up the thong off the bed dangling them with one finger. I noticed her body was glistening with perspiration and it took no time for me to become hard again. Susan took off her tank top exposing her breasts and began removing her panties looking directly at my crotch. As she dropped her panties to the floor and began fiddling with her thong to put it on, she asked me what I thought of her. 'You couldn't be sexier' I replied noticing she was completely shaved as she began to pull up the thong.

I didn't know what to say, so I told her that I love the fact that she shaved, but asked if she hadn't had sex in so long why she kept herself shaved. She told me that it feels much better for her when she masturbates, as she turned around showing me her ass, and said

'I know you like this too.'

Not knowing the boundaries, I simply said with a smile

'Masturbating huh?'

'Everyday!' she said quickly.

'Have you today yet?' I asked.

'Not yet' she said 'But I really want to.'

'I really want to see you,' I said

Not that I should have been surprised, she fell back onto the bed spreading her legs and starting to rub her self over her panties. She was obviously wet as her see through thong was practically transparent now. In between moans she would ask me how I liked seeing her, and telling me she loved me watching her like that. I made my way closer to her bed to where I was standing directly in front of her spread legs watching her hands buried under her panties and likely inside herself. She began to moan louder and cried out how good it felt. I reached out and grabbed her thong by the waist band and began to slide it down her legs removing it for her for a better view.

'Oh yes!!' she cried spreading her legs wider now that I had her thong removed, gripping it in one hand as my other hand wandered down to my aching cock. I felt almost frozen watching her, but managed to remove my shirt. She began to notice me as she was coming down from her orgasm, but still working herself feverishly. She clutched her toes on the waist of my shorts and began tugging down on them. No words were exchanged but I assisted her and removed my shorts surprising her that I had no boxers on.

She noticed 'You came prepared huh?' as she began to sit up more trying to get a better view of my cock. She rearranged herself on the bed and said 'Get up here' I hopped up onto the bed on my knees as she told me it was her turn to watch me. I spread my legs and began to slowly stroke, as she sat back against the headboard and continued to slowly rub herself more. We both sat there, naked, legs spread working ourselves over.

She began telling me how she loved to watch me and how she loved seeing my cock. She began slowing down her pace as she began to tell me about how she wanted to fuck me, riding me in different positions, and wanted me to fuck her doggie style as that gets her even hotter. She told me we couldn't fuck though, as I already knew this. We continued for what seemed like hours talking about fucking each other in different positions we liked as we stroked ourselves.

She came many times and I came about twice as she demanded that I cum on her each time. The first time she told me to cum on her breasts, while she kept one hand in her pussy the other rubbed my cum on her breasts. The second time she turned over and told me to cum on her ass since she knew I loved her ass. I sucked on her fingers that had been buried in her pussy for the better part of the last hour or more.

We never kissed and for the most part we hardly touched each other till the end, but it was likely the hottest experience I have had. She told me we'd have to do this again, and I hope it works out.



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