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A Girl's First Time Watching a Guy Cum

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A true story!


When I was a sophomore in college I had a great experience with masturbation exhibitionism that is absolutely true. I hope you guys like it.

It started when I got a bad upper respiratory infection and had to miss more than a week of classes. I knew I was going to get way behind so I asked a girl that I knew in one of my classes to bring me a study guide for an exam we were to have the next week. Sharon was a nice looking girl, but a bit homely looking with a little extra weight. She wasn't fat by any means and was quite alluring in her innocence. Not to mention she had large breasts that had to be near a 'D' cup. Oh, and she was a freshman.

I had talked to her about some stuff and she had flirted with me, rather poorly and obviously, in previous talks after class and such. I had a girlfriend at the time and wasn't very interested in her but was always friendly to her. By the Friday that she said she was coming to drop the stuff off I had been feeling better, so I was able to get up and get a shower so I wouldn't look so natty when she dropped by.

I got back in bed, exhausted just from taking the shower, without putting anything on which I intended to do after I rested a minute or two. After sitting there a little bit I began to get horny realising I hadn't masturbated in about a week because of the illness. Naturally I started stroking my cock under the covers and just enjoyed the sensation. After only a minute or two I heard a knock on the door to my bedroom.

I pulled my knees up so my erection wasn't so obvious and said come in thinking it was one of my roommates (three of us lived in an apartment). Instead in walked Sharon. On her own she grabbed a chair and sat by my bed expressing sympathy about how badly I had felt. I told her thanks for coming over and that I was indeed feeling better. She had the study sheet and I told her to put it on my dresser. As she did she asked me if she could go to the restroom and I told her where it was. When she left I continued stroking myself hoping to orgasm while she was gone so my erection would go down.

I heard her returning before I could come and put my legs back up as she entered. I kept my hand under the covers though lightly touching my cock thinking she wouldn't notice as the covers were pulled up almost to my nipples. Apparently I still looked flush from stroking myself when she came back and immediately said, 'What are you doing?'

'Nothing,' I said, but smiling sheepishly thus giving myself away entirely. 'Are you being a bad boy?' She said. I got even more flushed but was too turned on to do anything other than what I did. I slowly lowered the covers and revealed my hard cock and then my hand slowly stroking it. Sharon giggled and said, 'You are feeling better, aren't you?'

I said, 'I'm sorry,' and then stopped but she quickly said, 'No... its ok.' She didn't look at me when I said that but instead kept staring at my hand moving slowly up and down my cock. Her excitement was palpable as she watched. I noticed her nipples now poking noticeably through her sweater, my head swimming as I thought about what I was doing, masturbating in front of what was basically a total stranger. By then I couldn't help myself.

As I stroked she spent most of her time staring at my hand and my cock. I revelled in being the object of her fascination, knowing that I wasn't going to last very long. As such I stroked myself very slowly, not to tease her, which it did anyway, but because I was on the verge of cumming, and I wanted to hold off as long as I could.

She was getting more turned on by watching me and her breathing became shallow, because, I found out later, it was the first cock she had seen in person, not to mention being stroked. After a few seconds she moved her hand gently to my balls which were visible and swollen, where she cupped them. I moaned out load for the first time. She slowly moved her hand up my cock and I used that as a hint to stop and let her take over.

Instead she just ran her hand up my cock, gently took hold of it, squeezed it a couple of times then let go. I looked at her and my own right hand went back to work. She looked at me and smiled. All she said was, 'It feels good?' 'Yes,' was all I could get out. At that moment I felt my orgasm starting and I let out another little moan, still sloooowly stroking. I wanted to close my eyes to cum but was curious about what Sharon would do so I kept looking at her as she looked at my cock.

My orgasm started and the pleasure swept through me, my muscles tensing...and then releasing as the sperm began to shoot. I moaned again and just held my cock as the first ejaculation shot out. It landed halfway up my chest in a huge glob. Sharon looked amazed and quite flushed. Another spurt landed about half of the distance of the first one, and immediately started running down the side of my stomach.

She watched in nervous awe with her eyes wide and her mouth open, gasping shallowly. I began stroking again and the third spurt almost equalled the first. I was in ecstasy watching her watch me, completely exposed and showing such an intimate thing to her, my semen splashing onto my stomach and chest in successive bursts.

When my orgasm subsided my sperm was all over my upper body, not to mention still dribbling out of the head of my cock. I closed my eyes exhausted from the exercise and still breathing quite hard. I felt a finger on my chest and opened my eyes to see Sharon touching the semen and taking it between her fingers. She was looking at it in wonder.

We sat in silence for about 20 seconds and I started to wonder what she was going to do. 'I've never seen a guy orgasm before. Did you know that?' She asked. I looked up at her through half-closed eyes and said, 'No, but did you like it?'


'Oh yes. I liked it a lot.'

I smiled at her and she smiled at me, then got up and went out of the room. I wondered if she was leaving but she returned a few seconds later with a wet washcloth, which she used to wipe off her hands, then wash the semen off of me. She gently wiped it all up finishing with the head of my softening cock, which she didn't touch, but just dabbed with the rag.

With that she got up, kissed my forehead and said she would see me on Monday. I lay there still naked and spent, thinking about what had just happened.

Interestingly, the next morning the phone rings a little after nine o'clock with Sharon calling me. She says 'Hi,' but then doesn't say anything else. I'm puzzled and wondering what's going on, when I hear her breathing, and then I figure it out...

'Are you masturbating?' I ask.

'Yes,' she said.



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