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A Daughter's Touch

Posted by: Author: Age: 38 Posted on: 9 comments
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My wife and I had our daughter Kelly when we were young...both 20.


Kelly is our only child. My wife and I are both 38 now and our daughter is 18. We are a very close family. Nudity is something we consider natural and it is not uncommon for us to see our daughter naked or her to see us. Kelly is beautiful. She is 5'7" and a full 'b' cup. Long brown hair and a smile to make the boys melt.

My wife and I have a great sex life and I'm sure that Kelly knows this. Her bedroom is right beside ours and although my wife is a quieter moaner, it's tough not to hear when you are in the next room.

Kelly does not have a boyfriend, but she has in the past and we know she is not a virgin because we caught her once last year when we came home early from a vacation to find her and her ex in bed together. We let them finish and then made noise from the kitchen to let them know we arrived.

As I said earlier, nudity is natural in our home and all three of us will sleep in the nude. Kelly, since she was very young, has always liked to sneak into our bed on the weekends, and she still likes to to this, curling up on her mom's side all the time.

This one particular weekend morning was different though. My wife had an early morning meeting with her gf's for a coffee and had to leave the bed, so it was just me and Kelly. I was still sleeping, or at least pretending to hoping that Kelly would stay in bed with me...I wasn't ready to get up yet, and I had an erection which I didn't want her to see. I rolled onto my side with my back to her and continued to fake sleep hoping my erection would settle, but the more I though about it the harder I got.

About 20 min. passed and I heard the front door lock. My wife had left. Kelly rolled closer to me and I could hear the sheets moving a little...she was rubbing herself thinking I was still sleeping. All of a sudden her leg touched mine...I think she was checking to see if I was awake. I kept pretending to sleep and rolled onto my back. I figured, 'what the hell', if she was pleasuring herself in front of me, I'd at least let her see my hardness.

When I rolled onto my back, I let the sheet slide off of my body and my front side was exposed. I kept my eyes closed and breathed heavy. She actually put her one hand on my leg and and started to caress up to my penis. I couldn't believe I was letting this happen. She started softly stroking my hardness while she was pleasuring herself. Her touch was turning me on so much that I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself much longer.

All of a sudden her breathing got heavy and she began to climax, gripping my penis now and not even knowing it. I began to cum too. Spurts on my stomach. I couldn't help but open my eyes, pretending to wake up. Kelly looked scared, but I calmed her and said don't worry. She curled up to my side and apologized. I said it was ok. I was shocked I told her, but sex is natural and we all masturbate. She seemed relieved and we held each other for a while before showering and cleaning up. I told her next time she should as before taking advantage of me while I slept. She just gave a little laugh and winked and said in a very sarcastic tone...'so sorry to have woken you from that 'deep' sleep'. (our daughter is a clever one).



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