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6'3' in Stocking Feet

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I've mentioned before that one of the things I got to experience and enjoy after my divorce was sex with older women.

One of these lovers was a friend at first. We had known each other for well over a year, and I would visit her house for a meal on occasion where we would talk and laugh. The most affection we ever exchanged was a hug or kiss on the cheek.

'Anne' was in her mid-50s at the time. Salt and pepper hair, and as I stated in the title, 6'3' in her stocking feet, she was a formidable-looking woman. She also looked damn good in a dress, with impossibly long legs. In 3' heels, she looked even more imposing.

When I came to visit her for dinner, she was wearing a yellow suit that I always complimented her on, sheer black pantyhose and matching heels. I did tell her she looked fantastic, and she did a mock curtsey, and said, 'Thank you, sir.' I found myself looking at her calves as she was walking, and actually wishing the suit's skirt was shorter. Where the hell did that idea come from? And why was I looking at her legs anyway?

We had dinner, chatting about this and that. As I helped her clean up, she stopped and looked at me. I looked at her and asked her if something was wrong. She put down the plate she had in her hand, walked towards me, and said 'You are a very sexy young man, did you know that?' Taken by surprise, I said, 'Thank you, I think?' She brushed my hair.

She put her hands on my shoulders. 'If I were to kiss you, would you mind?' Still surprised, I just shook my head. She pulled me towards her, putting her hands on my back and leaning down, just as I had to kiss women shorter than me. I'm almost 6' and to have this giant-sized woman hold me the way I have held smaller women suddenly seemed very erotic. I closed my eyes as her lips met mine.

She kissed me for what seemed like an hour, no tongue, but still very nice. When she broke the kiss, she glanced down and saw my hard cock bulging in the front of my pants.

'I've wanted you for a long time, X', she said, 'and I thought tonight was the night. Am I wrong?' I shook my head 'No.'

She sat down on her sofa, pulling up her skirt, and crossing her legs. Seeing all that length of thighs and legs in black nylon, ending in yellow high heels made me even harder, and I told her so. She patted the cushion beside her, inviting me to sit down. I did so, thinking this would be a makeout session, ending with us walking towards the bedroom and our first night as lovers.

Instead, she had me lean against her, and she turned on the TV. I was a little disappointed, and thought, 'Okay, no rush then.' I felt her kiss the back of my head.

She then began to run her hands down my arms to my hands, something no woman had done before. It felt nice, if not sexy.

She then started to run her hands down my chest, towards my waist. Since her hands went over my nipples, this I did find very sexy. Because of her height, she was able to do all of this while still having me lean against her.

She kissed my ear, still moving her hands over my arms and chest. She reached into my polo shirt, and began to roll one of the nipples in her long fingers. I love to have my nipples played with, something another mature lover introduced me to, and a surefire way to make me come when fucking.

As I was savoring this, Anne told me to unbuckle my belt, and unbutton my pants.

'Stand up quick and take off your pants and underwear', she told me. I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my pants and shorts, which had some precum already in the front of them.

I sat down again, and she pulled me back towards her. She put her hand back inside my shirt, rolling my nipple. She kissed my neck, something I love, then moved a hand down to my cock, and wrapped her hand around it.

'I want this, X, and I'm going to have it in me soon. Right now though, I'm going to do something I've fantasized about for awhile.'

She began moving her hand up and down my hard penis. I closed my eyes, feeling her still manipulating my nipple, and her hand stroking me.

'Tell me what you want, X. Tell me now,' her voice was hard and demanding.

'I, I, I want to come!' I moaned.

'Tell me who you want to make you come!' She ordered me again.

'You, Anne, you! Please, Anne, make me come!' She was in complete control, and I loved it.

'Come for me, X. Come now, damn you! I own you! You will fuck no one else, do you hear? I will make you feel pleasure and ecstasy like you never have had before. I don't love you, but I do want you. You will be my lover. Do you understand?' As she was stating this, her stroking was relentless.

'Yes, yes, Anne! Please! I surrender!' I came as I said this, coming so hard that I actually cried from the release. No other woman had ever done that to me. Her height, her formidable personality, and her technique had completely seduced me. I was completely dominated by her and I loved it. We were lovers for 6 months. I've never had another tall lover again, and sometimes I think I would welcome being dominated by a woman taller than me, jacking me off because she demanded it, not because I want it.



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