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Zoonicorns: A Sexual Encounter

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Aliel is a pink zoonicorn looking for love on Valentine's Day with the other zoonicorns. All of the other zoonicorns are taken and a newbie shows up to the zooniverse to change everything for Aliel! They become friends and things quickly swing into action and into sex! 

It was a normal day in the zooniverse as I woke up lonely again with two weeks left until Valentine's Day. All of the other zoonicorns have their special someone already as the kids and ourselves have grown up and we were ready for the dating scene. I get up brush my mane and tail and begin my day meeting up with the zoonicorns. I eat breakfast hay on the way there and drink my fill of dream water from the zoonistream.


I meet up with my friends as another day of dreams was soon to begin. I had a hunch we were meeting Mable again but to my surprise, a human named Anthony falls into our world. He wore blue glasses against his brown hair and he was at least 18. he wore a Ghost Busters T-shirt and admitted that he was a huge fan of us on TV and whilst playing our episodes he fell asleep and ended up here! I guess surprises do happen. 



"So, tell us more about yourself!" Valeo introduced. 



Anthony then began talking about his disabilities such as Autism and PTSD. He dives into how our show would cure his emotions for the day. He seemed sweet and far too handsome for a human male. I decided to talk to him alone and bring him back to my place where I could talk more. He kindly agreed after we had played some and we talked for what felt like hours.



We later hung out privately and I began to flirt my way into his heart. He was flattered by my sense of cute and fell for me. I decided to lead him into my bedroom from my living room and began to flirt with him even more as he giggled and blushed not expecting me to make a move. Anthony thought I was adorable and he then drew his gaze from mine down to my large swollen crotch boobs. I looked to where he was and smiled in a flirtatious manner. 



I embrace Anthony placing my hooves on his shoulders after he sat down on my bed. I gaze into his eyes and begin kissing his lips passionately as he soon embraces my zoonicorn kiss. I push him on the bed further, my crotch boobs against his crotch inside his shorts. I felt his large boner start to form and poke my crotch boobs. I sit up and use my hooves to undo his drawstring shorts revealing the prize underneath. I place my zoonicorn face closer and lick his penis using my soft zoonicorn tongue. I then proceed to push my crotch boobs against his genitals and squeeze his penis in between my soft and silky crotch boobs. He moaned in pleasure. I go faster and faster until I decided to place his penis inside my soft an swollen zoonicorn vagina. I begin bouncing on his penis until we both moan and he cums inside me, filling me with his human seed and impregnating me with a fresh possibility of a baby zoonicorn.




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