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You show me yours and I'll show you mine - Revisited.

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About 33 yrs later Denise & I re-played the game of you show me yours & I'll show you mine,that we played when we were young, for old time's sake.


So I had to contact my dad's best friend to inform him of my dad passing away. Nobody was home, so I left a message. The next day I get a phone call from his daughter who's the same age as me. We were supposed to get married - your son & my daughter thing, course it never panned out. Anyhow her & I talked on the phone and she told me her parents are on vaction in Europe and that she's house sitting for them, she's recently divorced and has a young son.

Anyhow she asked me if I could come over to the house and help her with a bed she wanted to move to her place from her parents. So I had some time and went over.

Now a brief history: Since we were very young babies our parents would let us crawl around our houses naked, I was told by my mother. She said Denise and I were always playing under the table naked when we were like 3-4yrs old. Years later my parents split and my dad would take me over to his friend's on a Sunday when Dad had weekend visitation and have a martini and cigar with his buddy.

Older now, while Denise and I were playing in the basement, we weren't crawling naked, but we were curious. So one day she decided she wanted to see my dick, so she said, "If you show me yours I'll show you mine."

she also had an added bonus for me, titties, well starting boobs anyhow. So I complied and put my pants down and she did same as with her top also. We did this several times over a couple of years and of course it devolped into touching and masturbating but not to orgasm.

Now fast forward to recently, 33 years later. Denise and I had not really talked much in that time period, as I was helping with the bed I had to move a night stand. The drawer opened up and in it was a big purple vibrator. We both saw it and she got kind of embarrassed.

I said, "Hey I'm married I've pretty well seen it all."

Then we got talking about our times in the basement of that very house we were in and what we did, we laughed. She started going on about how she went through a messy divorce and has to rub one out to release the stress.

I told her "Yeah, my wife is very busy and is never much in the mood for sex," and that I too have to rub one out once in a while.

So she said we shoud play that game again. I hesitated at first, but she doesn't know my wife, they only met once or twice and I said, "OK, what the hell."

So we were going to flip a coin to see who went first but we said fuck it and both got naked. Her body was very nice and I had my 7" hardon sticking out and she commented it's grown quite a bit since she last saw it.

We laughed. She grabbed a feel and I went for her pussy and started massaging it as we were standing. She liked it. Next thing you know we're on the bed lying next to eachother ackwardly trying to masturbate each other. Eventually I just knelt in front of her and as she was sucking my cock, I was fingering her wet pussy.

I said, "wow I didn't remember your pussy like this!"

Anyhow we both came and she gave me her phone number and address and said if I ever needed to release some stress, come and see her.  



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