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You Can Masturbate With That?

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Learning how to use household objects in sex play.


Once I learned that my best orgasm with a man was through his fingers, I was far more open to experimentation.  He understood that I did not want to have intercourse yet, but really enjoy masturbating each other.  He wanted to try new things, many of which I was open to.  One time, we were kissing on his sofa.  It was summer and I had on a dress with no hose or tights.  We would kiss until he finally made a move for more.  I would tease him that way, but loved when he would kiss me and alternate to my neck and earlobes.  Then, eventually his hand would cup my breast.  He would lightly move his hips obviously inviting my hand to his crotch, but I held out to tease him more.  He slid my dress of my shoulders and with one hand unhooked my bra.  His chest was against my tits, and he removed his shirt.  He was firm and smooth and felt electric.  He then grabbed each breast with a hand and caressed my nipples.  He loved them and I loved that he loved them.  When he bent his head, he sucked each nipple back and forth.  I lay back and let him work.  It made my belly tingle and I could tell that my juices were flowing.  He licked and sucked then asked me to take off his short.  I did while he stood in front of me but was careful only to touch his hips.  He then asked me to pull the underwear off.  He moved close enough so that his beautiful penis almost caught me in the face.  He had to look and saw precum.  He saw what I was looking at and rubbed his cockhead on my nipple leaving the precum on my breast.  He then kneeled in front of me and removed my dress.  He pulled of my panties and felt them to see if they were wet.  They were.  He spread my legs and stared at my open vagina.  Not gaping, but my clit and labia were engorged.  He leaned forward and kissed my stomach.  I knew where he wanted to go, but whisped "just your fingers".  So, he sat up next to me and put my hand on his cock.  It was warm and throbbing.  He would insist it was just average, but it seemed perfectly sized to me.  He then layed me back and put a finger in my vagina and and put two fingers on the other hand on each side of my clit.  I stroked his cock and has more precum from the head.  He said stop or he would cum, so I did.  He then sat me on his lap facing away from him and masturbated me with two fingers inside curled up.  He then put in three which was fine because he stacked them like a triangle.  He asked what the largest penis was that I had in me and I honestly did not know.  Probably a bit more girth and length than his on one occasion, but I was not sure.  That did not seem to be something I focused on.  So, he asked if he could try something.  When I agreed, he got a cucumber and asked if he could use it.  I was embarrassed but decided why not.  He started to push it in and I was so wet that it went in fine, but was so rigid that it was not great.  He pulled it out and licked it off.  He then stood in front of me and I jacked him off with a hand on his cock and one on his balls.  He was so turned on that he came within a few minutes. Most of his cum on my hand, leg and foot.  He then had me recline on the sofa while he bent over me sucking my nipples and lightly rubbing my clit.  I came loudly and he was pleased.  And ready again!  He asked if I would rub his balls while he jacked off because he had to get it there being the second time in a short time span.  I agreed and was fascinated to see how rough it seemed that he was jacking his own self.  But, within a few more minutes he came again, though the volume was fairly low.  Totally sexy to watch, but he was embarassed afterwards. I wondered though, how much "girth" could I handle of a cock?  I still don't know.  It is not a burning question, but just something that came back to me when I relived this episode.



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