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Yes You CAN!(taloupe) Fun W/Fruit #2

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My confession of past fruit-fuck failure fosters friend’s forthright fruit-fuck correction.

A few years after my unsuccessful attempt to mate with a grapefruit, a description of which I have subjected you to some time ago, I again attempted to do the deed with a piece of fruit. 


By that time, having successfully copulated with a couple of women, and engaged in other, shall we say, “mutually satisfying” activities short of actual intercourse, I actually found myself much more enthusiastic about masturbation than in my prior and seemingly endless virgin state when I always had a sort of nagging thought that my love of and need for getting myself off was in large part due to my failure to have any “luck” with women. That issue having been resolved and my anxiety alleviated, I then without consciously choosing to do so, embraced masturbation with even more enthusiasm and found it even more joyful.



Being then less self-conscious about my enthusiasm for solo-sex, I quickly realized that several of my friends, all far more sexually experienced than I, by their own admissions, were also enthusiastically and frequently masturbating. I found myself shortly thereafter on occasion swapping Playboy & Penthouse mags with a couple of male friends, one being my roommate, and being invited, occasionally, to watch an x-rated video tape (with predictable results). I was soon able to be comfortably masturbating In the privacy of my room or in the shower even when my roommates, both male & at times female, were home and sometimes aware that I was doing just that, something I very rarely was able to do as a virgin. And I actually found myself discussing in some detail doing the deed with a couple of male & female friends on different occasions without embarrassment. 


It was in one of these conversations with a female friend of mine who had known of both my enjoyment of and anxiety over my masturbation while still being a virgin in my early 20s that she had opened up a bit more about her solo sex including using carrots & cucumbers and I’d then confessed to my failure at grapefruit fucking. Seeming amused but not surprised that I’d done such a thing, she matter-of-factly said that it was her understanding that “for guys” the best fruit to fuck was the cantaloupe.

It wasn’t long after that I was again at my kitchen counter, roommates (female this year) thankfully both out this Saturday or Sunday morning, carving a cylindrical tunnel into a large cantaloupe that I hoped would accommodate me, being  mindful as my friend had said to cut away the rind from the edges of my point of entry. A few minutes later, now naked and again on a beach towel on my bed, the cantaloupe proved to offer everything the grapefruit had failed to deliver: tightness but with just enough “give” to allow me to slide in and out. Smoothness and slickness that felt wonderful. And a solidity that enabled the fruit to maintain itself despite my repeated, vigorous and sometimes awkward thrusting.


The sensations that morning of my erection sliding inside the cantaloupe was both truly exhilarating and confusing. I’d experienced intercourse only with a condom and oral sex without and this was, from a pure sensation point, if not better, equally as good or at least equally stimulating. As I slowly slid in and out of the slippery fruit, I wondered not only how it - just a piece of fruit! - could feel so good but also whether it even should feel so good. Shouldn’t actual sex with a woman be the best feeling on my penis? Moving inside that cantaloupe, I wasn’t sure that it was.


So much so that despite having punched my V-card and now being a “sexually experienced man” indulging in self-pleasure purely by choice, my first time that morning I’d lasted barely five minutes before rolling onto my stomach, hips & ass up, shoulders and face pressed into the bed, holding the cantaloupe beneath me and for a few blissful seconds, thrusting myself repeatedly and soon desperately into the wet, slick & strongly clutching tunnel and then orgasming with surprising intensity with my erection fully inserted snugly inside the melon. 

  Rolling off and withdrawing from the fruit with an audible phluwaaap! after my orgasm had subsided, I lay on my back catching my breath and marveling at how f——-g good what I’d just done had felt. 















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