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Years of Practice

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My cousin Jason and I grew up in a very rural area and since we had few friends close by, always seemed to be together. We were and still are very attached and know everything about each other. I am six months older than him and its hard to explain how close we became even as small kids. We confide in each other and know things about each other that have always been kept a secret.


When we were young my mother and aunt bathed us together and it wasn't a problem at all that we had seen each other naked many times. As we got older that came to a stop as far as our parents were concerned. Jay and I often went to the creek, about a half mile from his house. We would fish or swim together and would have no qualms of seeing each other in our underwear. The first time we swam nude, I am pretty sure I was 13. Neither of us were embarrassed and we came out of the creek. It all began with us mentioning pubic hair and he said something about me getting boobs. That was the first time we had ever intentionally inspected each others bodies. Naturally we looked at each other but this time it became more intense. We honestly didn't know very much about sex but we just stayed naked and talked about it most of the afternoon.

I guess I sort of knew what an erection meant but had never seen one. It was I who asked Jay about it and he then told me he masturbated. That was the first time I ever watched him do it or ever saw semen. My parents had explained certain things about sex and having babies but masturbation was never a subject. I certainly had touched myself many times but had never orgasmed until that day. I let Jay finger me and couldn't believe how good it felt. I don't think he really knew what he was doing that first time but the sensation of it was overwhelming to me.

We began going to the creek two or three times a week after that. We still fished and went swimming but it became a ritual where we would masturbate each other or at least watch each other do it. This went on for years and the more we were together the more we talked about it. I knew he liked to touch my breasts and we both became more talented at pleasing each other. He knew exactly what I liked and I knew the same about him. We always kept a bottle of baby oil and a jar of Vaseline hidden in a tree trunk. We experimented with each others bodies and always talked about how it felt or what we did or didn't like. The older I got, Jay was astounded at the number of orgasms I would have but I also noticed how long a time he would have an erection and many times he was able to cum three times during an afternoon.

It became less frequent that we had time to go down to the creek once we were out of high school. We both had jobs and began dating so we sort of lost touch for a short time. I knew his girlfriend well and he had met my boyfriend several times. It was like an inside joke about how well Jay and I knew each other never hinting what we had done together. We hadn't masturbated each other for several months. One Saturday afternoon I stopped by Jay's house and right away he asked if I wanted to go fishing. I knew what he meant and went to the creek, first skinny dipping then masturbating each other. The baby oil and Vaseline were still in the tree trunk. That day we talked for hours and kinda made a pact that we would see each other once or twice a month. I have my own apartment now but every once in a while we still go down to the creek.

Because we are blood relatives we have never had intercourse. We talked about that many times before and decided not to. I have had sex with three boyfriends so far and have masturbated them and had them masturbate me. I do like it but none of them were even close to the way Jay satisfies me. Over so many years Jay knows exactly what turns me on. He knows where to touch me and how to arouse me the most. I remember years ago I was sceptical about him touching my anus but became aware of how stimulating that can be also. Over the last couple years we have began using dildos and a vibrator on each other. I don't ever want our relationship to end and we continue to masturbate each other whenever possible. My present boyfriend knows Jay and I are very close but thankfully doesn't know what we have been doing for so long.



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