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Wrestling With the Girl Next Door

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The linked story, 'First Naked Girl Was Cousin', inspired this memory of mine.


That linked story was written by a 25-year-old guy who, sadly, had had only one girlfriend at that point, and only for about a month. But when he was 14 (and I'm sure in subsequent years) he was as much a perv as I was back then. The crucial point in his story was about babysitting his cousin and concocting a way to let her see his naked 'weiner' when he had a boner. When I was that age I also used to babysit younger daughters of family friends, and I'm happy to say it never occurred to me to expose myself to them the way he did. But reading his story gave me a really hard boner, and reminded me of stuff I *have* done.

When I was 15, I one day found myself wrestling in my front yard, for reasons I don't remember but they weren't perverted reasons, with the 13-year-old girl next door. At that point I had no experience at all with girls (though I was intensely attracted to them, of course, and I had been masturbating regularly). And when I'd get an erection at school, or wherever, as happened all the time, the idea of anybody seeing it was mortifying to me!! I always covered up. Nobody had ever seen me with a boner.

Well, as you might expect, wrestling with Stacie, the girl next door, fairly quickly produced an erection. And for some reason I had the sudden inspiration to just slowly stand up and let her see it. As I did this I got light-headed and realized that I couldn't even swallow, I was so excited. I slowly stood straight up, and as I did, the tight shorts I was wearing showed, with zero ambiguity, an erection sticking straight out in front, and very, very hard!!

Stacie saw it immediately and stared at it unabashedly. She didn't say anything, but she got a funny, quizzical look on her face. I'm afraid nothing came of it that day, but she began to seek me out, and would sort of tease me and say she was going to 'hit me where it counts'. Once she socked me gently right in the penis. (What can I say, it's not what I'd have hoped for, but then again she was only 13.) Another time, after she had swum in her pool, and wrapped in a towel, she was talking to me in my driveway and her towel fell off. She was wearing panties, not a swimsuit.

So I worked with that. The next time I saw her, I said 'Since I saw you in your underwear, I think it's only fair that you get to see me in mine.' She didn't take the bait, unfortunately. I had said she could come into the back yard with me and I'd let her see me in my underwear, but she was hesitant. I guess she was unsure about doing something naughty deliberately. But it got her thinking. (Me, too: she didn't go for it, but later that day, while I was in my back yard I caught sight of her through the side window of her house. She was standing next to her mom's office desk. I could see the mom bent over some paperwork, with Stacie standing next to her facing toward our house. I was maybe 20 feet from them. Stacie could see me, but her mom couldn't. I was pretty aroused from the offer I'd made to her, even if she didn't take it up. I leaned my back against the cinder-block fence that ran from our house to hers. She could only see me from the chest up, because of a second fence, perpendicular to the first, that divided our back yards. And I began to masturbate. I think she probably could see that my body was moving rhythmically, and could read the expression on my face. I'm not sure she knew what I was doing. But she mouthed the words 'what are you doing?' while her mom continued obliviously to work. I just shook my head wordlessly, as if I was confused by her question, and as if to say I wasn't doing anything. But I was!

Anyway, that day planted the seed, because she kept seeking me out. And one day maybe a couple of weeks later she said, kind of in a sing-song teasing voice, 'I thought you were going to let me see you in your underwear!'. Oh god!! It made me get hard instantly. So I let her follow me to a more private part of my back yard, a space between some tall shrubs and that fence. And I very slowly pulled off my shorts, so I was just wearing a t-shirt and my underwear. She reminded me that I got to see her 'whole underwear' but my t-shirt was sort of covering mine. So I took off my t-shirt, with my penis pointing straight up and tenting the fabric of my tight, white 'superman' briefs. Stacie got that same quizzical look on her face. But now she and I were standing much closer together at arm's length, and we had total privacy. So she looked up at me, with a kind of shy half-smile, and reached over, without asking, and gently squeezed my penis. Oh god!!! That felt SO GOOD. I couldn't stop myself, I just then and there pulled off my underwear and stood totally naked and totally hard in front of my fully-clothed neighbor. My cock was throbbing so hard to the rapid beat of my heart!! I felt so tingly I thought I might cum right then and there!!

Stacie looked pretty shocked that I had stripped for her. It seemed to be much more than she expected. And she asked 'what were you doing that time?' At first I was confused, and totally not thinking straight, so I just looked puzzled. 'I could see you through the window. You were leaning against the fence and you had a funny look on your face...' Oh. Right. 'Well, I was...'even standing there naked with a boner, I was embarrassed to say what I was doing that other time'...I was tickling my penis.' And I proceeded to show her how I tickle my penis. I tickled it for maybe ten seconds, and then my knees involuntarily bent, my toes curled, my arm started moving spastically, and I grunted as I spurted several quick blasts of spunk onto the fence, my knees practically buckling.

Stacie just took it all in with her eyes, at a total loss for words. Finally, she said 'is that what always happens when you tickle?' 'Um, I've only tickled myself a couple of times [yeah, right!!] and this is what happens. Do you, um, ever tickle yourself?' She told me she had, but nothing happened to her like what happened with me. Oh god, that felt sooooo good!!!! And to do it in front of a girl, was so fucking exciting. My boner stayed really stiff!! (Just like it is now, in writing this. Here I am in my late 40s, thinking about this neighbor girl from years gone by, and she's inspiring me once again to masturbate!! Gonna have to go do it as soon as I finish this!!! I'm leaking!!!)

I told her if she kept tickling herself she would get an amazing good feeling like I just did. I wish I could tell you that she came back to me later to report the results, she didn't, but we had a newfound understanding after that day, and the childish teasing grew into a warm friendship that lasted till I went away to college and her family moved away. And we still exchange Christmas cards! A happy, happy memory.



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