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Working in a Pharmacy

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Adviser - in Slut behaviour!


I work in a pharmacy which brings me into contact with all sorts of people. Sometimes we are asked for our advice too. One day, I was on counter duty and a man came in who looked about 45.   What blew me away was that he asked me about the kinds of infections that can happen when you get your tummy pierced.   As he explained that his wife had such a problem my mind was racing through whether or not his wife was the same age as him or younger older.   Then, when he said that his wife is a much younger than him I suddenly and for no accountable reason started feeling really horny.  So horny, in fact that I showed him my own tummy piercing and asked him questions that, on the surface seemed reasonable enough, but I was suddenly struck with the fact that this man, old enough to be my dad was looking at my tummy!   I offered him some antiseptic cream which he bought.   He had to wait for a prescription and I was on lunch break so I waited for him outside.   When he came out I mumbled something about wanting to tell him some more about the problem and asked him if he had time to talk which he said he did (YAY!)

My flat is near the shop so I offered him a coffee at my place.   When we got there I was still not sure what, if anything I was going to do, but I know I was really horny.   We sat opposite each other and talked about the various problems that tummy piercing can cause.   He then asked me why I had mine done and I told him bold as anything that I found men looking at my tummy a turn on.   He replied that some girls seem to also have tattoos on their lower back.   (Which I do!)  I said, "Like this" and lifted my t shirt enough to show him.   He said "Yeah.. that's the kind of thing."   On an impulse I said "I have more.. look" and slipped my t shirt off.   (I have several other tattoos over my shoulders.) I also wasn't wearing a bra that day and there I was, naked from the waist up with my back to a total stranger.   My heart was thumping away so fast.   I desperately hoped I would suddenly feel his hands on my back , but he was a complete gentleman.  I slipped my t shirt back on and sat down.   It was then that I saw his hard on pushing his trousers up hard.   He stammered an apology and offered to leave.   Instead, I said "I don't want you to leave.   In fact, I want to show you everything I do to feel sexy."   My mouth was dry and I couldn't believe I was behaving like such a slut... but I loved it.   I slipped my t shirt off again to show him my pierced nipples and then I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans, and stepped out of them.  

  I was wearing plain blue cotton panties that day, but I knew they were soaked. I eased them down and said "I like to keep myself hairless as I like to feel everything that happens to me down there" and then, I flipped my knickers across to him.   I sat back down and spread my legs and started to touch my pussy.  He got his cock out and started to rub it, smelling my knickers as we both got into it.   I felt like a whore... which only turned me on even more!   I said "If you want, you can smell the real thing." So he walked over to me and knelt between my legs and then he was kissing me.   I arched my back and started to moan.   I have always liked talking really dirty when I masturbate (or have full sex) so I started to say things to him. "Ohh fuck.. yesss... lick my cunt.... tongue fuck me." (stuff like that)

It was a truly delightful orgasm made more so by the fact that I knew he was jacking himself as he knelt on the floor.   Suddenly he said, "I'm going to cum" I sort of half pulled him into an upright kneeling position.   (I don't really know how to describe it) but I knew his cock was pressing between the cheeks of my ass and as he came, he arched his back.   He came pressed hard against my asshole, and I even felt the first spurt enter me.

He stayed with me for the rest of the afternoon. (I phoned in sick to work!)   We ended up having sex (well... DUH!) and I got into some really horny role play with him.   Its a pity I cant tell you about it here, but its against the rules, and anyway.... I am so wet thinking about this, I have to go do something about it.

Happy jilling.... and girls?   Behave like a whore now and then.... its GREAT! Trust me!



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