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Work Experience

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I've read of experiences at work,this one is mine


With my Children having got past the stage of needing me at home with them on a permanent basis, in other words they were off my hands and into school throughout the working part of the day, I felt the idea of starting back to work once more would not only get me out of the house more often, but further, it would help out with our family's household finances.
I had read through the local newspaper and applied for a small cleaning job working in a rather well to do household in a sought after area of the town where I live.
Although well to do, the lady of the house was most kind and treated me quite fairly, including a time each morning when we would sit and enjoy a cup of tea and a biscuit together as a break from the cleaning chores.
One of the tasks I had to perform was the vacuuming of the carpets within the household and during my first couple of weeks at the job I noticed that the rather ancient upright modeled vacuum cleaner, gave off a very strong vibrating feel to my hand and wrist, as busily I went about the tasks needed.
The rather old lady who employed me and who was present in the building for my first couple of weeks whilst there, made a comment about getting the vacuum attended too, as it was rather ancient.
I thought no more about it until back at home a couple of nights later.Yours truly was giving herself a little good vibration under the duvet, before turning over before my husband came to bed that night. Call it a piece of self indulgence if you will, but it was while busying myself with my necessity the thought of that large pulsating vacuum cleaner returned to my mind, as I gradually brought myself to orgasm with my seven inches of plastic .
The following week when I turned up at my workplace I was greeted by a kindly lady neighbour, who informed me the lady for whom I worked had to go into town to meet some friends and had left the message, would I get on with the tasks I had got used to doing over the couple of weeks I had been there and the lady would be back around lunchtime.
The time then was 10am.
The house was quiet as I entered and I busied myself dusting and generally tidying for starters.
I must admit I was a little on the horny side that morning as a result of an early morning encounter with my husband before we had arisen for work but I thought nothing of it until I grasped that vacuum cleaner handle and started the motor into life.
The vibrations running through that shiny black handle seemed more intense than ever and as I busied myself about the room the handle gently nosed back into my groin and touched my old familiar love spot.
Wow was that good!
My mind all of a sudden lost the will to work and all I could think of then was that shiny black vibrating handle that possessed all the vibrations I knew I might need to finish off this morning's encounter with my husband.
I sat back into a sumptious armchair and gradually allowed the hoover handle to fall until it was vibrating through the skirt and panties I had on my lower body. I could feel dampness arising around my love hole and as the vibrations continued upon my clit I was starting to develop a real wanton mood.
The thin green skirt the handle was laying upon, I gradually managed to ease out from under the handle and laid it on top, so the handle which continued to pulse was now under my skirt accompanied by my willing hands and fingers.
All that stood between this temptingly shaped phallic handle and my pussy now was the pair of skimpy panties my husband loved me to wear. I was starting to get really hot for that handle, as my clit was teased by my busy fingers and the continuing earth moving vibrations.
I felt my arse start to hump off the chair toward this beckoning vibrating black shiny monster.
Finally, I could stand it no more, as with my left hand I eased aside my final piece of skimpy clothing around my crutch and the handle now rested at the lips of my cunt. With everything now abandoned in my mind, I gradually slid the handle between my pussy lips and forced it in, with my right hand pulling it into me.
No vibrator I knew was as powerful as this and as I continued to hump the handle while at the same time holding it inside me, all my emotions suddenly seemed to drain from me as everything went into overdrive. Fantasies of my Husband's cock plunged deep inside me this morning surged through my mind, along with other mind blowing thoughts only a woman secretly possesses.
Of the neighbour you fancy and with whom you might be tempted to have a quickie if there was the slightest chance of getting away with it.
The close girlfriend you would make love too given half a chance and who you secretly dream of during masturbation sessions that only you know about, or the pop star you would give a blow job too all night for just a taste of his semen.
All these thoughts ploughed through my inner mind. My outstretched legs were widening and retracting around this humming plastic cock until after a few minutes of my final bucking onto the handle, brought release from the last of my encounter with my husband, as I exploded in orgasmic release.
Still though in rhythmical fashion my pussy ground onto that handle until the final subsidence brought me slowly back down to earth with an abundance of love juice still apparent on the vibrating handle.
Oh what a thing to do and where to do it, at work of all places.
Yet it was possibly because of where it had taken place, in that beautiful house in those lovely surroundings, that made it all the more special and exciting.
I can assure you I worked a good many years for that lady and many coffee mornings she enjoyed with her friends in the town.
Yours truly made sure she never had the vacuum fixed so it continued to be a source of pleasure for me.
I can assure you the walls of that house were able to tell many more stories after that first initial piece of work experience.
I did eventually pluck up the courage one night, when having a truth among partners joint masturbation session with my husband, to tell him what had been going on at work on occasions over the past few months.
What a turn on he found it. The thought of his wife with a vibrating vacuum handle up her cunt whilst her panties were drawn aside in inviting fashion drove him way over the top and brought him to an orgasm as strong as he had ever had at previous times.
As the years went on, the stories whispered to him in his ear as he slowly wanked himself gradually changed, as I found new implements to play with whilst working in that house but I never did lose my love for that hoover handle and the thought of that first lonesome day at work with it stuffed into my pussy.
Don't wait--go ahead and masturbate. I did!



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