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Work Day Mutual With the Wife

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I'm still amazed every time I read a story about married couples who find it difficult to masturbate for each other. Even more astounding are the women who believe that their husbands should find fulfillment only with them. I feel my wife and I are extremely lucky in that we can openly come for each other. Although, I must admit, it is I who is the more of the exhibitionist.

The first time I stroked myself for her was while we were dating. It was early in the relationship (her going on the pill occurred a year later) and we were using condoms. Needless to say, rubbers certainly dull the sensation of intercourse. And on this night, it was becoming pretty annoying. I decided I want to come on her gorgeous 36 C's. After pulling out and dispensing with the rubber, I straddled her torso. I didn't know how she'd react, so I decided to go for it and slowly started stroking my five-and-a-half inch cock. What I don't have in length, I have in girth, measuring four inches around. A smile of surprise came across her face. Her eyes would move from looking at me to look at my hand slowly stroke up and down. 'Do you like that,' I asked? She enthusiastically said, 'Yes.'

I began to stroke faster. Her smile got wider. Looking at the wonder on her beautiful face and her breathtaking tits was helping me build up to a major orgasm. 'I'm getting closer,' I panted. 'Shoot it, shoot it all over my tits, baby,' she hissed. That did it. My jizz shot out and arched in several streams over her cleavage and her neck. After calming down I asked, 'How was that?' Her reply was what I was hoping for: 'That was great. I've never seen a guy to that before. It's something I'll never forget!'

Now, after kids and 12 years of marriage, we still masturbate for each other. My favorite scenario is jacking for her in the middle of the day. I work out of my home, so, depending on where the kids are (school mostly) I can capture my wife for a great jerk off session. The first time was unforgettable. She went out to do some errands. While she was gone, I timed how quickly I could get my clothes off between when the garage door went up and she walked into the mud room (my office is right next to it with a glass door.)

Sure enough, the garage door went up. I tore my clothes off and sat back in my office chair, legs spread and my finger tips gently stroking my cock. My wife walked, saw me and smiled and said, 'Working hard, I see.'

'Hard is the operative word,' I replied. 'Come in and join me.'

With that, she came through the office door. 'What do you want me to do?' she asked coyly?

'Take your pants off,' I said breathlessly.

She complied, undoing the button, pulling on the zipper and taking down her panties along with the jeans. She slipped them off.

'Now what?' she asked, standing in front of me

'Slip your middle finger into your pussy,' I requested.

She licked the middle finger of right hand, brought it down, parted her legs a bit and slipped it in easily.

'Someone is already wet,' I observed.

She began working her finger slowly in and out of her cunt. Her eyes were closed and a half smile crossed her face as she stroked.

Meanwhile, I had used my saliva to lube my cock and was stroking slowly and evenly.

'Come over here,' I asked. I helped my wife sit on my desk in front of me, her left leg on the floor, her right foot planted on the desk top and her pussy fully exposed. Her hand went back to her pussy.

'Spread your lips for me,' I asked.

She complied, taking her fingers and spreading her cunt lips.

'Do you like the view?' she asked. I could only nod yes, stroking my cock faster.

She returned to rubbing her clit, her eyes closed, her expression slowly turning from mild to intense pleasure. There was my wife, naked from the waist down, propped on me desk, her fingers gliding over her clit, but every once in a while fingering herself for more lube.

I can always tell when she's ready to come. Her hips slowly rise up and she throws her head back. She rarely makes much noise when she comes, but breathing becomes short and loud and her pussy lips contract in and out.

As soon as she came and focused her eyes on me and my cock, I stood up and shot over her left thigh, which immediately starting running down her leg. I gained my composure and grabbed some tissues from my desk and helped wipe off my jizz.

'Feel better?' she asked with a sly grin.

'Yes, much better,' I responded.

'Good', she said. 'Now get back to work.'



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