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Women's Lack of Desire

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I am a married guy inevitably heading towards my second divorce who resorts to frequent masturbation because my wife has no sex drive. Today like many other days, I read some stories on this site (which I love by the way), and took care of business. My question is this: why is it that so many women have little or no desire for sex? For me, it's been the same story two marriages in a row. Lots of hot sex before we got married, and then after the honeymoon is over it dwindles down to passionless, perfunctory sex that she appears to get zero pleasure out of and just wants to hurry up and get over with. As time goes by, it gets farther and farther apart; twice a week slips to once a week, then every other week, and then the next thing you know it's like once a month.

Women need romance, I know. But come on....flowers, soft music, back rubs, candles, foot rubs, romantic movies, phone calls, cards, gifts....and then when it comes to sex, she's still not interested? Offers to go down on her so she might actually have an orgasm for a change are brushed off. Think about it guys, if your lady starts kissing her way down to your woody, do you say, 'No, no, come back up here?' Not in this lifetime, but that's what she does.

Look at the stories on this website. Every month the stories from men outnumber the stories from women by two to one. And let's face it, I love the stories 'from women,' but I think we all know that at least a good percentage of them are written by dudes typing out a fantasy. When you read a story purportedly written by a 16-year old girl and it starts out 'I had a sleepover with my best friend, she has perky, push up breasts with pointy little nipples, a mouth-watering ass, and a dripping honey-pot to die for,' chances are a guy wrote it, let's get real.

I know I will get angry responses from women who say their sex drive is just fine and the problem must be me, that I must be doing everything wrong, or that I have a little dick, or whatever. Fine, take your best shot. For the record, I love my wife, I am romantic with her, I have a decent sized 7.5' cock, I keep in shape, women consider me attractive, and I shower twice a day. And ladies, before you set out to typing a response with something like 'Maybe if you stopped jerking off so much your sex life with your wife might get better.'.....save it. I am on to your idiotic reverse logic. Cause and effect. Try to stay with me here women, this is about logic, something completely foreign to most of you: Married men jerk off BECAUSE their wives are frigid. Wives do not become frigid because their husbands jerk off. Get it? I'm sure I lost most of you women on that one. Zoom! Right over your heads.

Another thing that drives me crazy in a bad way about most women (including my wife): why are you all so shy about your bodies? Come on ladies, why do you think the multi-billion dollar porn industry exists? Because men like looking at pussies and tits! Show us! My wife will put on a sexy outfit if I ask her to, and then proceed to cover it up with a robe and make sure I can't see anything.

Want more proof? Read any of the dozens of news stories out now about the enhanced patdowns by the airport TSA. They are all about women, crying about having their genitals briefly brushed during an enhanced patdown. Oh my, what a terrible thing to have happen! Why don't you hear many complaints from men? Because it's the best fucking thing that happened to them all day! You fucking woman act like you are going to die if some TSA screener brushes past your pussy. If you had any fucking sex drive at all, you would look at it in a different way....maybe not great, but certainly not something to collapse into tears over.

I know there are some women who like to get it on, but they seem so few and far between. Meanwhile, so many of us men who have taken the plunge and got married end up regretting it and resorting to jerking off in secret just to keep our nuts from exploding. Watch any sitcom on television and see if this theme doesn't come up at some point. It's a fact; women have no sex drive!

When we have talked about the situation on several occasions, my wife will invariably say something like, 'well, ask me what turns me on, don't just assume that what turns on other woman turns me on.' Nice little trick that one. They do that to deflect the conversation. Next time I'm up at bat, I ask her, 'What would you like me to do?' The response from her? 'I don't know.' What a fucking joke! The truth is, women don't know what turns them on because actually there is nothing that turns them on! Her is the bottom line: The typical woman puts on an act like she's enjoying sex just long enough to set the hook. Then after she's got that wedding ring on her finger, she drops the act and gets on about what really turns her on.....spending your money!

Men, let's hear from you, I encourage your response. How many of you are disappointed with your wife/longtime girlfriend's lack of sexual desire? How many of you come back to this site time and time again for a little fantasy because it's better than going through the motions with your frigid, unsexy woman?



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