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Women Wrestling & My Friend's Mom

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Two Turn Ons in One


I am now in my 50's and two things that have turned me on from a young age are women wrestling, particularly one-sided matches, and my friend's mom. 

My first memory of two women wrestling was a match on TV.  I have no idea who it was but it was a brunette and a blonde and the brunette was giving the blonde a pretty good work over.  

As I said in one of my other stories I remember seeing my friend's mom sitting in our kitchen.  She had on a tight red sweater and I believe that was one of the first times I can remember getting an erection.

Anyway one day she takes my friend and I to the beach with some of her friends.  At one point her and one of her friends start playfully wrestling.  I don't know why but it didn't take long before the other woman had her pinned down.  The whole thing lasted about 30 seconds but naturally it was a huge turn on for me.  My friend was in the ocean at the time and he didn't see any of it.  I was hard the whole rest of the day and during the car ride home.  I couldn't wait to get home and go to my room.  That was one of the shortest sessions I ever had.  I think I blew my load in under a minute!

So after that day I started fantasizing about her wrestling other women.  Women from the neighborhood, wrestlers on TV, celebrities, etc.  Just about every kind of woman.  Of course it was always one sided with her on the losing end.  Nothing violent.  No punching or scratching.  Just wrestling.

I began to look for magazines with women's wrestling in it.  Of course this was way before the internet.  There was one wrestling magazine called Sports Review that each month featured an "apartment house wrestling" match between two women in bikini's.  Some of my best early masturbation sessions were the days that magazine got to the local store.  I'd get it and run home with it.  Of course a lot of times I would picture my friend's mom as the loser.

So one day this magazine comes and it has this hot brunette in a white bikini working over her opponent, who is this busty brunette in a red bikini who is similar in build to my friend's mom. Long story short I get this crazy idea.  Now, what you have to remember is our families were very close.  We would go to one another's houses all the time and I felt very comfortable around her.  So I decide to take a walk over to their house.  I knew my friend wasn't home but I acted like I was going over there to see him.  I knock on the door and of course she's there and let's me in and tells me my friend isn't home.  She noticed I had something in my hand and she asked what it was.  I told her it was just a wrestling magazine I had just picked up.  Then I asked her if I could show her something that was in it.  She looked at me with a puzzled look and was like, "Yeah, sure."  So we sat on the couch and I opened to pages featuring the women wrestling.  I was nervous as shit and I asked her how she thought she would do against the woman in the white bikini.  She let out a laugh and she asked if I was serious.  I said I guess and thankfully she humored me.  She looked at it, chuckled, and she said "Well, I think I'd probably end up like the woman in the red bikini."  I said "you think?"  She said yes and then she asked why I was asking.  I told her I was just curious and she let it go.

Now for whatever reason her admitting she'd be the woman on the losing end really turned on.  I went home and found some pictures of our last vacation that our families had together.  There were a couple pictures of her in a bathing suit so I took them out and put them on my bed next to the pictures in the magazine.  I kneeled there and just pictured her being dominated by the woman in the white bikini.  I yanked with a warm wet bath towel and ejaculated into it so I wouldn't get anything on the pictures.




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