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With a Friend in My Mind

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This is technically solo since it's just fantasy, but whatever!


I've never masturbated with anyone before, and all the Solo Touch stories make me feel a little left out! I just want to share this thought I had a while ago.

His name is Jason (name changed), aged about thirteen. I'm not gay by any stretch of the imagination, but I think it'd be cool to have a mutual session with him.

Several months ago our familes and a few others were on holiday. We shared a room. I wasn't trying to initiate anything, but at one point when I was just in my underwear getting changed for bed, I noticed his eyes were pointed straight up, out of politeness I guess. I told him, 'You can look mate, I don't mind at all.'

The fantasy begins here:-

'Really?' he says. So he does. 'Yeah,' I reply. 'It's no big deal, all boys have penises and they see each other all the time.'

He looks for a few moments, then decides to get changed for bed himself. He strips off his shirt, revealing his small nipples. I sit down on the couch in our room, not making an effort to cover myself. Then off come his pants, showing off the small mound in his dark blue undies.

We stare at each other. I'm starting to get hard at this point. I ask him if he wants to lose the underwear altogether, and he says yes. So I count to three, and they come off. We're both completely naked. I'm pretty embarrassed and nervous, and I'm sure he is too. I break the ice by saying 'Well there you go then' and we both laugh and talk for a while.

I begin to notice his slowly growing erection. I say 'Hey, I think you have a pretty cool penis.' He replies 'You think so? I think yours is cool. It's pretty long!' Okay, we're in that place now. So I decide to ask him if he knows about masturbating. He says no. So I propose something: 'I'll show you then. Tomorrow morning why don't we have a shower together and we'll have some fun!' It surprises me when he enthusiastically says 'Sure, okay!' So we finish getting changed and say goodnight.

The next morning we're up before everybody else. We grab our stuff and head for the showers. They're definitely not meant for two, so we'll be pretty close together. We undress each other down to our underwear. I take his hand and put it on his penis, moving it slowly up and down. I can feel his erection growing. 'Wow, that feels pretty good' he says.

I do the same to myself. After a while we slide each other's underwear off, then get under the shower. We keep on slowly stroking our penises, enjoying the wonderful feeling. I get bold enough to ask if I can touch his penis. Without saying anything, he takes my hand and places it on himself, moving it up and down the shaft. I do the same with his hand. We're touching each other and it feels so good.

I stare at him and ask 'How does it feel?' He says 'It's fantastic!' I decide to put my hands on his hips. He gets the hint and does the same, pulling our bodies together. We grind our penises against each other, leaving our hands free to caress chests, nipples and butts.

While still moving our hips, we put our arms around each other. I say to him 'Masturbation's best when you do it with a mate, right?' We both laugh, we're having great fun together!

We've been pleasuring each other for a while now. Finally the time comes. I turn the shower off, and we begin to move faster, our bodies grinding. Our breathing gets a little shorter. I start saying things, like 'Yes, Jase, keep going, make me cum!' Finally, an enormous rush of pleasure spreads to every corner of our bodies. We hold our arms around each other's waist as wave after wave of semen shoots from our penises. We have orgasmed together!!!

I sit down on the bench. He simply says 'Wow, thanks man. That was amazing!' I say 'It's great isn't it! You have fun?' Of course he replies in the affirmative. We dry each other off, dress each other and walk away as if nothing happened.

End of Fantasy:-

Whew, glad I got that off my chest. In real life this would never happen, and I'm actually kind of glad. Sometimes it's best to keep this sort of thing in one's head, right?



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