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Wishing I Had Known I Was Autosexual Much Earlier

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What if I knew about my true autosexual orientation from the very beginning?


As people who have read my previous posts know, I started masturbating at a very young age.  My technique really took off in the year or two before puberty started.  By the time I was 13, I was masturbating with conscious intent to improve the experience.  Edging came into my repertoire.  Then use of mirrors.  My sex drive was sky high, and I was masturbating constantly whether or not I was also having sex with a partner in the many years that followed.

I wonder, though, what my life would have been like if I had known there was such a thing as autosexual from the very beginning.  Society teaches us that masturbation is a second-place substitute for sex, or at best, it is preparation for real sex.  What about those of us for whom masturbation is already real sex?  I’ve enjoyed the sex I’ve had with partners, but I also wonder how different my life would have been if I had known that the sex I was having by myself during those tender years was the real thing.  I wonder what I would have been like if the only sex I ever had was autosexual sex.

When I write these stories, I hope that someone like me will read them and recognize themselves in them.  It would have cleared up a lot of confusion for me in my early years if I had come across stories like these.  I also hope that some young autosexuals come across my diddler_darlington videos and see a fellow autosexual pleasure themselves.  I think there should be more good autosexual porn out there, the kind the depicts how true autosexuals really have sex.

I spent this weekend mostly staying in and having sex with myself.  I had a session Saturday morning right upon waking and then again in the late afternoon following a long stretch of watching porn (female masturbation, of course).  I had a long nap afterwards.  Now, it’s Sunday, and I’m reading some stories here and writing one of my own.  I’m going to have another session right after I log off.  Some couples have a quality weekend to themselves.  I’m having a quality weekend to myself.

I’ve already gotten my mirror out from my nightstand to check on my vulva.  My labia are engorged and red with arousal, and a good coating of vaginal fluids have slicked themselves everywhere.  Before becoming comfortable with my autosexuality, I thought it was perverted to enjoy the sight of my own vulva and even more perverted to enjoy watching my fingers in action as I stimulated myself to orgasm.  Being comfortable with my autosexuality has meant becoming comfortable with my turn ons.  

Soon, I’m going to log off and begin my session.  I will start with a bout of controlled foreplay.  I will segue into masturbation in earnest gradually.  I will prolong my session for as long as it feels good, holding my orgasm at bay to enjoy the journey more than the destination.  When orgasm eventually arrives, my session will end.  Afterglow will follow.



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