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Wild Waif, Yuriko - Part Two

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Wild Waif, Yuriko - Part Two by
The anticipation of being with Yuriko, again, was enough to make me as horny as I had ever felt. This wild waif had shocked me with her forwardness, just yesterday. By all outward appearance, she was a shy, sweet, even reserved gal. But, she showed me that she could be very open about sex when we were alone together. And, today, she was going to come over to my house with the express purpose of meeting on those same terms. My folks were at work. So, I had the house to myself. Perfect. "What were we going to do, this time?" I wondered. "Will I get to fuck her?" Hmmm, the thought had such exquisite dimensions. I was still a virgin, you see.
My heart jumped when I heard the doorbell ring. I felt a warm shiver go through my loins, as well. I opened the door to see her standing there looking as shy and sweet as ever. Although, somehow, I sensed the glint in her eye was something else. Mischievous, was how I thought about it. She was wearing a simple summer outfit. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail. It flowed down her backside. As she stepped inside, I caught a whiff of her scent. She smelled great. I don't know what it was but it made her all the more enticing. This was the first time she had been to my house. So, I showed her around. She was politely complimentary.
We went no further once we got to my bedroom, at the head of the stairs on the second floor. "Oh! It's so clean and neat for a guy's room," she remarked. "I've always been a kind of neat-nic," I said. "A what?" she asked. "Neat-nic … I don't like to live in a trashed out room." "Oh," was all she said. She sat down on the edge of the bed, looking so cute. She appeared both at ease and nervous at the same time. That seemed to give me some comfort as I felt the same way. I sat next to her, not knowing quite what to say. She turned to me, looked me in the eyes, and asked, "How did you sleep, last night?" "Great," I answered. "You?" "Oh, I didn't get to sleep until very late. I kept thinking and thinking about what happened, yesterday." She said this in a strange way and for a moment I was afraid that she had regrets. But, then she added, "It made me feel so … you know," followed by that enchanting little laugh of hers.
"I had never done anything like that, before." I told her. "No?" she asked with a small amount of surprise. I thought I knew what she was referring to, so I added, "Well, not with someone else, anyways." She seemed to relax when she laughed right out loud, saying, "Oh, I see. But, you have been with a girl before. Right?" I blushed heavily and admitted that I was still a virgin, hoping that this didn't somehow make her think less of me. But, I was surprised when she said, "Me too!" She paused and her expression turned to a questioning one as she added, "And I want to stay that way, at least until I marry. But, that doesn't mean we can't …" she seemed to search for the word, "uhm … share?" She looked up with the question lingering in her eyes. I smiled. I did not feel deflated
by the loss of the prospect of dipping my cock into her honey pot. Rather, I felt a rush of hormones, knowing that she was inviting me to "share."
I put my hand on her thigh and bent forward. She met my kiss while placing her hand on my own thigh. My cock was already hard as a rock and pulsing inside my pants. I was hoping she would touch it. As if reading my mind, that is exactly what she did, brushing her hand right up the outline of my bulge. I reached out and for the first time, my hand touched her breast, albeit, through her top. A small, almost inaudible moan escaped from her when I did that. Emboldened, I traced my fingers around the shape of her breasts. She shifted her position, we broke our kiss, and I lost my light grasp of her tit.
Without saying a word, I pulled my shirt off and stood up to remove my gym shorts and briefs. She stopped me before I could pull them down and she said, "Let me do that?" I was standing less than a foot in front of her, my crotch at her eye level. She stared straight at it. My bulge was protruding excessively. For a full moment, she made no movement. Then, in a slow motion, she reached out and grasped the front edge of my shorts and pulled forward, then downward. Free from my cock, they dropped to my knees. I assisted and got them to drop to my ankles. Once again, in a slow motion, she reached out and pulled my briefs forward, then downward. And, once again, I assisted and got them to drop to my ankles. I step out of them and stood before her, my dick pulsing as it stood hard and straight, pointing up in front of her face.
She tilted her head, first to the left and then to the right. Finally, she reached out with both hands and very gently felt my cock and balls, but avoided the drops of pre-cum already forming at my cock slit. Her curiosity was obvious. Her touch was exquisite. I felt a strong twinge and another drop of pre-cum oozed out. Partly, because of the sensation of her hand lightly tracing the shape of my ball sac. But, also because I noticed that she was squeezing her legs together. Suddenly, I couldn't wait any longer to see and to touch her body. "Your turn," I whispered. Almost reluctantly, at first, then with a smile she stood, pulling her top over her head in the same motion. Her bra, made of some shiny fabric, hid her small breasts. With practiced movements, she slipped the bra straps off her shoulders and pushed it down to her waist. She continued the movement, grasping her summer shorts and panties and all of a sudden she was standing there completely naked.
We stepped into each other's arms, embracing and kissing. My cock was further stimulated by the feeling of it being trapped up against her belly. Again, I was overcome by her scent. Something mysterious, sensual, and … I don't know how to explain it. Different things come to mind. In a way, her scent made feel hungry, if that makes any sense.

She sat back down on the bed. My cock once again at her eye level. Apparently, she was intent on resuming her "examination." This time, she did not avoid the pre-cum that had smeared around the top of my cock. She seemed to be taking in its texture, pushing it around with her fingertip. Needless to say, my cock was bouncing from the stimulation. Next, she wrapped her hand around the shaft and took a timid stroke, trying to mimic the method she watched me make the day before. However, there was not quite enough pre-cum for her hand to slide smoothly. She tried to adjust the pressure of her grasp. It made no difference. Then, a smile came across her face. She looked up, almost letting a little laugh come out, and said, "Can I kiss it?" She didn't wait for an answer. Bending forward, I felt the most amazing thing I had ever felt in my life.
With her lips and the end of her tongue, she seemed to be tasting my pre-cum, causing my legs to wobble. Her hand was at the base of my cock, moving the tip of it through her lips, across her tongue. It pulsed noticeably and more pre-cum escaped. She allowed that and her saliva to drip down. Now, her hand could slide smoothly and she began to stroke evenly, with more and more confidence. She did not stop licking and kissing my cock head and I could quickly feel that if she didn't stop it I was going to cum all over her. Well, I no more than finished that thought and it actually happened! It was uncontrollable! She was stunned as the first spurt went right up the side of her head. She still hadn't fully reacted when the second blast crossed the bridge of her nose and up to her hairline. "Oh!" she exclaimed. But, thankfully, she didn't stop. Still stroking, she allowed the remaining shots to fall down onto her breasts. I watched in a mind numbing ecstasy. I saw my cum dripping down her face, onto her lips. She tentatively slurped at it. And, I saw my cum dripping on her breasts, hanging off of her hard right nipple. And, when I noticed her other hand between her own legs, I had another strong surge escape from my dick, hitting her left cheek. My God! It was amazing. My first hand job by a girl. My first blow job by a girl. My first facial on a girl. And, the first time I had ever cum while standing up, too!
As weakened as I felt, I instinctively knew that I had a sort of duty to return the favor. I dropped to my knees and gently pushed at the insides of her knees. I heard her breathe deeply as she allowed herself to fall back on the bed, opening her legs for me. My tongue traced a path up the insides of her thighs. My hands reached forward to find her cum covered tits. My fingers ran a pattern over her nipples, massaging the cum around as I started a tongue exploration of her sweet pussy.
The tip of my tongue darted around her opening. Then, the flat of my tongue licked at her bud. Immediately her body began to shake and I could taste her orgasm. It continued and continued until she was practically whimpering. When I finally rose to lay beside her, we were both sweating, still breathing heavy, and happy to lie wordlessly in a post coital hug for quite a long while.



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