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Wild Night At The Strip Club

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This time, a very...VERY fictional story about a woman who couldn't help but give in to her desires about a long-time crush. 

Around 15 years ago or so, I re-connected with a friend I had in high school. He was a year behind me, but because of electives we had a handful of classes together and made a point of meeting up when we could during lunch breaks or after school. I admit, I had a crush on him from the start, but he always insisted that he was gay. Even still, I had my doubts but was never able to sway him, all through my graduation. We both went off to college and kind of lost touch, but thanks to social media, after a handful of years I looked him up and it turned out he lived pretty close nearby. When the job market crashed he moved back home, and was staying with his parents for the time being until he could get back on his feet. We decided to get together for drinks one night, and when I met him he looked just like high school, just a little more matured; neatly parted hair with dark-framed glasses, button-down plaid shirt with skinny jeans and Toms shoes, sans socks. Kind of a casual, hipster look compared to my white shirt, black blazer with capris and leather flats. 

We talked, laughed and drank for a few hours getting reacquainted, and I knew that my feelings from the past had not changed. It was getting close to midnight when I brought up the idea of going to a strip club close by that was having an amateur night. I guess the alcohol loosened him up, because it didn't take much prodding to get him to agree. Now this place...I really don't know how it existed. Not that it was a dangerous place or anything, but I had heard about the acts that go on inside...and I really don't know how it wasn't raided and shut down by this point. That said, we headed over, paid the cover and went in. Walking back to the bar, we passed by the VIP section where some couples were openly making out and grinding on each other (one was even giving her guy a handjob), and the stage where a couple fully nude girls were dancing around. We had a couple more drinks before the DJ said it was amateur time and asked if there were any takers. Grabbing onto his shirt sleeve I raised his hand for him, which in turn, he looked at me like he had seen a ghost. I laughed and said 'come on, if you go I'll go'. This took a bit, but he finally agreed, much to the glee of the spectators, including myself. Pulling off his shoes, he climbed up onto the stage and...it went about as well as you would expect. He didn't have any moves or rhythm, but we did enjoy seeing him strip down to his boxers as he tried dancing around to the blasting music. Hooking his thumbs into his waistband he looked about ready to pull them off...until he quickly waved himself off and junket back down to the floor, which caused quite a bit of playful booing. He blushed and shrugged as he was about to start putting his clothes back on, but I stopped him, sat him in a chair and said it was my turn. 



Kicking my own shoes off I got up in front of everyone and started shaking my ass around. I had taken some dance classes when I was younger, so I knew how to move around on the stage. Not as well as the girls who worked there, mind you, but I could hold my own. Spinning around on my heels I pulled off my jacket and shirt, then dropped my pants leaving me in my bra and panties. It didn't take too long before I unhooked and tossed it over at him, and after a couple more minutes I bent over and slowly pulled off my panties, giving him a prime view of my spread ass and pussy lips. I walked around the stage some more, shaking my hair around and jiggling my bare ass and tits in front of the other patrons before squatting down in front of him with my knees spread open, slowly running my finger up and down my wet slit. He almost looked in a daze, but I noticed something...his cock was hard in his boxers. I swiveled around and sat on the edge of the stage with my feet dangling, then reached out with my toes and grabbed the waistband of his boxers, tugging at them. He slowly pushed them to his knees, but I motioned 'no no', and to go all the way. He pushed them the rest of the way down and stepped out of them, leaving himself as naked as I was. Looking down at his cock, I licked my lips at his 6 or so inches, just wishing I could get it inside me. Pulling my knees back up, I started rubbing myself right in front of him, locking my eyes into his. It took a second, but he closed his eyes and grabbed himself, stroking slowly. I sped up my pace, now very openly masturbating in front of everyone. Glancing around, I noticed a couple other middle-aged guys with their cocks out and stroking, but my focus was entirely on him as I was already close to cumming. Middle finger inside and thumb rubbing my clit, I was breathing hard and slightly moaning as I was dancing right on the edge. It wasn't much longer until I curled up and came in front of all these strangers. Glancing out, one of the guys was having an orgasm of his own, cumming into his hand before wiping it on his pants, stuffing his cock back into place and hurrying off. My friend, however, was still going. Head down and slumped in the chair his hand was quickly stroking his very hard penis. It was at that point I threw caution to the wind and said fuck it...


I hopped down off the stage and stood over him, grabbed his arm and pulled his hand away. He quickly looked up with a confused look, then watched as I straddled his legs and lowered myself into his cock. Eyes wide open and jaw dropped, he was in shock as I started fucking him in front of this crowd. Eventually, his head leaned back and eyes closed as I braced myself with my toes and bounced hard on his lap. I could feel myself start to sweat as I moved faster and slammed his full length inside my pussy. After another minute or so he started mumbling, saying he was going to cum. I grunted out "do it. Just cum." Seconds later he moaned loudly as I could feel jets of hot jizz shooting deep inside me. The realization alone that we just fucked caused me to cum for the second time. Both of us out of breath, I could hear the crowd around us yell and cheer, showing their appreciation for the free show we gave them. Coming back down to Earth in a hurry, I slowly stood up and felt his half-hard cock slide out of me, now drooped over, covered in a mess of cum and pussy juice. He wiped it off with his boxers and getting dressed, I could feel his cum oozing out into my panties. Hmm...good thing I was on the pill. He stuffed his wet boxers down into his pants and, halfway composed, headed out to our cars, the orgasms sobering us up in an instant. It was a tad awkward walking out, to say the least, but I told him to meet me for coffee in the morning.


The next day, waking up in bed naked, I hadn't even gone pee yet before fingering myself to two more orgasms. Finally getting up and stumbling into the shower, I managed to get the smell of that club off of me and made myself presentable. Heading to the coffee shop he was already there and had ordered for me, now having swapped his clothes for a simple t-shirt and cargo shorts. We chatted for a bit, kind of tiptoeing around the subject before I finally blurted out "so...did you ever think we would end up having sex last night?" He kind of chuckled and shook his head, saying "no...no, that would have been the last thing on my list." Kind of asking if thought he might end up switching teams, he just said "no...it was just a spur of the moment thing. The exhibitionist part of it was what really got to me." Damn. Oh well. Finishing our coffee we both went on with our day, and even though it might seem like that would ruin things, we did remain friends afterwards. He was right about himself, however, meeting a guy and eventually moving in with him a few towns over. I could keep my head held high, though, knowing I'm the only woman who had ever, and would ever make him cum.




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