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Wife's Homecoming

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My wife went home to California for three weeks for a friends wedding. The following is an account of her first night back.

So I went to go pick up my wife at the airport a couple of days ago. She had a late flight so by the time I got there it was already 10:45pm and she didn't arrive for another 15 minutes. Her plane finally arrives and by the time we get her bags and return to the car it's 11:30pm and we have an hour and a half drive to go before we arrive home. We were both tired but it didn't stop us from rubbing on each other on the drive back. I hadn't touched myself in about a week in anticipation of her homecoming so as soon as she placed her hand on my thigh I was hard as a rock. I took this as she wanted to play a bit so I touched her thigh too. She was wearing a knee length dress which gave me easy access to her pussy. I rubbed her thighs for a few seconds but even that was enough to get her dripping. I rubbed her through her panties for a few minutes and I had her wiggling in her seat. I then pulled the panties to the side and rubbed her clit. She really started moaning then and telling me she wanted me. During this time she was rubbing my cock through my shorts, forming a little wet spot from my precum. We continued with this all the way home. When we arrived we took her bag upstairs and she said she was hungry and got herself a little snack. After that we got in the shower together and washed our bodies. The whole time touching each other's bodies and kissing. Finally we made it to bed. By this time it was almost 2:00am and we were pretty tired. Even with all the build up I figured we would just fall asleep and pick up where we left off the next day. But as we laid together in bed we continued touching each other through our underwear and kissing and moaning in each others ears. After about 10 minutes of this playing around she says "it's so late we should just go to sleep". And that started a fire in me, I didn't go three weeks without my wife to "just go to sleep" when she got back. So without a word a I started kissing her harder and pulling her panties off. I then started rubbing her clit with two of my fingers and grabbing her ass with the other hand. She loves it when I squeeze her ass cheeks and she started moaning really loud. I then get on top of her in a 69 position and start eating her pussy and thrusting my ass in her face. She thinks it's so dirty but she loves to lick my asshole. (And I must say I enjoy it as well). I put two fingers into her juicy cunt and started fingering her while licking her clit. I did this for only two minutes or so and she came hard on my fingers. After she recovered she asks me how I want it. I tell her to do the same thing to me. To get on top of me and sit on my face while she sucks my cock. She was only too happy to oblige. As I'm licking her right little asshole and taking my cock down her throat as deep as she can. I tell her to spit all over it getting in nice and wet so she can jack me off. So she sucks on my cock until she starts to gag and making it all wet. I then tell her to lay down and I  straddle her. I tell her to get her finger nice and wet and stick it up my ass and stroke my cock at the same time. She licks her finger and shoves it all the way up my asshole and starts stroking me with her other hand. It felt so good I only lasted about a minute before I was spraying my cum all over her tits and face. All in all it was a wonderful night and I was happy my baby was home again.



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