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Wife Masturbates with Me

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Mutual fun for the both of us.


My wife and I love to masturbate together. Here is the story of how we got started:

My wife and I have been married for a long time, we are in our 40's, and we have never masturbated together. I have masturbated since I can remember and during our marriage. My wife has always thought it taboo to masturbate regularly if you were in a relationship. Almost a sense that you were unfaithful if you did it. She says she has masturbated occasionally, but prefers to wait for me. Over time I've tried to get her to try it with me and have always been turned down, until the other night.

We started having sex as usual and she got into position to suck on my dick. While she was stroking me and licking my erection I asked her if I could touch myself. She hesitantly said OK. I moved my hands below my penis, rubbing my pubic area, then my balls. She continued sucking on me. I moved my hands slowly up the shaft of penis. Stroking it slowly while she continued sucking me and jacking me off. I held onto my dick while she licked it. What a rush! I rubbed my penis between her strokes and showed her what it looked like to masturbate in front of her. I didn't cum while masturbating (although I really wanted to). Jacking off all over her face and incredible big tits is one of my biggest fantasies. I love jacking off. We continued fucking as usual and came as usual. Afterward we talked about me masturbating in front of her and she didn't mind seeing me stroking myself. Hallelujah a breakthrough!! Two nights later the real excitement began.

We were both very horney over the next 2 days. Kissing and touching each other. Making verbal comments. The evening started as usual except that while we started kissing and touching each other, my wife started fondling her tits. I then moved my hand down between my legs and began stroking. She then moved her hand down between her legs and began jilling herself! I looked at her and she said "surprise"! Not only was she OK with watching me, but wanted to participate. This made me even hornier. We lay their on the bed, me jacking off and her jilling off until we both got close to cumming.

Our next position was for me to suck on her pussy. She loves it when I do that. I stroked my dick while giving her head. My wife pointed out that I couldn't do 2 things at the same time, so I decided to give her pleasure and licked her pussy till she came. After recovering, she moved around and starting sucking on my dick. We intermixed her mouth and my hand till I was close to cumming. What a great feeling!

She wanted to fuck, but I asked if we could face each other and masturbate a little first. Without hesitation she agreed. We laid down on our backs, with her legs on top of mine and starting rubbing ourselves. As we both approached orgasm, we could feel each other getting close. Watching my wife play with herself while jacking off was an incredible turn on. Thanks sweetheart for fulfilling a long term fantasy!

We then began fucking. She wanted to cum again in this position and after getting such a gift, I couldn't refuse. We fucked till we came. We both lay there exhausted and satisfied like we couldn't remember. What an erotic evening of sex. The only thing we hadn't done was cum while masturbating. That didn't happen till the next evening.

The anticipation was high. I had a hard-on for most the day. We went into our bedroom and undressed. She laid down on the bed and I stood next to her and started stroking my hard dick. She reciprocated by fingering her pussy and playing with her tits. We gave each other one terrific show! We were jacking off for about a half an hour. Sitting, standing, laying down. She finally came and wanted me to jack off on her.

She lay down on the bed and I kneeled down over her pussy with my dick facing her. I began stroking hard and fast with her watching me enjoying a great hand job. I knew I was going to cum big. My goal was to hit her tits, but much to our surprise, the first shot went over her head. Around 4 feet (a personal best). Then the second shot hit her face and left eye and the remaining 5-6 shots went all over her chest. We started laughing hysterically. Here I am jacking off and laughing. Not quite as erotic an end as we thought but we had a terrific memorable time. Next time will be more erotic.

All I can say is, if you don't include masturbating as a part of your sexual experience with your mate, then you are leaving out an incredible experience. We now include this as regular sex and enjoy each other even more.



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