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Wife & Girlfriend's Mutual Pleasure (2)

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Following their first unforgettable sexual experience together my wife Christine and her friend Angela decided to meet on a regular basis for as long as both wanted. They would be together on these occasions purely for sensual pleasure and would be as uninhibited as possible, exploring each other's sexuality through touching, watching and mutual masturbation. They were mature experienced women but this was new and exciting for both. Christine described the room where they met. There was of course a large king-size bed with a firm base, sprung mattress and padded headboard. There were cushions and pillows in all shapes and sizes. There was a dressing table with mirror, stool, laptop computer, and an arm chair, just the style and size for Angela to sprawl in with her legs over the arms, and a TV with video and DVD player. What stood out was the very tall free-standing and adjustable mirror. Angela used this mirror a lot to watch herself masturbate, which she did as a rule every day and which, living alone, she had developed to a fine art since her divorce. Each woman had fantasised about another time together. They were in a high state of anticipation having climaxed often thinking about what happened the first time and what they might do. This time Angela couldn't wait to take Christine to her bedroom which was pleasantly lit this time and get them both undressed. In no time their bodies were writhing together as they stood in front of the big mirror. Knees or arms were between each other's thighs, hands were clasping and squeezing ass cheeks, tongues and mouths were licking and sucking nipples, all the time eyes were glancing at the erotic images in the mirror. Angela turned to face the mirror with Christine pressed close behind, her hands holding Angela's breasts and thighs. Angela chose at times to masturbate standing and she started to do this intently watching herself as she used fingers of both hands on her shapely vulva. With her left hand she spread her inner labia and with the other she slowly circled her enlarged clitoris. Christine noticed for the first time that its head protruded from the hood. Christine's words: 'Without cumming Angela happily changed places with me and I was extremely turned on to see my body full-length, my hourglass figure with spreading hips, firm white thighs and breasts cupped by Angela's slender hands. I slid one well-lubed finger down my slit to touch my hard clit and rubbed it lightly from side to side as Angela, watching all the time and now holding my hips, pressed her mound of venus into my cheeks. I could sense it gently gyrating. 'We eventually sat on the edge of the bed so we could see each other masturbate. Watching each other intensified the experience but we still held back. Angela could see my clitoris, that it was hard and throbbing. She was now looking straight into my eyes in the mirror and I knew the time had come, the first time she was going to masturbate me to orgasm with her fingers-the first time another woman was going to do it! We moved so I could see myself in the mirror again and Angela piled up cushions behind me so I could lean back comfortably and put something to raise my feet. 'In spite of all my experience I could feel my heart beating faster. I leaned back with my legs wide apart with my eyes closed. Angela's finger tips were trailing from my knees up my thighs, along my lips, up my belly then circling and gently squeezing my nipples. She did this several times and then I was aware of a delicate touch like a butterfly on my clit. I opened my eyes to see her long slender middle finger poised there and beginning to move. She knew how to thrill me beyond belief. That finger seemed like a fine tuned instrument which vibrated at the perfect speed and, with pausing at just the right moment and number of seconds, to create a masterpiece of sensuality. I saw the look of concentration on her face. I watched in awe at what she was doing for me both close-up and also in the mirror where her hand appeared above my vagina and between the white expanse of white trembling flesh. 'My clitoris was the centre of delightful aching suspense. Angela was keeping me like that, just waiting for me to show I couldn't wait any longer to cum. I showed it was NOW with a touch of my hand on hers. I won't be able to put into words what my first orgasm in the hands of Angela was really like-don't think I know the words to do justice to the feelings which filled my whole being making me almost pass out, it was so powerful. I kept cumming with wonderful surging convulsions completely taking over my whole body, coming in wave after wave from my clitoris, which, in spite of my heaving and shaking and crying out, Angela continued to manipulate with unbelievable and almost unbearable technique.' Christine had about ten huge multiple orgasms, some by her own hand and others by Angela in different positions. For a few Angela was on the floor between Christine's legs and at the same time as she rubbed with the flat of her finger she was kissing and licking Christine's thighs. She also slowly eased all the fingers of her left hand into Christine's vagina before sliding them in and out, faster and faster, to give Christine more ecstatic sensations. Christine then told me that Angela showed her one way she liked to touch her own clit, with two finger tips or thumb and finger she slid the hood up and down the stem so that the head went in and out just like the head of my penis does in its foreskin when I wank it!. Christine did it for her and felt her shiver. This was another first time. She did it for about ten minutes with short bursts of speed then stopping for a few seconds with the head out, pink and pulsing. Angela had said before how she wanted to share the beauty of her masturbation, the masturbation she had alone, with Christine. She wanted Christine to be close to her, watching and feeling her body. Christine sat behind her, legs apart and high enough to see over her shoulder and her whole body in the mirror just as Angela saw herself. She watched as Angela rubbed, patted and vibrated her clit in different ways and wanked it as she had done before. She could feel the tension building up as Angela started to groan and to flex the muscles of her legs and stomach and arch up with her hips, always watching in the mirror. She climaxed, rubbing hard with stifled screams, her body stiffening and shaking. Then Christine was wide-eyed as Angela reached into a bedside drawer for a large penis shaped dildo, already lubed up, and penetrated herself with it for several more orgasms. It went in and out slowly then much faster. Sometimes Angela lifted her legs high and held the dildo from behind one thigh. Christine could see her ass with puckered twitching anus and her shining thighs, now wet and flushed.............. As you can imagine, Christine telling me everything she did with Angela stimulated our own activity more than ever but that's not what I'm writing about!



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