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Wife & Girlfriend's Mutual Pleasure (1)

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This story is really more FF. Over the years I have appreciated so many stories from females and this is a way of saying thankyou

Christine and I have practised mutual masturbation for many years and it and is central to our sexuality. (I wrote about it previously in five instalments) We like to fantasise about how other people, particularly women we know or meet, masturbate. Christine had never been with another woman for sex but we would fantasise about this as if it was something she might like to do if she got the chance. We talked and thought about it as we pleasured each other. We have a good friend, Angela, who got divorced a couple of years ago. She's a professional woman living alone in a small detached house. We meet socially quite often and Christine and Angela also have girls' days out together. Angela is in her forties, dyed blonde hair, slim, quite athletic and very attractive. (Christine is older but looks forty something, dyed brunette, good looks and figure, creamy white skin and an awesome bottom! A few months ago they were chatting together over coffee and the subject of marriage and relationships came up. Angela didn't feel ready for another relationship. Christine asked her if she missed the sex to which Angela responded that since her divorce she was getting sexual fulfilment by herself and having a stressful career she sought relief every day. It had become better than anything she had ever experienced. She sometimes thought it would be good to share this beautiful thing she was having with someone else but without commitment. Being with another woman was something she thought about. Christine then mentioned her interest in this and that she was willing to do it with Angela if this appealed to her and how I would be more than happy about them doing it. They decided to give it a try but not let it upset their present friendship. This was going to be a deep new experience for both women. Although each had in her own way fantasised about sex with another woman and was excited at the prospect, it was a step into the unknown. They agreed to make no commitment for the future. As both were unsure of how they would react at first they decided to undress separately and then come together in Angela's main bedroom which would be in very subdued light. Christine's words: 'It was so exciting, as if I was once again a teenage girl. We took off our dressing gowns and lay naked side by side. For seconds the suspense was tangible and I could feel my clit hardening and throbbing at the thought. I was lying to the right and I stretched out my right hand to touch the front of Angela's thighs-they were so smooth and soft yet full and firm. My fingers were sliding up and down and as her legs parted I started caressing her silky inner thighs. They began to quiver. 'She turned towards me and raised her left knee and my right hand slid slowly through between the tops of her legs, my fingers opening to feel all over her shapely bottom, the firm buttocks and lovely cleft which I didn't part. My forearm was embracing her pussy. All at once her hands were moving all over me, feeling my breasts my belly and my thighs. Her left hand cupped my mound and we knew now that we were both smooth shaven. 'It was all so erotic and with one accord our bodies were drawn together, our legs intertwined and we were humping each others thighs without restraint and rolling around first one on top then the other. Angela's body jerked frantically as she neared climax. She paused then holding me, her pussy pressed to my left thigh, she rhythmically moved her hips in bursts of speed and I could tell her clit was rubbing against my now slippery flesh. I was positioned just right and it was unbelievably erotic to feel Angela stiffen and hear her cry out as a powerful orgasm took over her whole body and she was in spasm for what seemed ages. She kept moving and cumming again with her hand now shaking over my vulva. I had already climaxed first from sheer excitement. We embraced and kissed our legs and hips still moving uncontrollably as we humped each other in different ways till we were hot and breathless' Christine told me they were now fully aware that both had multiple orgasms and for some time they lay or sat close to each other, masturbating with no inhibitions and, with more light now, watching and listening to each other masturbate to more incredible orgasms. They could see what each other did to pleasure and relieve themselves-the ways they rubbed, the speed they rubbed, positions they used, how they used their other hands, the motion of their thighs and bottoms when humping, how their bodies moved in climax. They could hear the sounds of ecstacy. It was a thing of beauty and great joy. Angela was fulfilled beyond her wildest expectations and was more than happy for Christine to tell me everything! They arranged to meet again soon for more mutual pleasure.



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