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Wife and Sister-in-law Watch

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A few weeks ago my sister-in-law came to visit. She lives on the other side of the country so her visits are not too often. Her name is Pam and she is a little older than my wife. Both she and my wife have pretty good bodies for their ages (late 40's). Both have good size titties however they usually don't show them off. My sex drive is greater than my wife's and at times when she is not in the mood, I will jack-off while lying next to her in bed. Just when I'm ready to cum, I will take her hand and let her finish me off. She sometimes complains about it but is a pretty good sport. After all I do most of the work. Sometimes if she's feeling up for it, I will kneel over her and cum on her tits. She knows I love to do this.

During the visit my wife had rented a movie and in the movie there is a scene where the topic of masturbation comes up. As this scene was playing out my sister-in-law said, 'I think John, (her husband) jerks off but he denies it to me. I think he is embarrassed about it. I would sure like to see him doing it sometime. Ron (her first husband) used to like to cum on my boobs and I loved to watch him and I loved the feel of his warm cum on by boobs.' To my surprise my wife turns to her and said, 'Robert jacks off all the time, I'm sure he would love to do it for you.' I couldn't believe my ears and could feel myself now becoming embarrassed and hard at the same time. Pam looked at me and said' 'Really?' Again surprised my wife said, 'I can see him getting excited right now.' Not believing this is happening I said, 'If you girls are serious about wanting me to do this right now, you have to convince me you are not just teasing, by like showing me your tits or something'.

My wife turns to me and pulls up her shirt, she was not wearing a bra and I could see she was turned on, nice hard nips. With this Pam gets up and is wearing a leather vest over a western style shirt. She unbuttons the top of the shirt and pulls a bountiful set of titties out of her lacy bra. They are sitting up like they are on display, nipples hard. I am now about to bust out of my shorts. Here are two sets of titties made from the same mould, both d sized and looking great. Pam's appear a little bigger than my wife's. I stand up and drop my shorts to the floor. My cock springs out and up at attention. I grasp it with my right hand and start to jack it fast. The sight of those four excited tits were more than I could take. As I stroked my wife and sister-in-law both had there eyes on my cock. At one point I looked at my wife and she gave me a naughty smile. Both girls are holding a tit in each hand and lifting them one at a time and squeezing them together.

As I was coming close I said, 'Here it comes'. My wife then said to Pam, 'Robert would also like to cum on your tits.' Pam said 'OK, if you say it's OK' and knelt in front of me and lifted up her boobs and said, 'Put it here' and with that I did, three or four long streams of cum, the first hitting her chin and dripping down the others hitting their mark. I hadn't noticed but my wife left the room as I stood there jacking every last drop on cum from my cock. She returned with a warm wet wash cloth and gave it to her sister. We all then sat back, my wife said I'll give you half an hour and then you have to take care of me. Pam said, 'I'm going to my room now to take care of myself.' I asked if I could watch but she said,' You've seen enough for one day.'

Pam got up and thanked me and her sister for the show and went to her room. I felt more thankful to both of them. Pam later told us that she had really been missing this type of activity with John and would try to get him to do it for her in the near future. She promised she would not tell him of our little episode. As she left for home she said if things don't work out, she may be back a little sooner for another visit and show.

I kind of hope things don't work out as planned and she returns soon. If not I can still cum on my wife's tits while reminiscing.



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