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Why Is My Underwear Wet?!

Posted by: Age: 13 then Posted on: 3 comments
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How the first time I ejaculated when I was masturbating turned out to be such a memorable event.


It was traumatic! And confusing too! In fact, as a young, innocent, but eager 13-year-old masturbator, I was totally freaked out! The thing is, I certainly knew what felt good, but other than that, I knew absolutely nothing about sex. So the very first time I ejaculated while I was masturbating, I totally panicked! I mean, can you imagine?

Without a doubt, I was really very uninformed and ignorant about sexual stuff. So much that as far as I knew, my penis was there for one reason and that was to pee. But geez, it sure had a mind of it's own though. Even though I don't think I even knew the term ?erection,? I was keenly aware of how it would magically spring up when I'd see one of my peers with his shirt off or a girl wearing a belly shirt or a bikini, or even just thinking about stuff like that. But I had no idea what purpose that served. It just seemed really weird to me. I came to think of it as being an involuntary reaction much like a smile or a laugh. But then it'd be like that every morning when I'd wake up too. Now that really made no sense to me, especially since I'd have to pee. But the part of me that does the peeing was stubbornly pointing in the wrong direction, sticking straight up instead of dangling downward. And it was so hard and rigid and fixed in that position that it was impossible to point it down so I could aim at the toilet. All I could do was wait for it get back to normal.

Now, much like probably many other 13-year-old boys, I'd gotten into the habit every night of lying in bed and fantasizing about girls before I'd drift off to sleep. And I'd figured out that it felt really good to lie on my stomach, which meant lying on my inevitable hard-on too, and move around a little bit as I fantasized. With my penis rubbing up against the soft fabric of my underwear with each movement, it'd feel all tingly and it was very pleasurable. And so this nightly practice of humping the bed became my favorite way to masturbate.

Well it just so happened, one summer night I was home alone at bedtime, because my parents were just down the block at a neighbor's outdoor party. And they trusted me to be home alone for that little bit, knowing that I was a responsible kid. And of course if there was a crisis, they were just less than a block away and I could quickly find them if I needed to. So I spent that night like any other night. I watched TV until 10 and then I went to bed, anxious to get started. So, as soon as I got in bed, I started fantasizing and humping. And then suddenly, everything changed! Of all the nights this could happen, this turned out to be the one.

Of course it was feeling good, just like always. And I had no idea that this was going to be any different than any other night. But as I laid there, moving around, it started to feel even better than it ever did before....so much so that I couldn?t stop! It seemed so much more intense than usual. And then, there was such another new and pleasurable sensation as I began to feel my penis throbbing and pulsating. Well it?d never done that before! Damn it felt good! And then suddenly the most incredible mind-blowing wave of pleasure I'd ever felt came over me and radiated through my entire body. I had my first-ever orgasm.

But this newly discovered feeling of ecstasy was short-lived as it almost instantly turned to horror. I suddenly became aware that the underwear I was wearing felt wet. And so I reached down and felt the front of my pajama bottoms just under the waist band and they were soaked too. Oh no!! Well, not knowing any better, I was absolutely sure that what I just did, somehow caused me to pee in my pajamas! Now of course that?s not what actually happened. What happened is that I had ejaculated for the very first time. But I had no clue about that! This was all new territory.

So I sprang out of bed, in utter panic and completely riddled with guilt. After all, here I was home alone, with my parents trusting me to be responsible. And what did I just do?? I peed in my pants! So now I was feeling like I?d just screwed up royally!!

So now what? Well I had to hide the evidence! So I pulled out a clean pair of underwear and pajamas from my dresser and I ran to the bathroom, took off my wet pajamas and underwear and threw them down the laundry chute and I put the clean ones on. Then as I walked back to my bedroom, instead of relishing in the pleasure of my first orgasm, I was feeling tremendously guilty, and also really confused about how this just happened.

Now the weird thing is, as luck would have it (or maybe it was fate), the very next day, I was looking something up in the encyclopedia. And I came upon the entry for adolescence, I wasn't really familiar with the term, but I had heard of it. And the diagrams and pictures captured my curiosity. So I started reading. And I was finding it really interesting, informative and definitely very relevant! Then I came to the part about male ejaculation and a light bulb went off. Oh my God! As I'm reading, it all began to make sense. The article totally explained it. So that's what my penis did last night. It wasn't pee. It was actually semen. Well this couldn't have been better timing! Talk about clearing my conscience!

So that night as bedtime approached, I was wondering if the same thing would happen again or if it was just a fluke. I couldn't wait to try. Well it did! As I humped, all of those intense pleasures overtook me again, just like the night before, and I came for the second time in my life. And this time I didn't panic. In fact, as I climaxed, I paid attention to the warm wet sensation of my cum shooting out into my undies. Enjoying the afterglow, I decided to keep my cum-filled undies and pajamas on this time and I quickly fell asleep, feeling relaxed and satisfied.

And so, with that rather tumultuous start, began my lifelong appreciation for self-pleasure.



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