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While on a Missions Trip

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Fellow church member and I on a missions trip to China


Being in church, no one ever talks about masturbation or if we ever do, it is always with a tone of disapproval. But guys being guys, we all know each other does it, whether regularly or irregularly. On the whole, most guys in church just pretend we've never done it before.

The church encouraged us to go on mission trips to other countries to spread the gospel, help the needy, build schools, etc so I volunteered to go during my polytechnic holidays which were about a month. So I went to China because that's where they said they were short-handed. When I volunteered, masturbation or anything related to sex ever crossed my mind and I didn't think of how I could "cope" there. I love masturbation and I don't consider it a sin, and back then (actually even now) I get horny easily and often so I jack off a lot.

We reached China and were shown to the dorm rooms where we'll be staying and we were told we'll have to share the rooms. Every room had three people, but lucky me, the third person who was supposed to share my room couldn't make it for the missions trip after all and cancelled. So my other roommate was my closest guy friend in church so we were quite happy to have the room to ourselves. My friend and I got along very well mainly because our pasts are quite similar before coming to church. We both slept around, smoked, joined different gangs, got into fights and were just delinquents. Now we cleaned up our act and try to be good people for the most part. We were in different groups within the church and only got to know each other recently but we quickly became close friends and get together once a week at the swimming pool where he works as a lifeguard to just chat and swim after hours. (He was in charge of locking up so most of the time he would invite me over for after hours swimming, sometimes skinny dipping but that's another story for another time)

So it was just us while the other rooms had three people so we were pretty happy to have the extra space. The first week or so was pretty normal, helped in repainting a school, rebuilding a hospital and a few peoples homes and didn't have the urge to jerk off. After the second week though, the familiar feeling came back and I found myself getting horny at inappropriate times. I couldn't do it in the common bathroom because there was almost always someone in there all the time and I get way too nervous of getting caught by another church member. So for the most part, I try to ignore my practically permanent hardon.

Sometime during the third week, my friend and I stayed up late chatting as we were given a rest day and didn't have to wake up early the next day. We both slept in just our boxers on a kind of futon and we were talking about anything under the sun. The conversation turned to the girl he was currently dating which was another church member. Both of them like each other but he's unsure whether he wants a relationship right now. I told him to masturbate first, then see if she's still constantly on his mind (advice I read). We both laughed and then the topic turned to masturbation and whether we both still did it.

I told him I did it almost everyday and he does it about once every two weeks on average, not because he doesn't have the urge (He said he feels like masturbating everyday) but because he feels guilty every time he does it. I was getting very hard at this time already and was lucky the blanket was one of those think fluffy quilt kinds so that my boner won't be so obvious. But the masturbation talk just ended there and we started talking about that girl some more. I had seen the girl around church before and she does have a nice body, b-cup breasts, long slim legs, exercises regularly, a nice taut butt and typical pretty Asian face. My friend also has a toned body from gym and had nice facial features. So as my friend was talking about them making out and stuff, images formed in my mind that made me start leaking precum.

As I was trying to ignore my throbbing dick, I heard him complain about how he hasn't masturbated in almost four weeks. The conversation then went something like this:
Me: You can do it in the common bathroom.
Friend: Don't want! Scared someone might catch me!
Me: Then do it here, it's just the two of us anyway. I seen you naked before already anyway too.
Friend: You leh? You don't need ar?
Me: LOL we'll see how...
Friend: Com eon la! You not horny meh? You how long never mast liao? You got mast here or not?
Me: Hah yeah, actually I haven't mast since before we came here.
Friend: Then join me la! So I won't feel so self-conscious.

I hesitated for awhile, said ok and pulled my shorts off. My friend threw off his quilt and pulled his shorts off too, he was very hard and was also leaking precum. I threw my quilt off too and we both just lay side by side on our futons and jerking. I saw that he was very expressive when masturbating, making short gasps, sometimes using both hands, lifting his butt off the futon, switching between normal and reverse grips, moaning softly and hands making a soft slapping noise when stroking up and down. I was more quiet when jerking, normal grip using one hand, my other hand rubbing my nipples or rubbing over my body and I only moan when I'm about to cum.

So there we were, just masturbating in silence and looking at each other occasionally. Out of nowhere he asks me
Friend: Eh what are you thinking about?
Me: Thinking about her (church girl)
Friend: Haha yeah me too!
I was close to cumming but I wanted to hold off and cum together with my friend but it felt weird to ask him if he was close, so I started moaning a little to see if he gets the hint.
Friend: Eh you cumming ar?
Me: Almost...you?
Friend: Yeah same...
So we started pumping faster, the room was filled with the sound of masturbation, mostly short gasps and soft moaning. My friend came first with a few soft grunts, shooting his cum onto his stomach. I came in the midst of his cumming and shot onto my chest. We took some time to calm down from our orgasm and we began the search for tissue and wet wipes. We talked a little more about the experience and finally went to sleep. We masturbated together two more times before our trip was over and we had to fly back. We haven't done it nor talked about it since but we still get together for dinner and drinks a lot and he is now happily attached to that girl in church.



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