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While Driving

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Confessions of a chronic car masturbator. Other confessions to follow.




I've spent many pleasant hours reading stories on SoloTouch, masturbating and having some of my best cums. I've been surprised at the imaginations and writing skills of some of the people here, and I know my own skills aren't nearly up to the level of the best stories here. But I've neglected my responsibility to post one of my own stories or techniques. I'll start with a completely true story/technique. Maybe many here have done exactly what I describe. If so, I'd like to hear from you. If not, I hope this short post will help someone else masturbate.


If I've helped, please let me know.


Like most men and a few women, I love to masturbate during long solo drives. Several things make masturbating while driving feel highly erotic . I like the feeling of being naughty or “bad”. The semi-public but (relatively) feeling of being exposed in public while I am obviously highly aroused and about to ejaculate, having my erect cock straining upward, in full view of anyone who looks in just the right way, the prolonged gentle teasing friction and the obligation to hold off cumming for long time – all of that makes me look forward eagerly to long solo drives.



For years on long drives I would just stroke my cock over my trousers and underwear for many minutes, savoring that feeling, eventually unzipping and allowing my erection to spring free. I love glancing down at my straining erection, my beautiful cock, knowing that I'm going to masturbate it very soon. Then for many minutes, up to a couple of hours, I could subtly stroke my shaft, just a few strokes, then back off, wait several minutes, stroke again. I occasionally glance down at my cock as it grows to full length, skin stretched, color changing to red, then deeper red, then almost to purple from the trapped blood, my urethra opening gaping, leaking semen, ready to explode. Time between stroking gets shorter and shorter. Strokes get longer, less subtle. I'm wondering if anyone can see me, wondering how many other drivers are masturbating secretly solo, or getting hand jobs or blow jobs as they drive. I know it's pretty common to jerk off while driving, and fairly common to receive hand jobs and even blow jobs. How many people are going to stroke until they just can't stand it any longer, blow their loads, shoot grateful ropes of thick sperm in desperate long gouts? How many people,men and women, live in eager anticipation of these public cums?



I'm sure at least a few people in other cars have figured out what I was doing. I hope they were masturbating too, and that seeing me helped them to orgasm, to release their pent up semen or female ejaculate. How many are using hands and fingers on cocks, tits, and G spots? How many women have given up trying to be subtle and are now unable to keep fingers off clits, fingers from stroking rapidly in and out of vaginas, stimulating both clit and G spot? How many women have taken out a tit, or both tits, so they can stimulate both nipples and clits as they drive?



There. I had a great time writing that. I'm much calmer now.




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