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When I Was Caught Part 1

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When I Was Caught Part 1 by
This story has a little bit of everything, straight, homosexual, bisexual, masturbation, two person sex, three way, all out orgy, and more. I hope you enjoy this.

Day 1: I had been thinking about this amazingly hot girl all day that was in my history class. It was no wonder that my grades in there were not great at all. I knew that when I got home nobody would be there for hours. My parents off at work, and my 20-year-old sister at college, named Mary. I'm 18, with light brown hair, and medium muscular build and 6' tall. As soon as I got home, I was off to my room. I quickly removed my cloths and started to furiously pump my 8" rock hard cock. I was on my back, completely nude, with my eyes closed, and quickly on my way to climax. All I was thinking about was that girl in History. Finally I shoot my load. It lands all over myself with spurt after spurt after spurt. I was covered in cum from the stomach even up to my face. As I come to I see a bright flash like a camera flash. I look at the source of the flash. It was my sister, back from college for the weekend holding a Polaroid camera. She then says, "are you enjoying yourself little brother" with a smile. I quickly and ineffectively tried to cover myself up. I was completely embarrassed, and angry that she had taken that picture. She told me, "Now, you will do everything I tell you, otherwise I will tell our parents and, if necessary, show them the picture." I had no idea what she had in mind. But, due to the fear of further embarrassment, I agreed to do anything. The first thing she did was unzip her pants then she removed them and her red panties. She then laid down next to me with her head at the foot of the bed and ordered me to eat her out. "I better cum in five minutes, or you'll regret it." I was stunned. Here was my sister, half-naked on my bed telling me to eat her out. I knew that she wasn't kidding at all, so I started at it.

After a couple of minutes, she was orgasming and holding my face hard against her pussy. I could barely breath because my face was pressed so hard against her. Finally she relaxed and became completely limp. I look up and see that she had taken off her bra and was now completely naked. I wanted to ram my dick into her so much. Just as I started to move forward aiming my dick, she leaned forward a little bit and grabbed my rock hard cock. She strongly pulled me by dick up to where I was sitting on her tits. She began slowly stroking my cock. I almost came right there, but I held it because I wanted it to last. I thought I knew what was coming. She then shoved me off onto the floor then stood over me. She said, "Mom had to leave on business for the weekend and took Dad with her. You know what that means after this. But there's more!" She sat down letting my dick slide in her ass. She closed her eyes in ecstasy as my dick slid into her tight ass. Not to mention what I was feeling. Then she sat there and continued, "I know about your little friend Mike and how you two jack each other off. I want you to call him and tell him to come over now." I tried to object but she quickly slid up and slammed down on my dick stunning me. "you will do it or else you know you will find out about what the two of you do." Man was I surprised. She got up and went into the next room while saying, "you better not tell him anything. He can find out when he gets here." I got up and went over to my phone to call him. Mt sister came back in the room. She told me to sit in the chair while calling him and to face away from the desk. I obeyed her. I picked up the phone and she kneeled in font of me. She looked up at me with a grin as I dialed and waited for Mike to answer. When Mary heard me say hi to his answer, she took me entirely into her mouth. I did my best to stay calm but could help but let out a groan. It took me a few minutes to talk Mike into coming over, all while having Mary suck my dick getting me closer and closer to cumming. Each time she sensed me getting close she would back off. Finally he agreed. Mary backed off completely when I hung up the phone. "Good job! You didn't say a word about it while I did that, I'm impressed."

She lead me into our parents room where there was a king size waterbed with four posts. She told me to lie on the bed and to point a limb to each post. I complied. She got four of Dad's belts from the closet qnd tied each of my limbs to each post. She told me that I was going to be fucked, but that we had to wait for Mike. I was excited, at last she was going to fuck me. She came over and leaned over me, and then she deeply and passionately kissed me. She stopped when she heard the doorbell. She grabbed some shorts and a tank top shirt. Wow she looked great with the sides of her double D tits sticking out the sides. She ran to the door. I heard Mary and Mike talking. Then I see Mike appear through the door to the bedroom with a look of shock on his face. Mary said, "I know what you two do on occasion. So I want you to do what ever I say or I will tell both of our parents about it. Now take off your clothes." He reluctantly did what she said as she again removed her cloths. As he looked over at her he his cock grew immediately. He stood ready for Mary's next order. "I want you to go and put your ass right over my little brother's cock and wait. I promised him he would be fucked once you got her." We both looked at her in surprise, but she motioned him to do it. "Face away from him when you do it too" she ordered. He got up on the bed and faced away from me and towards Mary, then he squatted down spreading his ass apart, and slowly slid down on me. Once he was sitting down on my cock, Mary gets up on the bed and slid down on Mike's rock hard 7" cock. She and Mike laid down on me, and Mary started fucking Mike. Mary's motions caused Mike to move similarly on my cock. Finally I was getting fucked. Between hearing Mike and Mary and having been hot and ready to shoot my load for an hour now, I was going insane. I could only imagine what Mike was feeling, he had a guy's dick up his ass fucking him from behind and a very fuckable girl fucking his dick. After a few minutes, we were all cumming and going crazy. After we regained our senses, Mary got up and stood at the foor of the bed and started saying in a very demanding voice, "This weekend I am in charge. If I say 'fuck', then you fuck. If I say jack off, then you jack off. No matter what I tell you to do, you will do it. If you do not do what I say, your parents will know about your little activities together." She then tied Mike down the same way I was, on top of me. She then headed towards the door then turned to face us. "I'm going to get us some dinner. You two wait here and enjoy yourselves."



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