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When I Discovered Vibration!

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I mostly masturbate with my massagers these days but it wasn't always the case. For many years I used to struggle to reach orgasm through manual stimulation. I would only do it a couple of times a month because unless I was really randy and stuck with the handwork for 30 minutes or more I had no chance of reaching orgasm. I didn't think it abnormal but I was envious of others, especially boys I knew, that could get off in minutes whenever they wanted and could do it several times a day. I probably would have stuck with envy and frustration but for a bit of a lucky accident.
My then partner and I were redecorating a couple of rooms in our then new appartment. The paintwork on the doors was really bad (looked like someone had used a fork to put it on) so we decided to give them a heavy sanding to smooth them off before putting on the fresh paint. Anyway, being lazy we decided to sand the doors without taking them off their hinges. The problem was that the doors kept moving as we worked. We had tried wedges and blocks but the things kept moving. Eventually my other half said if I held the door still he would sand it. I stood by the door with its bottom trapped between my feet, my knees either side of the thing and I hugged onto it with my arms in order to stop it moving. My other half switched on the sander and pressed on. Oooh!. It felt rather nice where my pubis was touching the edge of the door. I said nothing but just got into the feeling as he worked away. I didn't orgasm from this but the sensations were lovely and I couldn't help but think how nice it would be if the vibration was a little more directed.
A day or two later I was in alone getting on with the painting when I got it into my head to have a go with the sander. The thing had been cleaned and put away as we had finished the preparation work on the woodwork. I got it out and plugged it in. BRRUZZZ it went. I was alarmed as how loud and powerful it was when not in contact with something. Carefully I touched the foam covered base against the fly of my jeans. The vibration shot along the seam of the garment and made my clitoris tingle. I sat down opened my legs and carefully experimented with positions and points of contact. Soon I found that gently pressing an edge of the vibrating base into fabric just above my clitoris was the best. It was very intense but, unlike more direct contact, it was still comfortable. In seconds I could feel my self becoming seriously aroused. I couldn't believe it. Here I was getting in seconds to a place it normally, on a good day, took 10 minutes or more to attain. I blasted on and shot to and through orgasm so easily. I was ecstatic. Maybe 2 minutes to orgasm was unbelievable.
When my other half came back I told him and he was excited too. I gave him a demo and it worked just as well the second time. We had great sex that night but I must have overdone things because I was a bit uncomfortable the next day. Unfortunately the discomfort lasted a couple of days so I wasn't too keen to use the sander again. What I did do though was to go out and buy a body massager as soon as I could. It was a lot gentler but just as effective and moreover it was a lot nicer to take to bed that the noisy, dirty sander.
The other half has long since gone and the original massager packed in years ago. I haven't replaced the other half but I have replaced the massager, in fact, I have quite a selection now!



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