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What Would Happen If

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OK, first off, I'm a guy. You girls could fill a book with stuff I don't know about you and your sexuality, but I've learned more from Solo Touch than from anything else in all my misspent life. However, I do know that (some of) you have G-spots, I've read a little about them, and put together with something I've noticed about myself, I'm wondering about what would happen if...

I was doing a little woodworking job once, and fumbling around trying to use a little orbital hand sander on an odd-shaped piece. I was having a hard time holding the wood, so I braced one corner against my abdomen, an inch or two above my pubic bone. I suddenly got an intense, good feeling, different from masturbation, but still intense. Ordinarily, I don't get much (if any) sensation without being erect first, and I've never had an orgasm without erection, but this was different. And good. I don't generally try to carry through to orgasm, since it might be a little awkward coming into the house and explaining how I got a big wet spot in my jeans while I'm supposed to be woodworking. This is a palm-type sander, so it is easy to hold it and put the BACK of my hand against my abdomen.

OK, here's the part I'm wondering. Girls supposedly have G-spots right under where I had the back of my hand (although if I read the anatomy book right, the bladder is between.) So, what would happen if a female tried this? Hold the sander in your palm and put the BACK of your hand against your lower abdomen, maybe with the knuckles pressing in just above the pubic bone. FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T USE THE SANDPAPER PAD SIDE AGAINST YOU! The body of the sander vibrates very nicely and it's heavy enough to transmit quite a bit of vibration into my body, even though the sandpaper pad side is out in space, away from my body. DON'T TURN THE SANDPAPER SIDE TOWARD YOU: I have no idea what might happen. Better yet, if you tried this, do it with jeans on, so if you drop the sander, you wouldn't hurt yourself.

Maybe this is a really bad idea. Probably vibrators built for girls to use inside themselves are still better, but who knows? Anyone have a small palm-size sander out in the garage and want to report on this?



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