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What the hell. My first time.

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Everyone had a first time. Right?


So I was about 13 and my friend Allen and I had sleep overs often. He was more sexual than I was and he often came up with new ideas that involved our cocks. I don't remember how it started. I guess he showed me his cock and asked to see mine. Eventually he started growing pubic hair and I hadn't yet so I was a little more shy about showing him my cock. So anyway I remember one sleepover we were in his basement in our sleeping bags. We both had flashlights. So he pulled out his cock and shined his flashlight to the side of it so the shadow of his cock on the wall was huge. Like usual I followed suit and did the same thing. I don't remember anything happening after that. I guess we eventually got tired of looking at our cock shadows, turned out our lights and went to sleep.

A few days after that, when I was at home.

I shared a room with my younger brother. He was 4 1/2 years younger than me. Anyway we shared a bunk bed. I was in the top bunk. I don't know why but I had a flash light. I decided to shine it on my cock like Allen and I had a few days before. I was shining the light against the same wall that our bed was against so my brother couldn't see what I was doing. I pulled my cock out but it wasn't standing up so I started stroking it so it would stand up on its own and I could shine my light on it. So I was stroking it and I started feeling a sensation I hadn't felt before. So I kept doing it. All of a sudden the feeling got really strong and I felt wetness coming out of my penis. This was a first for me. So I ran upstairs and looked at the fluid that had come out of me. It was clear and slippery. And the feeling I had when it happened was so good.

The next day I was outside playing with friends when the thought came to me. "Did that really happen?" I made an excuse and went back to the bathroom and stroked my cock to a second ejaculation in two days. Yep, that really happened.

I've been masturbating ever since. Only I've gotten much better at it with experience

Happy stroking.



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