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What Makes Me Feel Good

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I enjoy feeling different sensations and textures on my clit and sometimes my nipples while getting off. It started when I was enjoying some really great phone sex with a guy and I was in the kitchen, spread-eagled in a chair, wanting something inside me. Rubbing my clit wasn't near enough so I grabbed one of the bananas from the fruit bowl and worked it inside. It felt wonderful and I remember fucking myself with it and of course as the fruit got hotter inside my pussy, it came apart at the seams and banana pulp started seeping out 'til I was massaging my clit with banana cream. It felt hot and smooth. Sooo good on my clit. I was moaning and rubbing the peel and all over my whole pussy. After that experience, I started trying out other things.
I know lots of people freak about this but for me, vapor rub and mentholatum are great. I like to rub some on my nipples and areola as it gets them hard fast and just feels good. Keeps them feeling good. Then I'll take a blob of the stuff and stroke it on my pussy lips and then on my clithood. Then I will slowly rub it in circles on my clit. Yes, I can feel a little burn. I am aware it's there. But it works two ways for me: first it makes me very horny; like I've got an itch to get scratched. ;) But it also slightly numbs my clit so I am able to enjoy the sensation of being horny longer, and can massage it longer without coming as fast as I normally do. If my boyfriend rubs it on my tits and pussy for me that just makes it feel even better. When I use the menthol stuff, I do put some in my pussy because to me it feels good. It makes me want to masturbate a lot longer to get rid of that 'itch' which makes me feel kinda sexy. And yes, I have fucked my man with mentholatum in my pussy and he gets off on it too. It's like cheap spanish fly: he puts a little in me and some on my clit and I'm begging him to do me. I'm not saying it's safe or a good thing to do or that some people won't think it stings. I'm just saying it feels good for me and it makes me come hard.
Textures: I like to rub my clit with different things when I masturbate. I like to pull back my lips so my clit sticks out and take a chap stick and rub my whole clit with it 'til I come. My boyfriend likes to masturbate me with beads. Either this string of pearls I have or some mardi gras beads. He spreads my legs and lubes me up then slides the beads gently all over my pussy, across my clit, sometimes going in a back and forth motion right on my clitoris when he knows I'm gonna come. I also have a hairbrush with a big flat smooth paddle side. I love to rub that on my pussy when I'm very wet. My latest thing I recommend to any woman especially one who has trouble having an orgasm. Buy one of those Oral B battery operated toothbrushes. The kind with the round bristle pad at the top that spins fast in a circle. Wet that bristle pad so it's nice and soft. Put some toothpaste on it to give it some tingle.(Or just lotion if you prefer) Wet your clit. Spread your lips, turn on the brush and place the brush right on the hood of your clit. Do this very gently at first. When you think it's too intense, keep doing it. It sent me through the roof. I bucked and squealed. I've done it many times since then when I need some fast relief. I love doing it with toothpaste on my clit but the most important thing is make sure your clit is wet and the brush is wet and soft. Now I'm turned on and I have to go rub my pussy. I love this website! I have so many good orgasms here!



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