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What Defines a Jo Buddy Today?

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I think that the definition of what a Jack-off partner is has changed dramatically from when I was younger. In my life time I have had one jack off buddy. We were Jack off buddies when we were both eighth graders all the way up until our sophomore year of high school. My partner or buddy and I would look at underwear models in magazines and catalogues and occasionally we would find magazines with models posing in swimsuits but we never really got our hands on anything truly pornographic. We would look through the magazines and engage in small talk while we both had our penises sticking through the openings in our pants. We would both stroke until eventually one of us felt the urge to ejaculate at which point we would get a tissue and shoot off into it clean up and ask the other guy if he was almost done. Sometimes one of us would be jacking off while the other was in the same room doing something else. The more we felt comfortable with each other the less asked each other questions like 'Do you want to jack off?' because if one of us felt like masturbating we wouldn't feel ashamed to just do it and if the other guy wanted to join in that was his prerogative. We often masturbated in each other's presence but did not necessarily always do it at the same time or even pay that much attention to each other. Sometimes I'd go over to my J.O. Buds house and find him in his room jerking off and many times I would join him but not always other times I'd have a normal (surprisingly, non-sexual) conversation with him while he was stroking his penis.

Well all of that brings me to today and a question I pose to all Solo readers particularly if you're in your 20's or younger. First off I should tell you that I caught my 12 year old nephew the other day in 'an act' with his friend of the same age. I'll leave it at that and not divulge any further details but I will say that I didn't catch them doing something that looks suspicious I caught them where there was no room for doubt about what was going on and unfortunately it went far beyond anything my J.O. Buddy and I would have ever even thought about doing. If I would have caught them sitting side by side jacking off I would have closed the door, apologized and later told my nephew that I understood that it was normal. Instead I was kind of left dumbfounded by what I had seen these two boys doing and so I finally was able to get inside my nephews head and found out that indeed he and his friends were 'JO buddies' but I felt that although they may have started out that way what they were doing really took them out of the category of JO buddies. I think that the way the media has become more and more saturated with sexuality it may be impossible for a young person to just have a true JO buddy. I don't know if that makes any sense but I don't know if in this day and age having a JO buddy is a healthy thing because kids are more prone to try more adult behaviors. Children now know so much and want to try so much I am not sure if it is ok to tell children it normal to be alone with their friends (male or female) and be involved in what could arguably be called a gateway sexual behavior we call mutual masturbation. I'm kind of torn because I think masturbation is healthy and up to a point even having a JO bud can be healthy but I don't like the idea of children being involved in adult acts (beyond JO) with other children whether it is same-sex or hetero experimentation. In this day and age with children thinking they know so much about sex and becoming more and more curious at younger ages I couldn't see myself basically giving my nephew permission to carry on mutual masturbation with his friend if I have no way of knowing how far they will take it. My solution has been that the friend is still allowed over the house anytime I am at home but they are not allowed to be alone together. I know that I have most likely killed the mutual JO part of their friendship but hopefully they have more than that in common.

Is it common these days for jack off buddies to go beyond jacking off?

I ask that because my partner and I were friends first and we never did anything beyond masturbating in each other's presence. We never had a thought about anything other than getting our sexual tension out through masturbation. I thought a JO partner was just that a... jack-off partner.



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