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What a Load of Cum!

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You just never know the sexual inclination of some of your close friends do you?


I was in my 60's when this happened. I do a lot of home projects and a close friend invited me over to see the kitchen counter he had recently covered with tile.

It was lunch time when I arrived. I complimented him on the project and since his wife was away he offered to make sandwiches. He handed me a sandwich and a beer and said, 'Let's sit and talk for awhile as she won't be home for a couple of hours'.

We mainly talked about work shop projects but I noticed he was touching his crotch quite often. He then began talking about masturbation and asked how often I beat off? He went on to say his wife didn't approve of him masturbating but he did it with a couple of friends now and then.

He then asked me if I had ever beat off with anyone and I said not since my close friend and I did it together when we first learned how when we were about 13. I said, 'It was only a few quickies though just to see who could cum the quickest and to watch how far we could make it shoot'. I noticed while I had been talking he was holding his dick and moving it around quite obviously.

I had been there for over and hour and told him I needed to use the bathroom. He said he did too. I walked into the bathroom first, unzipped and had my dick out and started to P. I hadn't closed the door and was surprised when he walked in beside me. I began to feel he might be a little bit gay as he glanced at my dick and said, 'I thought you might have a good size one'. He had his out and it was already hard.

When I finished he reached down and put his hand around my dick and said, 'I want to beat you off'. Before I could say no he began furiously jerking it. I said, 'Stop, you're squeezing it too hard and jerking too fast'.

Of course by then I was getting a fairly hard just from him holding and jerking it. I said, 'OK, if you want to beat off, it's been so long since I have beat off with anyone I might as well do it with you but you can do yours and I'll do mine'.

He put a towel on the counter for us to shoot our cum and we lowered our pants. By then I was really hard just thinking about watching someone else beat off. He started beating fast and furious and his hand seemed like a blur. In about 15 seconds he stopped and took his hand off his dick which was pulsating and bouncing like it was ready to cum. I asked, 'Why did you stop?' He said, 'I was about to cum'.

I told him I didn't do quickies anymore as I like to take it slow and easy and enjoy it.... at least for a few minutes! I told him if he was that close to go ahead and finish as I liked watching cum shoot off and I wanted to see how much he could shoot. I had to slow down as watching his dick bounce up and down I was getting close too.

His dick was a good bit smaller than my one and he couldn't keep his eyes off mine saying, 'I wished I had a big one like that'. I squeezed my dick at the base so he could get a better view as he again started beating fast and furious.

In less than a minute he took a deep breath and his cum started shooting off. OMG...It shot off about a foot and what a load! He kept stroking and continued to cum. When I cum I only shoot off too many times but he kept going and I counted 10 times until there was a large puddle of his cum on the towel.

I said, 'OMG, I never imagined anyone could cum so many times. I wish I could shoot off like that'. He asked why and I asked, 'It feel as good every time it shoots off as it did the first time doesn't it?' He said, 'Yes, but I probably cum so much because I have larger balls'.

After watching him cum my dick was throbbing and I couldn't hold back any longer. It only took a few quick strokes and we watched my cum shoot off 3-4 times. I said, 'It wasn't nearly as much as you shot off but the sensation is always incredible'.

We cleaned up and I thanked him for lunch. When I started to leave he said, 'We should do this more often'. I replied, 'I enjoyed it, I'll think about it'. Just remembering how much I watched him cum I was hard all the way home and couldn't resist beating off as soon as I was in the house.

He called a few times later but I had the feeling he actually was gay as he suggested we consider progressing a bit further the next time, alluding to oral sex. We remained good friends but I let it pass and never mentioned the episode again.

Do I still think about it? Wouldn't you?



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