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Well, That Was Unexpected!

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We were kissing heavily on the couch keeping our hands away from all of the best places in order to build the tension.  After what seemed like hours, he could not take it and reached for my breast.  He went under my bra and his fingers caused my already hard nipple to send electricity through me.  He expertly undid my bra with one hand and pulled it down.  He pushed the collar of my dress out of the way and sucked my nipples.  It was as if they were connected to my clit.  I was so wet and excited.  

I pulled off his shirt and then pulled down his shorts.  We kissed again while my nipples pressed against his firm chest.  I ran my hand to his penis and he about jumped out of his skin.  He had me stand up and slip off my dress and my panties.  He touched the crotch and told me they were wet, which is a turn on for him.  He sat me back down and stood up.  I slid his shorts down and his cock sprung free.  It was inches from my face and I could see it throb with his heartbeat.  I reached under and grabbed his balls lightly caressing them.  He spread his legs and then reached down and touched my nipples with his fingers.  

Suddenly, he pulled me onto the couch and spread my knees as I sat back.  I looked down and could see my clit barely peering out of my trimmed bush.  She rubbed my stomach and thighs working closer to my wetness.  He then put a finger into my vagina with his fingers curled.  He was trying to hit my g-spot.  I do not even know if I have one, but if felt amazing.  He then began rubbing beside my clit with two fingers while fingering me gently.  He would pull the wet fingers out and touch my clit.  I was building up and had to look at his cock.  He has precum actually hanging from the tip.  When I mentioned it, he wiped it on my nipple.  So hot. I then noticed more pressure inside and he had put three fingers in the shape of a triangle inside. It felt full, but he got a little too vigorous.  He then reached under the sofa and pulled a cucumber he had concealed. It was room temperature and he wet it with my juices.  

I relaxed and he slid a few inches into me very gently.  It was thicker than anything I had in me before.  But, I told him I preferred his fingers.  So, he pulled it out, put his lips around my clit and put two fingers in my wet vagina and his pinky one digit into my ass.  I came bucking my hips on the sofa.When he pulled back, he kissed me and I could smell my self on his face.  I then grasped his cock with my hands and liked his balls while jacking him off.  He came in less than two minutes getting his load in my hair.  I did not mind at all.  His cock looked spent, but after staring at my cunt while resting he was ready again in 10 minutes.  I slowly jacked him until he was close and then he finished himself while I sucked his nipples.  What a great afternoon!  

This hot afternoon came to mind when I read one of the stories about the large girth of a cock.  Made me wonder if that is enjoyable or painful.  I am no size queen nor do I crave anything different.  Just curious what other women actually think.  My curiousity revolved around women now.  Really just fantasies, but I have read so much about the touch of another woman ...



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