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Well, it's been a while!

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I've been based in the Middle East, and we have to be careful, not only what we write, but also what sites we try to access....but yippeeee.....I'm back I Australia now for a year! (At least) I miss my family like crazy, but at least I can get back on here!


Being based where I was, I have had to behave. Women are watched carefully, and although the internet is supposed to be unmonitored, only a fool would think it isn't. 

Sex? None! Only my own fingers, only in my own bed, and only alone! I need what is usually permed a fucking good seeing to. 

So, over to the Land Down Under, and three weeks acclimatisation leave. 

Even the flight over here, (I was dead heading, meaning I blagged a seat in first class and didn't have to fly) I got wetter and wetter knowing that in ten hours time,  I could literally fuck my brains out. 

So, I'm there, lovely first class beds and there's only one other passenger. A woman who was well put of my way. 

Well, what's a girl to do? I stretched out, spread my legs as wide as I could, and let my hand roam into my very wet panties.

I let myself imagine what would follow, and let my fingers explore my cunt. Fuck, I was wet though! Dripping, soaking, creamy, desperate for what I haven't had for fucking months. 

What I really needed was something big inside me. In the dim light of the 'night setting' lighting, I saw the cabin attendant approaching me, and I recognised her! She has been a purser, but now does first class. We smiled at each other, but I was really wishing her away so I could finish. As she walked past me, she dropped a small bottle onto my lap, one of those tonic water bottles. Perfect! 

It was under my blanket, and up the side of my knickers and side me in seconds. A nice, fat cock-like bottle. I pushed it in deep too. The cums just kept cumming. One following another in a wave of erotic excitement. 

When I'd had enough, she walked over and took the bottle from me. (First class service.nt beat it) 

I hadn't cum like that for a very very long time. 

Then. She brought a couple of cups of coffee over and sat with me. She knows what it's like to be stuck out there, and like me, the first thing she did was get herself off. 'I had to do it in the toilets.) I guess four bars has its privileges. 

She is based in Sydney now, where I will be, and she happily told me I would have no difficulty in getting laid. Australian pilots are crazy for English pilots. As we talked, I felt her hand on my leg....under the blanket. All she did was raise an eyebrow. 

I nodded. She took a look over at her other passenger who was deeply asleep. Then her rings edged up my leg. "I'm very wet.  " I whispered. "Me too" came her reply. I let my hand explore up her tights. "Poke a hole" so I did....in both senses of the word. 

I haven't been fucked, or fingered another girl for months. I slipped two fingers past her knickers and into her just as she did the same for me. We just fingered each other until I felt her clamp her knees on my arm and my fingers felt her cum. I followed seconds later. 

The best bit, just before I dozed off? Watching her lick her fingers clean. But I can't complain...I did the same thing!

I woke up when the lights went up and I felt us start our descent into Sydney. 

My biological clock is fucked and will be for a few days, but once I'm rested, I am going to get myself well and truly fucked!



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