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Weekend in Bangkok

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Jerked off to my friend having sex


My country celebrating its national day left us with a four day weekend which my two friends and I used to take a short trip to Bangkok. It was going to be a weekend of sex and fun. One of them (Jay) was my friend from my army days and the other was a friend of his from his unit (Mike).

The first day we went to the nightclub. The hostesses were very friendly and hot, with nice firm c-cup breasts and long slender legs. Mike seemed to like my hostess (Mimi or Kimi, I can't remember) as he kept try to pull her way to accompany him but she rebuffed him and stuck to me for some reason.

The night ended with both Jay and Mike heading to the "VIP" rooms for obvious reasons. I was not really as horny because earlier in the day we had visited a massage parlor where I got a handjob. Mike and Jay also got handjobs but said they didn't want to cum to "save up" for tonight. I decided to head back to our hotel room despite pleas from Mimi asking to go to the VIP room. When that didn't work, she followed me back. My friends and I had a suite with our own individual rooms so Mimi and I went straight to my room. Naturally we started having sex and though I was hard, wasn't really in the mood, still I tried. We were in doggy position when I looked up and saw that I had forgotten to close my door and out in the living room, Mike was sitting on the sofa staring at us and jerking off. He was looking at Mimi all the while so I don't think he knows I saw him. But with an audience, I became more horny and started pounding Mimi harder. I was more turned on by Mike watching us and jerking off than Mimi herself. After maybe 10 minutes, I saw Mike's body tense up. He stood up and shot his cum into a piece of tissue paper he prepared. With that, I pulled out and shot my cum onto Mim's back. After resting for a while, I gave Mimi some money and asked her to leave. Mike must have already headed to his room and there was no evidence he had been there watching and jerking.

The next two nights went without incident but on the final night, Mike wanted to have one last fling before we flew back and Jay wanted to go shopping. I unfortunately had food poisoning the night before so I stayed in the hotel. I was woken up some time during the night by noises in the living room. Again, m door was not closed and I could see out directly. I saw Mike and Mimi, she was on her knees giving him a blowjob as he sat on the sofa.

I immediately got hard, took off my shorts and started stroking. Jay was not back yet and Mike and Mimi were going at it hard and rough. Just two days ago he was jerking off watching Mimi and I have sex and now I'm jerking off watching them. As Mimi was straddling him, he looked over and accidentally caught my eye. We both sort of froze momentarily but continued, me stroking and him pounding away. He flashed me a subtle thumbs up and I returned it. He didn't moan before but he started moaning louder than Mimi which turned me on more. While stroking, I switched between looking at Mimi and at Mike and sometimes we would catch each other's eye and hold it for a while. Soon, he pulled out and came all over Mimi's face, I also came and shot my cum onto my hand. As Mimi was cleaning her face up, I went to my bathroom to wash up.

When I came out, Mike was in my room still naked holding his briefs in one hand, my shorts were still on the floor where I had left them and I was just wearing a t-shirt, we were both still semi-hard. Mimi had already left. Mike and I started talking, both not bothering to cover up. He said he was eyeing her since the first night and he confessed he was watching us have sex on the first night. I told him I knew which was why I managed to cum so hard and he said he felt the same way with me watching him.

As we were talking more about Mimi and the other girls at the nightclub and jay and his girl, we both laid down on my bed, Mike tossed his briefs onto the floor. And as we were talking, we started getting hard again. I asked Mike if he wanted to go find another girl and he said he was too lazy. He put his hand on his dick and started stoking slowly. I pulled my t-shirt up to my chest and did the same. We just laid next to each other stroking in silence. As we stroked faster, out breathing also became quicker. Mike let out a soft moan and squeezed out a few drops of cum. I followed a few seconds later.

We both laid there a while longer and Mike finally got up picked up his briefs and headed to his room. I cleaned myself up and went back to sleep. The next morning, Jay asked if we had an eventful night as we were waiting for the cab to bring us to the airport. We just stammered and laughed.



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