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Wedding Reception

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This is totally true.


It was my best friend's wedding. The reception was held at his parents' house. I had been the best man but felt like a spare part because I had split with my girlfriend just before the wedding.

My best friend's parents insisted that I stay the night as they didn't want me to drink and drive etc. as long as I didn't mind sharing with Marty, my best friend's 18-year-old brother. The parents had a number of family guests and Marty had to give up the use of his bedroom and we could have the den with a couple of "put u up" beds. Well I didn't mind as I had known Marty since he was born. A good looking lad who worked out. Six pack, etc.

Anyway as the guests left I decided I needed to get to bed. Marty agreed and followed. The beds had been put together and we talked as we got undressed. I got down to my boxers while Marty took everything off. Now I had heard from Martys brother that he was well endowed but I did not realise "how" well endowed he was. It didn't bother me he was naked and as I got into bed he turned round and I saw this cock that was at least 7.5 inches long and cut. "oh, excuse me, I feel a bit horny" he said realizing I had seen his huge hardon. "Then have a wank, I don't mind". "Yeah" he replied. We were both lying there in bed with the covers over us just making small talk about the day. What had surprised me was that Marty had a reputation with the girls so I didn't expect what he was about to say.

"Can I suck your cock?"

I coughed as I was somewhat taken aback but, the sight of his hard cock had given me an instant hardon anyway and the thought of a blow job was to good to miss.

I said "yeah if you want to but I suppose you will want me to do the same in return". If you want to" said Marty.

Marty helped me take my boxers off. He then took total control. "Lie back and enjoy!" He said. I couldn't believe it. There was this 18 year old lad with a serious reputation with the girls about to go down on me.

Licking his lips he gently kissed my nipples and sucked them. God no one had ever down that before. kissing my chest he moved up and whispered that he wanted to kiss me. At that point I didn't really care waht he did I was so horny. His lips touched mine and his tongue entered me. I had never had girl kiss me me that good. It seemed to go on for ages and I had never been so aroused. I could feel pre cum leaking from my cock. As the kissing continued I caressed his butt and my hand found his balls. His cock was hard and it was big. I gently started to rub his cock and he began to moan. Want a 69 I said. "Yeah" came the reply. He turned round and I could really see this huge cut cock. Marty in turn was gently playing with my cock. He liked my cock although not as big as his, it was cut. He said he preferred cut cocks which I took to mean he had done this before! His tongue started to play with the top of my cock. Gently licking and then taking my cock in his mouth moved up and down until he took it all in. WOW! At the same time I was licking his balls and licking between his legs. I worked my way up to his cock. There was no way I was going to get all his cock in my mouth it was just too big. My tongue played with his piss slit. His cock was leaking loads of pre cum and I took his cock in my mouth sucking it gently and playing with it the top of his cock with my tongue. Marty then asked if he could sit on top of me to cum. I didn't mind. He sat on me with my hard cock between his cheeks. He then sat up and kneeling over me offered me his cock. I had made his cock quite wet and my hand was sliding up and down the shaft. My left had was playing with his balls. My fingers played with the end of his cock and covered in pre cum he then asked me to finger him. My middle finger massaged his anus and then I gently pushed it in. I was rubbing his cock with one hand and finger fucking him with the other. This was amazing. He leaned back his muscles tensed. I could feel his cock getting harder and harder. 

Oh God I goin cum watch out and as he said it I managed to get his cock in my mouth and feel this load of hot cum hit the back of my throat. Keep going he said taking his cock out I am going cum again don't stop. His cock pulsed and another jet load of cum shot all over my chest. Marty had some lube under the pillow and putting some on both his hands slid one down over my cock. His left hand found my anus very quickly and he gently pushed his finger into me. This was good. I had never had anything like this before. My cock was about to explode. Cum on me he said. I stood up with Marty sitting on the bed. He took my cock all the way down sucking on it like it had never been sucked before. He played with my balls and fingered me. He could feel my cock was getting really hard and I told him to stop sucking and just rub it. Then I came. It just pumped and pumped cum every where. It was in his hair down his face and in his mouth. Marty then stood up and kissed me. I could taste the cum.

We cleaned up and then went to sleep.The next morning he told me that he was BI sexual and had fancied me for ages but never had the opportunity to tell me. We enjoy mutal sessions now even though we are both married with kids and have great sex lives with our partners.



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