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Wearing My Brother's Swimsuit

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Short story from a girl’s perspective.

Back when I was 13, I had a 17 year old brother who was about to leave home for college. A few days before he left, I was helping him clean his room when we came across an old swimsuit of his. It was a pair of small, blue swim shorts - they had slightly more coverage than a pair of swim briefs. 


My brother looked surprised that he still had it. He explained to me that he only wore it once or twice but it was too tight for him at the time and he never wore them again. He told me I could have them so I took them back to my room and put them in my clothes drawer. I returned to help my brother clean his room and didn’t think much about them for the rest of that afternoon.



That night, however, I was struggling to get to sleep for some reason. I kept tossing and turning in bed, restless. The only source of light in the room was a dim one from my lamp. Suddenly, the thought of my brother’s old swimsuit came into my mind, so I decided to try them on. I took off my nightgown, walked to my clothes drawer and took them out.



As I gently rubbed my fingers across them, I marveled at how soft and silky they were. I took off my underwear and stepped into the swim shorts. When they reached my crotch I got an electric feeling. It felt so nice, tight and comfortable on me - I could feel myself getting wet!



I looked around my room for something to rub against and saw the metal railing of my bedpost. I rushed across to it, straddled my legs across the railing and humped away! As I was rubbing my pussy on the metal through the swim shorts, I imagined I was one of the boys on the school swim team doing the same. 



Within minutes, I was leaking and orgasming hard. My legs tightly gripped the railing as wetness flowed out of my privates, into the swimsuit and leaking down my legs. I was exhausted but I wasn’t finished yet! I went back to my bed and laid down. While my left hand played with my tiny breasts, my right hand rubbed my pussy on the outside of the swimsuit. When I came, I repeated the process with my hand inside the swimsuit. The swimsuit and my bed got wetter and wetter with each occasion!



Whew, fun times!  




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